10 Best Alternatives to Toggl

best alternatives to Toggl

Toggl is a simple time tracking and reporting software for freelancers and small teams. It has tons of integration with many tools like Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Trello, etc., that help project management. 

Project management is very effective using Toggl as the dashboard contains the complete overview and status of your ongoing project. 

Once you login into the app, it runs in the background and keeps a record of every app and website you visit while working. It also tracks how long you stay on a particular website and determines it is productive or unproductive.

Using this app, you can set up a new project and get to work on it. It can break down the task into subtasks and distribute it among the team members to complete the project within time and deliver it to clients.

It keeps a record of overall expenses and bills the clients accordingly. Toggl is mainly applicable to small businesses having limited projects and resources. It is very affordable, and small groups of up to five members can use it for free.  

Despite having these all features, it also has some drawbacks due to which people seek its alternatives. It lacks the payroll and invoices management feature, so people need to use another software for generating payments to the employees. 

It does not have an effective monitoring system and lacks good customer support. Similarly, if you have to handle multiple projects, it does not support it. The app is quite expensive to use. 

Many other alternatives offer advanced features and added benefits. So, here are the 10 best alternatives to Toggl.

10 Best Alternatives to Toggl


timeTracko is an all-in-one time tracking and employee monitoring software for freelancers, remote working companies, and small to large businesses. 

The best feature of timeTracko is it has a Pomodoro timer that reminds the users to take a break when they work continuously for a long time without refreshment.  

The app tracks every URL and apps your employee uses during work hours and classifies it as productive and unproductive. It also tracks the time offline and syncs data after the internet connects back. 

It also has an optional feature of screenshot monitoring, where it takes a screenshot of users’ PC continuously in a few intervals of time. 

Concerning the users’ privacy, the app has a private time option to stop the timer when one has some private work and doesn’t want the activities to be tracked.

timeTracko is free for unlimited users with limited features. If you want to use more features, you can use subscription plans for managing your team. 

It has seamless integration with many popular tools like Asana, Gmail, Jira, Trello, Slack, etc.

Available for: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Web, Android. 

Features of timeTracko

  • Tracks the time automatically of your employees and distributed teams.
  • It has a Pomodoro timer that reminds users to take a break.
  • Measures productivity of employees by evaluating their work performance.
  • Provides distraction alerts to keep users focused on work.
  • It calculates the payment of each employee using payroll management features.

Pricing of timeTracko

  • timeTracko offers free and unlimited service with limited features. If you have small team members, you can use timeTracko lite for free. 
  • The team plan costs $7 per user per month; if you pay annually, it costs $5.95 per user per month with one month free. 
  • The business plan costs $12 per user per month; if paid annually, it costs $10.20 per user per month and you can get one month free. 
  • The enterprise plan has custom pricing and applies to large enterprises. 

Benefits of timeTracko  

  • Easy to set up and accurate time tracking. 
  • It allows private time options for employees’ privacy.
  • Unlimited storage where you can store data for more than 90 days.
  • It has a break time and private time option. 
  • Boosts productivity and helps to complete the project on time.


Desktime is an automatic time tracking software for teams that maximizes productivity and keeps the project on track. 

It automatically starts to track when you turn on your computer and stops when you turn the computer off. The app provides a high level of security by encrypting the data with login and password. 

It has a Pomodoro timer that reminds you to take a break in every 52, 60, and 90 minutes interval to become more productive by rest and to have some refreshment, and avoiding boredom. 

Like other applications, Desktime has apps and URL tracking and productivity measurement features that help you complete the project within time.

It does not work in jobs like social media management as it automatically pop-up notifications when your employees get access to unproductive websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

It has integrations with third-party apps like Asana, Basecamp, Google Calendar, Trello, Jira, and more. 

Available for: Linux, Browser extension, Android, Windows, iOS, Mac.  

Features of DeskTime

  • Tracks the time of your team and measures productivity.  
  • It has a break time and private time option concerning employees’ privacy.
  • Pomodoro timer reminds you to take a break and avoid work pressure.
  • Maintains security by encrypting data with login and password.
  • It manages the project within a budget.  

Pricing of DeskTime 

  • Desktime Lite is free to use for a single user. 
  • The pro plan costs $95 per month ( $5.94 per user). 
  • The premium plan costs $124 per month( $7.75 per user).
  • The enterprise plan costs $190 per month( $11.88 per user).


  • It supports offline time tracking.
  • It enhances the teams’ productivity. 


  • Lack of privacy for employees.


Hubstaff is a time tracking and project management software for all businesses. It runs on mobile, web, and desktop apps, and you can track time from every location with any platform.

Here to identify the projects’ status, you need not evaluate every employee and look after them from time to time. A single dashboard shows every detail about what your employees are working on in real-time. 

It uses a GPS tracker to track an outdoor employee’s location and know whether they are on a job site or not. 

Hubstaff has integration with many project management solutions like Asana, Github, ClickUp, Jira, Trello, etc. It also has payment, accounting, and invoicing integrations with PayPal, Payoneer, Quickbooks, and Freshbooks

Available for: Android, iOS, Web, Linux, Mac.  

Features of Hubstaff 

  • It tracks your employee’s productivity in real-time with a single click.
  • Use a GPS tracker to track your employees’ location.
  • Tracks the apps and URLs that your employees use during work hours. 
  • Provides a detailed report of the project once it is completed and allows you to export it to the client.
  • Exports the time to Quickbooks automatically.

Pricing of Hubstaff 

Hubstaff offers four plans, which are: 

  • Free: It is free of cost.
  • Basic: It costs $7 per user per month.
  • Premium: It costs $10 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: It costs $20 per user per month.


  • It boosts the productivity of employees.
  • It integrates with PayPal and Payoneer.


  • Limited integrations.


TimeDoctor is a time tracking tool that helps to increase the productivity and focus of employees. Companies of all sizes use it to monitor employees’ performance.

It monitors employees’ performance by video recording and tracks the websites during work hours through an optional screenshot feature.

The payroll management feature calculates each employees’ payment based on their work hours, generates extra payment for overtime work and reduces off-hours.

The app monitors the keyword and mouse activities and detects it as idle time if you forget to press any keyword or use a mousepad for a few seconds.

It has a powerful distraction management feature that helps employees stay focused on their work as it sends a notification if they use unproductive websites. 

Although it has many features, there are no features applicable to freelancers. So it is mainly suitable for small to large size businesses. 

Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web.

Features of TimeDoctor

  • Tracks time automatically and measures employees’ productivity.
  • Monitors employee performance by video recording and sending random screenshots.
  • Powerful payroll and invoicing feature.
  • It monitors keyboard and mouse usage activities.
  • Powerful distraction management feature to keep your employees focused on their work.

Pricing of TimeDoctor 

Time Doctor offers three plans, which are:

  • Basic: It costs $8 per user per month. 
  • Standard: It costs $12 per user per month.
  • Premium: It costs $24 per user per month. 


  • It supports attendance tracking.
  • Reports can be extracted as CSV or PDF files. 


  • Not suitable for freelancers.


Apploye is an easy-to-use time tracking and productivity analyzing tool for regular office employees, freelancers, outdoor employees, and remote workers. 

It is one of the suitable options for toggl alternatives as it also provides better time tracking and employee monitoring systems.

The app supports automatic time tracking and manual entry and provides a comprehensive timesheet daily, weekly, and monthly.

It tracks every activity of employees’ PCs and knows the websites and apps they visit during work hours. It sends an automatic screenshot in a few intervals and tracks the URLs to know how long they spent time on a particular task.

There is a GPS tracker that tracks the attendance and work hours of outdoor employees and knows either they have reached job sites or not.

The employee scheduling features make it easy to shift work schedules and track vacation and overtime work. It calculates each employees’ payment using payroll management.

Available for: Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, Chrome Extension.

Features of Apploye  

  • Tracks time automatically and manually with time entry.
  • Uses a GPS tracker to track the location of outdoor employees.
  • It provides employee scheduling that helps in easy and fast planning, shift scheduling, and vacation tracking.
  • It provides payroll management for making payments on an hourly rate or a one-time payment. 
  • Tracks URLs and apps that your employees use during work hours and sends a random screenshot of their PC screen.

Pricing of Apploye 

Apploye offers four different pricing plans, which are: 

  • Apploye TimeTrack’s plan costs $4 per user per month. 
  • Apploye FieldTrack plan costs $5 per user per month and is suitable for remote teams.
  • Apploye RemoteTrack plan costs $6 per user per month and is suitable for remote teams. 
  • The enterprise plan has custom pricing. You can contact the vendor for the pricing details.


  • Tracks time even in offline mode.
  • Identify the productive and unproductive hours of employees.
  • Easy to understand and use.


  • You cannot export the report using Apploye.
  • It has limited integrations with third-party apps.


RescueTime is an automatic time tracking and distraction management tool to increase productivity. It mainly focuses on distraction management, along with tracking the time of your employees. 

One of its main features is monitoring the apps and URLs that your employees visit while categorizing them as productive and distracting. 

 It has a focus time; once you start the focus time, it blocks all unproductive websites that can distract you while working and motivates you to stay focused on work.

However, RescueTime lacks payroll and invoicing features, but it is beneficial to monitor your employees’ progress and increase their profitability.  

It also tracks the time offline and syncs all the data as soon as your internet gets connected back. It also records the time spent on making phone calls and meetings. 

Available for: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Web. 

Features of RescueTime  

  • Automatic tracks the time and recognizes it as productive or unproductive.
  • It monitors the websites, apps, and URLs used by your employees while working.
  • Blocks access to distracting websites automatically by setting a focus time.
  • Tracks time in offline mode and sync data after the internet gets connected.
  • Offer integration with different tools like Slack, Gmail, iCal, Google Calendar, and many more.

Pricing of RescueTime 

  • You can use it for free without any subscription for small businesses.
  • The premium package starts from $9 per month for less than 100 users. If you pay annually, it costs $72 per year with four months free.  
  • For more than 100 users, you need to contact the vendor for pricing.


  • Motivates your employees to focus on work.
  • Allows you to set goals to increase productivity.


  • Employee monitoring features need to be modified.


Everhour is a web-based time tracking tool that accurately tracks time, generates reports, and tracks the project’s expenses.

It helps you give detailed information about how your team uses time and helps manage projects effectively.

The app allows the admin to edit time on behalf of their team members if there is any mistake and sends a notification when someone submits timesheets for approval.

It tracks the detailed expenses of a project and allows you to export your data and send them to the clients.

To avoid conflict and generate an accurate payment, Everhour tracks employee’s vacation, annual leave, and absence and keeps records of it. It helps you know the time spent on a task, billable and non-billable hours of work, and each employee’s break time. 

The app integrates with popular tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and many more.

Available for: Android, iOS, Linux, Browser Extension, Web.

Features of Everhour

  • Tracks time automatically after you clock into the app.
  • You have the facility to start and stop the timer whenever you want with a single click.
  • It provides new data with frequent updates.
  • Uses filters and arranges columns to get the report you need.
  • Creates a task and adds estimates to keep everyone in the loop.

Pricing of Everhour 

  • It has a free plan for up to five users.
  • The basic plan costs $5 per user per month.


  • It has an auto-stop timer for users’ privacy.
  • Highly customizable.


  • GPS tracking feature is not available.


TSheet is a time tracking and employee scheduling app offered by Quickbooks to manage your project. 

It is a mobile and web-based application used by freelancers and small to large organizations for managing their businesses.

The app makes accountants easier and reduces paperwork by allowing employees to add digital signatures in their timesheet and providing an online time card option to add time manually through mobile from any location. 

It tracks the hours worked by employees on each project and generates payment. They also get extra payment for overtime work when necessary.

It plans and schedules employee’s shifts and notify them when the work schedules are published or changed. 

This tool calculates the accurate expenses and time required for completing a budget and bills the client accordingly. The current project estimates the time and cost necessary for future projects.

Available for: Android, iOS, Web, Mac.

Features of TSheets

  • Tracks time using GPS tracker and identifies the location of outdoor or remote employees.
  • It tracks the budget and time required for the entire project and plans for future projects accordingly.
  • Allows employees to add digital signatures on their timesheets.
  • Schedule employees’ shifts and notify employees when schedules are published or changed.
  • Tracks the hours worked on the task and provided notification if employees work overtime.

Pricing of TSheets 

TSheets provides two plans, which are:

  • Premium: It costs $8 per user per month.
  • Elite: It costs $10 per user per month. 


  • It provides simple time tracking software with a user-friendly interface.
  • Allow team members to add notes on each project.
  • Employee scheduling is more comfortable.


  • No screenshot feature.
  • Distraction management features need to be improved.


Timecamp is a simple time tracking tool that helps to enhance productivity and increase projects’ profitability. 

It allows you to view each employees’ performance, time spent on each task, and the websites they visit during work hours from a dashboard. 

The app tracks each employees’ billable and non-billable hours and makes a payment online based on their work hours. 

It has an intelligent invoicing feature that provides customizable invoices to clients. It also calculates the cost of the project based on timesheet data and sets up tax rates. 

When you use the subscription, you can get more features such as attendance and leave management, email notification, budget and resource management, unlimited integrations, and many more.

Available for: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome. 

Features of Timecamp 

  • Tracks the time automatically and provides a hassle-free timesheet.
  • It calculates the billable and non-billable hours of employees. 
  • Distribute the work on projects and tasks.
  • Generates reports, export them to the client, and tracks the projects’ profitability. 
  • It offers integration with more than 100 apps, including iCal, Asana, Jira, Slack, Trello, and more.

Pricing of Timecamp 

TimeCamp provides four plans, which are:

  • Solo: It is free of cost.
  • Team Basic: It costs $5.25 per user per month and is suitable for 2-50 users.
  • Team Pro: It costs $7.50 per user per month and is suitable for 2-50 users.
  • Enterprise: It has custom pricing.


  • It helps to increase the projects’ profitability.
  • It has an advanced time and expenses tracker.


  • The User-Interface is a bit complex to use. 


Clockify is a simple and free time tracking software for your team. Millions of companies use it to track their indoor and outdoor employees and enhance productivity. 

It is straightforward and flexible to use. The free version of the app is sufficient to run the business effectively. Therefore, most companies use this app as it is easy to use and provides a free version for unlimited users. 

Here, you can create multiple projects and manage them within a budget. You can customize them in different templates and update them frequently.

The app is trusted by more than 350000 businesses, including renowned companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, Cisco, American Express, and more. So it is also one of the top-rated time tracking tools. 

From a dashboard, you can invite your clients to view their project progress and status in real-time. 

Available for: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, web.

Features of Clockify 

  • Tracks time automatically with a digital timer. 
  • Provides an email reminder when the projects’ deadline is near.
  • A timesheet tracks productivity, attendance, and billable hours of employees. 
  • Tracks time offline and syncs all the data online.
  • Allows you to view project status with a visual graph.

Pricing of Clockify

Clockify offers four pricing plans:

  • The free plan offers unlimited time tracking, project tracking, and integrations.
  • The plus plan costs $9.99 per month flat. 
  • The premium plan costs $29.99 per month flat. 
  • The enterprise plan costs $9.99 per user per month.


  • It provides detailed and extensive reports.
  • Easy to use and simple User Interface.


  • Idle time detection needs to be modified.


In conclusion, different apps have similar features to Toggl and can be used as an alternative. 

Though Toggle has effective time tracking and project management features, it is not a perfect tool for every team as it lacks some more essential features. 

So, all the time tracking apps mentioned above are the alternatives to Toggl, which you can choose for your team and project. 

Please let us know if you have any other solutions regarding the alternatives to Toggl. Also, which app are you using for your team? Feel free to mention this in the comment section below.

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