10 Best Alternatives to Paymo

best alternatives to Paymo

Paymo is a time tracking and project management tool for managing your project.  The app keeps your team agile and engaged and motivates them to work better to complete a task. 

Using a Kanban board, you can create a task, set due dates, and manage your to-do list by assigning the task to every team member. 

The app has many features such as time tracking, task management, team collaboration, team scheduling, Gantt Charts, Kanban board, invoicing, and many more to efficiently manage the entire project. 

Despite having many features, some people prefer its alternatives to manage their project and team, lacking some more essential features. 

It is not more customizable, and large organizations have more projects, and team members cannot use it to manage their teams.

Similarly, it has some features that do not apply to freelancers, and the pricing can also be sensitive to freelancers. 

The app still lacks many necessary time tracking features that customers search for monitoring their employee’s time. 

The app lacks features like apps and website tracking, screenshot monitoring,  measuring employees’ productivity, tracking project progress, and many more.

Here, I have tried to mention the best 10 alternatives to Paymo that provide similar features to this app. 

10 Best Alternatives to Paymo 


timeTracko is an all-in-one time tracking and employee monitoring software used by freelancers and distributed teams. 

The app is applicable for all small to large-sized organizations and tracks time spent by your employees on a specific task. 

It tracks all the websites and applications that your employees use during work hours in real-time. It allows you to view employees’ progress and projects’ status from a dashboard. 

The app’s most important feature is it has a Pomodoro timer that helps your employees motivate themselves to do the work and keep them focused on work. 

To track the outdoor or remote employees’ location, it uses a GPS tracker and knows whether they are on a worksite or not.  

It calculates the billable and non-billable hours of employees and generates payment online based on work hours. 

The app also determines the productive, unproductive, and neutral users and reduces the time-wasters to enhance projects’ progress.

Available for: Android, iOS, Web, Mac, Linux.

Features of timeTracko

  • It tracks the time automatically and measures employees’ productivity. 
  • Tracks the location of remote employees using GPS trackers.
  • Pomodoro time feature that reminds employees to take a break when they work for a long time.
  • Automatically calculates the payment of each employee and freelancer using payroll management. 
  • It integrates with third-party apps like Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Github, etc. 

Pricing of timeTracko

timeTracko offers free and unlimited service with limited features. If you have small team members, you can use timeTracko lite for free. 

  • The team plan costs $7 per user per month; if you pay annually, it costs $5.95 per user per month with one month free. 
  • The business plan costs $12 per user per month; if paid annually, it costs $10.20 per user per month and you can get one month free.   
  • The enterprise plan has custom pricing and applies to large enterprises. 

Benefits of timeTracko

  • Track the time automatically, even when your internet disconnects or you work offline.
  • Easy to set up and accurate time tracking. 
  • It provides a private time option for employees’ privacy.
  • Generates powerful reports and exports it to the client. 


Asana is a time tracking and project management software that can manage your entire project and team members.  

Using Asana, you can quickly reduce the workload, collect product feedback and bugs from everyone in the company, discuss plans, and prioritize the task. 

The app has a portfolio feature that allows you to view your project progress in real-time. It reduces human error and time on manual work using automation. 

Here, you can add tasks, assign them to every member, set a deadline for completing tasks, add comments on the notes, and share the documents after finishing work.

It allows you to collaborate and manage work from anywhere. You can create a Kanban board to organize workflow and plan product roadmap using Asana.  

It also helps in the marketing plan and track campaigns, launches of new projects, and more and lets you stay updated. 

Available for: Web, Android, iOS, Mac. 

Features of Asana 

  • The portfolio feature allows you to view your project status in real-time.  
  • It tracks sprint planning, milestones, and lunch dates to keep everyone focused.
  • View your team productivity and balance your teamwork using workload features. 
  • It has a wide range of integrations with third parties like Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Slack, Zapier.
  • It has to-do list management along with task assignments.  

Pricing of Asana  

  • The premium plan costs $10.99 per user per month.
  • The business plan costs $24.99 per user per month.
  • Enterprise plans are for large business enterprises, and they don’t have set prices. It has custom pricing.


  • Allows you to communicate with your team members. 
  • Allow you to export files in CSV format.


  • It offers many great features, so for a simple project, it might get complicated and overwhelming.


Trello is a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool for managing your project and teams. It is a productivity platform through which your team can enhance productivity.  

You can create any boards and use the board to plan and track roadmap, sprints, and task lists.  

It provides notification for the deadline of the project from any device at any time. The app lets you add comments, attachments, due dates, and many others directly to the Trello board. 

Here, you can build workflow automation with butler and boost productivity by removing tedious tasks from your to-do list with rule-based triggers, calendar commands, due date commands, and custom cards.

There is the availability of drag and drop as well as upload attachment facility. It provides notification from any device and helps your team stay organized for any project or task.

It offers integration with an unlimited number of apps like Slack, Zapier, Dropbox, Intercom, and more.

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows, Macs.

Features of Trello

  • Allows you to create boards to collaborate with team members and enable the team to edit the board.
  • Offers multiple templates to customize your board. 
  • Allows you to collaborate on projects from beginning to end and add deadlines to projects. 
  • It provides notification at any time from any device.
  • It helps your team to stay organized for any project or task.

Pricing of Trello

  • The business class costs $12.50 per user per month.
  • The enterprise price starts from $17.50 per user per month.   


  • It has a user-friendly dashboard.
  • It provides the facility of drag and drops as well as upload attachments facility. 


  • Some essential features, like Gantt charts, progress reports, and billing functions, are missing.


Basecamp is a cloud-based project management tool that helps in team communication and collaboration. 

It is suited for small companies where team communication is essential. It allows you to create tasks and assign them to team members using a to-do list. All the team members can have communication creating a group channel, and discuss specific projects. 

The app allows you to share docs, files, images, and spreadsheets and organize them in one folder to be easily found when necessary. 

Basecamps’ Hill Charts allows you to track the project progress in real-time. Using the app, you can create unlimited projects, track tasks, add people to the project for communication, manage the message board, and store unlimited files securely and privately.  

It provides detailed reports regarding employees’ work and helps you to know who is working on what. It has an essential feature that everything here is autosaved; even the deleted stuff can be retrieved or restored within 30 days.

Available for: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows. 

Features of Basecamp

  • Allows you to create tasks and assign them to team members using to-do lists.
  • Users can have real-time communication with instant messaging and chat features.
  • Provides detailed reports regarding employees’ work and helps to know who is working on what. 
  • Tracks project progress in real-time using hill charts.
  • Schedules event and deadline in one view using the project calendar.

Pricing of Basecamp

  • Basecamp costs $99 per month flat.


  • Allows you to create unlimited projects. 
  • It helps you to work in a better way. 


  • Limited project tracking features.
  • An accounting feature needs to be added.


Jira is a project management and software development tool that has been in the market for a while by Atlassian teams to manage the projects.

It is also a bug tracking software for your team. Jira has seamless integration of over a hundred other development tools.  

The app helps increase your team’s productivity as team members can see which task is next in the completion list and work accordingly.  

With the help of Jira, you can manage the backlog and sprints of your team. This software helps to plan, track, and report all of your work within a single dashboard.

This software helps plan and track different issues like documentation, implementation, improvement in existing software, and bug identification and tracking for a project while developing new software. 

It provides an incremental and iterative workflow for agile teams. You can create or choose your workflow based on your team and complete the project within the estimated budget and time. 

Available for: Web, Android, iOS.  

Features of Jira

  • Has scrum boards to manage the team. 
  • Assign tasks and subtasks to your team members and prioritize work.
  • Track all the work activities through a streamlined process. 
  • It provides customizable workflows.
  • Has Kanban boards and Gantt charts to visualize the workflow.

Pricing of Jira

  • The standard plan costs $7 per user. Its average price is $70 per month.
  • The premium plan costs $14 per user. Its average price is $140 per month.
  • The enterprise plan has custom pricing. Contact the sales team about pricing for a cloud enterprise. 


  • It increases the productivity of your team.
  • API integration is available. 


  • Not applicable for freelancers.


nTask is a project management tool for intelligent teams. It is an online tool that helps to manage your project and collaborate with your team members. 

Here, you can visualize project plans and manage resources better through the Gantt Chart feature. 

It allows you to create and execute meetings successfully and provides a workspace for the team to collaborate and share work progress in real-time. 

Its features are mainly applicable for scrum management with outstanding customer support and efficiency. 

It brings all the tools together in one agile, collaborative platform, makes checklists, manages projects, collaborates with the team, shares files, and plans to deliver outstanding results. 

Available for: iOS, Android, Web.

Features of nTask

  • Allows you to create and execute meetings successfully by integrating nTask with the calendar. 
  • Provides a workspace for the team to collaborate and share work progress.
  • The Gantt chart features allow you to manage and track project progress, deadline, and milestones. 
  • Allows you to provide feedback on a project using feedback management features.
  • Project risk management feature to reduce the potential risk of a project.

Pricing of nTask 

  • The premium package costs $2.99 per user per month.
  • The business package costs $7.99 per user per month.
  • The enterprise plan has custom pricing.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • It helps in team collaboration.


  • It lacks a budgeting feature.


TimeCamp is a time tracking app that automatically tracks the time your employees spend working. Professionals across small and large industries need to increase their projects’ profitability with time tracking. 

Budgeting and billing the projects become more comfortable with TimeCamp. It tracks the billable and non-billable hours and generates payment based on their hours using payroll software. 

It generates invoices for the overall project and allows the clients to make a payment online via PayPal and Payoneer

The app helps your employees to stay focused on work as it automatically scans the domain names of the apps they use and groups them into predefined categories. 

It tracks the projects’ profitability and helps you complete the project within budget using project tracking features. 

Available for: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, Chrome.

Features of Timecamp 

  • Automatically tracks the time of the employees. 
  • It helps to fill the timesheet with maximum data entry. 
  • Tracks projects’ profitability using project tracking features.
  • Helps to calculate employees’ billable and non-billable hours. 
  • It offers integration with more than 100 apps, including Asana, Jira, Slack, Trello, and more.

Pricing of Timecamp

The pricing plan of TimeCamp includes:   

  • The solo plan is free of cost for freelancers.
  • The basic plan costs $5.25 per user per month.
  • The business pro plan costs $7.50 per user per month.
  • The enterprise plan has custom pricing. You can contact the vendor for its pricing if you have a larger team and want this subscription.   


  • Tracks time even in offline mode. 
  • It helps to enhance productivity.


  • It provides integrations with limited apps.


Apploye is a time tracking and employee scheduling app for increasing the productivity of your employees. It tracks your employees’ time and knows how much time they spend working on a specific project, and measures their productivity. 

It provides a random screenshot in a few intervals and tracks your employees’ apps and websites during work hours. 

You can monitor your teams’ performance by reviewing attendance, overtime hours, missed shifts, holidays and sick leave, vacations, etc., with an employee scheduling feature. 

Employees get information earlier regarding their upcoming project and enable them to be prepared accordingly. It generates a customizable timesheet online as per employees’ preferences and tracks time automatically and manually. 

It tracks outdoor or remote employees’ locations using a GPS tracker and monitors their work and location. 

Available for: Android, iOS, Web, Desktop, Chrome, Windows.

Features of Apploye 

  • Tracks the time of your employees and measures productivity.
  • Organize your entire work in one place.
  • It provides information earlier to employees about their upcoming projects. 
  • It monitors your teams’ performance by reviewing attendance, overtime work, and holidays with the employee scheduling features. 
  • Track remote employees’ locations to see when and where they are working using a GPS tracker. 

Pricing of Apploye

Apploye offers four different pricing plans, which are: 

  • Apploye TimeTrack’s plan costs $4 per user per month.
  • Apploye FieldTrack plan costs $5 per user per month and is suitable for remote teams.
  • Apploye RemoteTrack plan costs $6 per user per month and is suitable for remote teams.
  • The enterprise plan has custom pricing.   


  • It provides 24/7 customer support.
  • Reduces human error using work automation.


  • Quite complex to use in the beginning.


Wrike is an online project management tool that gives complete visibility and control over a specific task. 

Here, the project management tool includes time tracking, project planning, and organizing tasks all in one place. 

It is a secure and reliable, collaborative work management platform for your team. It provides a team collaboration channel, including discussion in the task and project. 

The Wrike user has a unique password-protected account with a verified email, and 2-factor authentication is available for extra security. 

It helps you achieve the goals as it lets all your team members work together to achieve the goal. 

Available for: Android, iOS, Browser, Windows.

Features of Wrike

  • Tracks time and knows how much time employees spend on a specific task. 
  • It provides a team collaboration channel, including discussion in the task.
  • Allows you to edit and share files online.
  • It provides a real-time newsfeed.
  • Helps you in meeting management by providing a reminder. 

Pricing of Wrike

  • The free plan is available for small teams. 
  • The professional plan costs $9.80 per user per month.
  • The business plan costs $24.80 per user per month.
  • The enterprise plan has custom pricing. 


  • It has an email integration for teams.
  • It helps in document collaboration and resource management.


  • Some features need to be modified.


Monday.com is a cloud-based software that creates a workflow and tracks the overall progress of a project. 

It is one of the alternatives for Paymo that is used to track your team members’ workflow. It is a project management and industry-leading collaboration app for on-site and remote working teams.

The app offers essential features such as creating a backlog, roadmaps, burndown charts, Kanban boards, workflow automation, and sharing files that help team leaders handle any projects. 

It assigns tasks and prioritizes the most critical task to complete first. It allows you to create your own visual and customizable templates and visualize your data using graphs and charts.

It has seamless integrations over project management apps like Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Jira, Trello, and many more, accessible through Zapier.

Available for: Android, iPhone, iPad, Web-based.

Features of Monday.com

  • Tracks the work of your team members and now helps to manage the project.
  • Allows you to create your own visual and customizable template. 
  • Create private boards that are accessible only to the team members. 
  • Allows you to visualize your data using different graphs and charts.
  • Saves time of calculation and reduces human error using automation.

Pricing of Monday.com 

It offers four different pricing plans.

  • The basic plan costs $8 per seat per month.
  • The standard plan costs $10 per seat per month.
  • The pro plan costs $16 per seat per month.


  • It provides 24/7 customer support.
  • It is more customizable.


  • Quite expensive to use.


In conclusion, many apps can be used as an alternative to Paymo and for managing the project. Although Paymo provides many benefits to users, it still lacks some basic features essential for every team or organization to manage their project effectively. 

There are many alternatives to Paymo, which people prefer for their team. From the apps discussed above, you can use any apps based on your team. 

If you feel like there are some more apps that can be the best alternative to Paymo, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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