10 Best Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated

Best Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated

Staying motivated is not always easy. The greatest untapped resource in today’s competitive workplace is our motivation. When life throws many twists and turns, staying motivated and positive cannot be easy. 

Motivation, to some extent, is personal. What motivates you may not motivate me. If you are not motivated or cannot stay motivated long enough, you need to find your motivation and keep yourself motivated. Just keep one thing in mind: Motivation comes from within. 

Motivation is the key to completing a project or maintaining daily tasks. Among the main qualities that differentiate successful individuals from others is effective self-motivation.

Never give up, no matter how tough it gets. Start now and don’t stop. Don’t worry about what you have or what you don’t have. Just start.

When we achieve even one goal, the satisfaction we get is enough to keep us moving forward with our other goals.

Below are the 10 Best Tips and Tricks to keep yourself motivated and keep going forward.

Best Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated

10 Best Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated

When you are going through a difficult time and are having trouble focusing on your work, these 10 best tips and tricks can help you get through the difficult time and motivate you from the inside out. 

Stay Positive

Always view situations from a positive perspective. Positive thinking manages stress, improves your health, and keeps you motivated. You will achieve your best results if you think positively and use self-affirming statements. 

Don’t let your thoughts, feelings, or actions run you. Make sure you control what you think, feel, and do. Positivity enables you to make decisions that lead to success.

It is important to surround yourself with positive people to remain positive in negative situations. Find people who will lift you rather than drag you down and who you can count on to support and encourage you.

Too much thinking leads to negative thoughts. Think less about what is to come or what happened years ago. Live in the moment. Take small steps to make yourself happy. You will feel great relief and positivity after doing this.

Stop Multitasking

When you multitask, you are less efficient, less productive, and feel demotivated because your brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

Rather than dividing your attention, focus on the task at hand, giving your whole. As a result, you will have a greater chance of succeeding in life.

Multitasking is more like switching between tasks rapidly, which is mentally unhealthy.

It puts pressure on your brain by requiring it to switch between tasks rapidly and makes your work more likely to be incompetent.

Multitasking makes you less productive, and you don’t feel motivated to do more work.

Pay more attention to something, and it will come out better. Be careful not to overburden yourself. Just do one thing at a time. 

Reward Yourself

Why not reward yourself for having worked so hard? Rather than waiting for someone to compliment you or reward you, reward yourself once you achieve your goals. 

We all human beings require some rewards to motivate us. That’s why it’s essential to reward yourself as soon as you finish a major task to keep yourself motivated.

This will not only give you a mental break but will motivate you to work more effectively in the future. 

When you reward your success, you will feel a whole lot better. You can motivate yourself with any reward – even something as simple as a coffee break or a walk around the block. 

Set Your Goal

A goal is a decision that helps you act in a way that will lead to your desired outcome. When you define your goals, you can put them into action. A goal gives you something to aim for and can help you to keep yourself motivated.

Having goals and working toward them is very important. We may not always efficiently achieve our goals, but goals make life more fulfilling and help us stay motivated.

Keep track of your goals and check your progress. It will help you to stay motivated all the time.

Keep Track of Your Progress 

No matter how long it takes to accomplish a goal, we must track our progress to ensure we are on track.

You must know how well you are performing to stay motivated. Tracking allows you to stay focused on the things that matter so that you can move in the right direction.

You can use it to identify possible obstacles and plan how to overcome them. This reduces the risk that can come in the way of meeting objectives. 

If you see yourself on the positive track every time you evaluate your progress, you will be motivated, eager to succeed and stay positive.

Give Yourself Breaks

Do not let your mind control you. We often eliminate breaks from our work schedule to accomplish more. No matter how determined you are, sometimes you may get stressed out.

A well-deserved break is just what you need. You can accomplish more when you take frequent short breaks as it helps you concentrate better.

Furthermore, a relaxing break can boost your mood, reduce stress, and keep you motivated. 

Eliminate Your Distraction

It is much easier to complete your task when you eliminate distractions. With no distractions, you’ll be able to accomplish your tasks more effectively, faster, and more efficiently. 

A few things cause procrastination, so find those and eliminate them. The best way to get motivated is to stop wasting your time. 

When distraction becomes a habit, you can lose the concentration required for work. By planning and managing your time effectively, you can minimize distractions and accomplish your most important tasks.

Install a productivity extension in your browser if you find yourself browsing the web aimlessly. With these extensions, you can block certain sites and restrict browsing times.

Organize Your Task into Smaller and Manageable Parts

As you would eat a large meal in small bites, no matter how long and complex the task is, you can accomplish the task by breaking it down into smaller manageable parts. Break large tasks down into many sub-tasks if you’re struggling with motivation. 

By doing this, you will avoid stress and procrastination. By completing each step of a task, you feel a sense of accomplishment, significantly increasing your motivation.

Completing the first simple step can often motivate completing the entire project.

Be with Someone Who Motivates You

It is important to be around someone who motivates you to achieve your goals.  Make sure you have someone who motivates you when you’re demotivated. A friend can inspire you to work hard when you’d otherwise give up.

Getting things done on your own can sometimes be challenging, so having good support can be helpful. You could ask a trusted friend for help if you’re having trouble getting motivated.

Read and Watch Motivational Stories

Take time to learn more about those who inspire you. Watch Ted Talks and other popular programs for motivational stories. 

Make it a habit to watch YouTube videos of inspiring moments to stay motivated. Motivational quotes are great for your mindset. Add them all around.


Find your motivation within; you surely have one. A key component to success is self-motivation. Learning this skill is not easy, but it is extremely important. You need to find it and make sure that it works for you. 

When you experience hard times, turn them into motivation. Work hard and succeed, then you will beat your destiny.

I have shared a few tips that will surely help you keep yourself motivated when you’re struggling with motivation and keep going forward.

Please share what you used to do to keep yourself motivated in the comment section below, and also, for more informative blogs, don’t forget to subscribe to us.

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