How To Maintain Performance While Working from Home

How to Maintain Performance While Working From Home

Many employees prefer to work from home if they have an option as work from home is more convenient. Employees feel less work pressure while working remotely to create their work schedule and work in a peaceful environment.

Most employees mention that when they work from the office, they get distracted by their colleagues’ gossip and helping others instead of doing their work. 

Also, in big cities, employees prefer remote working to work from the office as they have to face traffic hours to reach their office. They feel that half of their energy reduces while reaching office after colossal traffic and hurts their performance. 

A few years back, most employers used to be skeptical about the concept of remote working. They used to feel remote workers might not be as productive as onsite workers.

However, with the advancement of apps and technologies, trust has been built among employers and employees. Employers can view employees’ work performance in real-time and can manage employees efficiently. 

Employers are also able to reduce their management pressure, costs and hire employees at a low cost. 

To maintain work performance while working from home, employees need to make their own rules and follow some work practices. Here I have mentioned some of the work practices that employees need to follow to enhance their performance while working remotely: 

Track Your Time 
Create your Schedule 
Set Your Daily Goals 
Divide Your Work Into Manageable Task
One task at a Time 
Create your Workspace 
Use Quality of Technology 
Organize Daily Standup
Keep in Touch with Your Team Members 
Set Your Own Rules 
Know your Work Limitation  
Take Regular Break  
Minimize Usage of Distracting Websites  
Separate your Work Hour and Personal Hour 
DressUp Like You are Going to Work
Benefits of Work from Home
Drawbacks of Work from Home

Track Your Time

One of the essential elements for corporate houses is a time tracking employees without disturbing them. Most corporate houses use time tracking software to get a clear picture of employees’ activities during their work hours. 

Time tracking apps ensure employees are paid based on their work performance and ensure that no one is underpaid. These apps also help you manage projects, view project status, employees working on projects, and more.

Another reason is that these apps help you to manage your team and provide work transparency. You can create bills based on the total hours worked by employees and share them with clients.

For remote employees, it helps to build trust among employers and employees. It improves employees’ work performance and ensures employees are more focused on their work. 

There are many time-tracking apps that you can choose for your business. One of the best time tracking apps that provide all the essential features that a time tracking app needs is timeTracko

timeTracko-performance while working from home

Create Your Schedule  

While working from the office, you will have a specified schedule of work. People are more productive when they work at a specific hour. 

When employees set specific hours as their work schedule, they are more focused during the time. By creating a work, schedule employees can balance their work life and personal life. 

It would be better if all the remote team members set their work schedules at the same time. It ensures that employees will have prompt communication and solve any problems quickly. 

For example, A team member sets their work schedule from 7 am To 3 pm, and another member of the same team sets their schedule from 4 pm TO 11 pm. In such a situation, it will be difficult for team members to have prompt communication. 

Set Your Daily Goals 

Goals are both long-term and short-term; usually, we set long-term goals and forget our short-term goals. However, to fulfill our long-term goal, first of all, we need to complete our short-term goal.  

Every employee can set their short team goal, which is usually daily and weekly basis. 

When employees start any tasks or projects, they need to create the daily goal they need to complete. It makes employees more efficient in their work and improves their productivity and work performance.      

Moreover, by setting daily goals, employees can manage their projects and complete their projects faster. 

Divide Your Work Into Manageable Task

Usually, there are lots of tasks you need to complete to complete a project. It can be difficult for you to assign a task for employees when they are working remotely. 

Managing your task reduces stress for employees to complete their work and stops employees from procrastinating.

You need to break your project into different tasks and assign tasks to team members. You can also prioritize your tasks and schedule them according to their priority. 

Employees should make sure that they complete urgent tasks at first and then move to less critical tasks. 

It would be better if employees break their work based on hours. When employees complete their one task, they feel a sense of accomplishment and will be motivated to complete further work faster. 

One Task at A Time 

To complete a project, you will have lots of tasks to complete, and sometimes employees might get confused regarding which one to complete at first.  

When you are working, if you move from one task to another without completing any of the tasks, you might not meet your project on time, and the project might get complicated. 

But when you do one task simultaneously, you can quickly complete the project and have less complication during project development. 

For example, when you are organizing your closest, you might get overwhelmed regarding where to start organizing. But if you categorize your clothes and manage your clothes based on the categorization, the organization process will be more painless.

Create Your WorkSpace 

create your workspace- performance while working from home
Create Your Workspace

One of the perks of working from home is working from anywhere you feel comfortable working. 

However, when employees work from home most of the time, they might work from their bed or couch. And the productiveness that employees have while working from a desk and working from bed might not be the same.  

Sometimes, employees might end up watching TV, playing with their pets, or might take a nap during their work hours.

As far as possible, employees should select places with adequate light and ventilation for fresh air. As proper ventilation and lighting are necessary for the better health of employees. 

Therefore, it would be better for employees to create their work desks. When creating a workstation, employees should select a peaceful environment where there are fewer distracting elements. It helps employees to focus on their work and complete it on time.

Use Quality of Technology

Employees need to have a proper internet connection, Printers, Webcams, Time and Project management tools, and more to work from home.

Sometimes you might have faced unstable internet connection when you are in the middle of your meetings. Most of the time, your communication might be incomplete due to a poor internet connection. 

Likewise, sometimes you might need Printers, Paper shredders, photocopiers, and other tools that you might not have at your home.  

Therefore, while working from home, employees should have a good internet connection and the essential tools they need. 

Similarly, corporate houses should provide employees with good communication and collaboration tools that employees need while working.  

Organize Daily Standup

virtual standup- performance while working from home
Virtual Standup

When employees are working on a project, they need to update themselves about the work progress of team members. Incorporate houses, usually, 10 to 15 minutes of daily standup are organized regularly.

While working remotely, employees can virtually organize daily standup meetings using communication tools like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and more. 

You should set a specific time when you want to organize the Stand-Up. It would be better to organize the standup before starting your work or at the end of the day. 

Before you start standups, you need to notify all employees so that no one misses out on the discussion. 

One of the best parts of virtual standup is writing your agenda to discuss the group chat before starting the standup. It ensures that you do not miss any points that should be addressed.

Keep in Touch with Your Team Members  

When you work from the office, your team members are around you, and you can communicate with them anytime you want. Communication is much easier for onsite employees than remote employees.

If you have remote employees, you need to make sure proper communication among team members. You should be able to manage appropriate communication and collaboration tools for employees. 

You can use communication tools to have meetings, conferences, posting office notices, and work-related chats. Some of the best communication tools that you can choose for your business are Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and more.

Likewise, collaboration tools can share project progress, share files and folders necessary to complete projects, schedule employees, shifts, and assign tasks. For collaboration tools, you can choose Slack, Asana, Trello, ProofHub, and many more.

Set Your Own Rules

An organization has a set of rules that employees need to follow when they are working. The different organizations have different rules according to their policy to keep employees disciplined. 

Some organizations might have rules like no gossiping while working, blocking distracting websites, no food at the work desk, and more. It helps employees to concentrate on their work and boost their work performance.

But, when remote employees might not be as disciplined as onsite employees. While working from home, they might surf the internet, do online shopping, watch web series during their work hour.

They may also start talking with their family members and roommates or get distracted by their pets and family responsibilities. 

Therefore, employees should set rules for themselves like not using distracting websites, separating time for office work and house chores, and more. 

 Know your Work Limitation

Onsite employees have specific working hours, and most of the time, they do not work beyond their work hours. They prefer to work only when they are in the office as all the necessary tools and equipment they need to perform their work will be at their office.

However, remote employees have flexible work hours; they can work anytime they want. And most of the time, remote employees work beyond their work hours and always think about their work. 

Sometimes, employees work continuously without getting a single break to complete their work faster. 

Even though employees can complete their work before, they can have mental stress and may not perform high work quality.

Take Regular Break  

Remote employees work alone and might feel isolated when working continuously. When they work always, they can stay focused on their work. But at the same time, they may feel monotonous about their work, and their motivation might reduce. 

Employees need to take a break after working for a specific time to reduce their work pressure and refresh their minds.

If possible, employees should stay away from their devices when they are on break. Instead, when employees are on break, they can either stroll around, water their plants, spend some time with family members, and more.

Minimize Usage of Distracting Websites

In most corporate houses, employees are not allowed to use distracting websites when they are working. It helps to enhance employees’ performance and productivity.

When working from home, remote employees might get distracted by using distracting websites. Many times employees do their online shopping or may chat with their loved ones during their work hours. 

Remote employees can maintain their work performance by reducing the usage of distracting websites during their work hours. 

As an employer, you can also track apps and websites that employees use to determine their performance. It makes employees alert and focused on their work as they know they are being tracked and reduces its usages. 

Separate your Work Hour and Personal Hour  

One of the challenging parts of remote working is not separating work hours and personal hours. Most remote employees mix up personal hours and work hours, and most of the time, they keep thinking about their work.

In some cases, employees might keep thinking about their work even when they are not working. Likewise, sometimes employees also do their house chores when they are in the middle of their work.  

One solution to this problem can be by separating employees’ work hours and personal hours. Employees should not do their house chores while working, and also they should not keep thinking about their work during their hours.  

Balanced work hour and personal hour satisfies employees and motivates them to perform their work better. 

DressUp Like You are Going to Work  

It is a psychological factor that motivates employees to do better work and increase work performance. Our attitude also, more or less, depends on what we were. Your mood and your confidence somewhat depend on what you wear.

While working from home, most of us wear our PJs or any comfortable loungewear. When you work wearing such clothes, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable, but you might not feel like you are at work and can reduce your work performance.

However, when you dress up like you will work while working from home, you will feel more professional and enhance your productivity. Another perk of dressing up while working from home is preparing for any unexpected Zoom meetings. And you will feel more confident when you are dressed up.  

The work from home concept has been growing, and most organizations are moving into the idea. It provides flexibility for employees and employers, and there are lots of benefits and drawbacks of work from home. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of working from home:

Benefits of Work From Home

Location Independent

If your organization has a remote team or remote employees, you can hire employees worldwide. While hiring employees, you do not have to worry about where employees are from and provide accommodation if they do not live around.

Likewise, while applying for any job, employees are not limited by their location and have a wide range of opportunities. More possibilities of their talent are recognized by more people from different parts of the world when they have remote employees. 

Therefore, work from home is beneficial for employers and employees as employees can hire talents at a low cost. Similarly, employees can get the best job as per their ability and qualification.

Zero Commute Stress

Traveling daily to work and spending some extra hours traveling to work is something employees do not prefer. Onsite employees have to spend a minimum of 1 hour getting ready for work and traveling to work. 

In the worst case, if the office is located in the city area, then there is a high chance for employees to get stuck in traffic jams for hours. Likewise, employees’ energy and motivation to work get down when employees reach after facing colossal traffic jams. 

But employees do not have to travel to work when employees work from home and can save their travel time. They can also save on their travel expenses, fuel, and car maintenance costs. 

Saves Expenses

There are numbers of overheads where employees and employers can save their expenses when working from home. 

First of all, employees can save their expenses on travel as there are zero commutes. They can save on fuel, car maintenance, bus and train fairs, and more. Likewise, employees can save on expensive cafe food by making food at home while working from home.

You can save on office rent, parking space, stationery, and more in case of employers. You can also save on printers, scanners, and many other tools that an organization needs daily.

More Time for Yourself 

When you do not have to travel for work, you will automatically save time for your self-improvement.

You can use the time either in a workout, yoga, your studies if you are a student, or spend some time with your family or friends. You can also watch some TV shows or movies and relax a bit and refresh your mind.

Reduce Absenteeism

Remote employees tend to take less sick leave in comparison to onsite employees. When employees are mildly ill, have a common cold or seasonal flu most of the time, they take leave to avoid spreading the flu. 

But when employees work remotely, they can work even if they are mildly sick and do not have to worry about spreading their flu or other infectious diseases. 

Likewise, remote working provides employees a flexible schedule that enables employees to manage their work hours when they have some personal work. 

Drawbacks of Work From Home


When you work from the office, you are always around your colleagues. They can communicate with them whenever they feel monotonous with their work. 

When you work from the office, employees support each other by giving suggestions, helping each other during work to complete work faster. 

But remote employees work alone and can feel isolated while working as there is no one around them. They may also feel monotonous, and their working motivation reduces. 

To communicate and seek help from colleagues, employees need to call or text them, which might not be as effective as speaking in person.

Difficult to Communicate

One of the challenging factors of working from home is communication, as employees might not be available all the time. 

If you have some problem and message any of your employees, you may have to wait for their reply. Sometimes, if there are some opportunities, you might lose them when you have to wait for responses from your colleagues and senior-level team members. 

However, if you use proper communication tools and organize virtual meetings daily, you can somewhat minimize this challenge. 

Challenging to Stick to Schedule and Rules

Onsite employees have to follow their office schedule and rules, which make them organized. 

However, remote employees make their schedules by themselves, and sometimes, employees fail to stick with the schedule. Most of the time, they may be distracted by their schedule, and sometimes, they mix their personal and professional schedule.

Likewise, even if employees make rules like not doing house chores or using social media while working, they might break their own rules.


To finish with, employees’ work performance depends on how disciplined employees are toward their rules and practices they follow. There are many practices that employees can follow to enhance their work performance while working from home. 

Here are some work practices that remote employees can follow while working from home. If you are a remote employee, I would love to hear work practices you follow to maintain your work performance. Please do not forget to cite them in the comment section below.

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