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Best Ways to Build Trust In Workplace With Employees

Ways to Build Trust With Employees

Do you remember a time when a big brainstorming session came up empty-handed? It didn’t work out as you had hoped. Instead of collaborating around a whiteboard, you found participants avoiding eye contact and cautiously making suggestions. The issue was a lack of trust between you and the participants. A company suffers if the employee […]

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Happy Employees: Important, How to Make Employee Happy & More

Happy Employees: Important, How to Make Employee Happy & More

In modern workplaces, employee happiness is viewed as one of the keys to a company’s success. Employee happiness contributes to the company’s success in numerous ways. Also, research shows that happiness increases productivity at work by about 12%. However, this may be true to some extent, but the question remains: what exactly makes employees happy? […]

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Proven Ways To Improve Work Performance From Anywhere

Improve Work Performance

Organizational psychologist Theodor Schultz said that ” the average person is working harder than ever but getting less done than ever ”. This quote could not be more true in today’s day and age.  As a result of the outbreak of Covid, businesses have been forced to adapt quickly, resulting in many employees working remotely.  […]

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How to Make Team Meetings Interesting: Fun Ideas and Topics for Work

make team funny and interesting

Team meeting is an integral part of a collaborative work environment that assists in maintaining team spirit and continuity while also facilitating to build a successful team.  But that does not mean that all-hands meetings and standup meetings are solely devoted to the work part, creating a boring and monotonous experience for everyone. A survey […]

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Guide to Organizational Behaviour: Definition, Types, Model, Goals, and Its Importance

organizational behavior

“Organizational culture is simply the response of an organization to its political influences, both internal and external.” ― Larrie D. Ferreiro Diverse businesses draw people from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds. Moreover, they have diverse workforces, which may include people with diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. Thus, understanding employees’ behavioral patterns […]

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Work Measurement Guide: Objectives, Methods, and Advantages

Work measurement complete guide

Are you concerned about how an organization can improve its productivity? An organization must measure its current productivity level before making improvements. Measurement of work is a strategy for improving productivity. An accurate work measurement reduces project time and cost. Setting performance standards is facilitated through work measurement.  Work measurement involves estimating how long a […]

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