Why Web Filtering Software is Important at Work?

Why Web Filtering Software is Important at Work?

Businesses must protect themselves from improper use, whether intentional or unintentional. Using web filtering software, you will be able to restrict access to specific sites on the network. Therefore, you can monitor your staff and make sure that they do not abuse your internet.  

By blocking browsers from loading pages from restricted sites, web filtering software prevents users from viewing certain URLs and websites.

There are several ways in which web filters can be made, and each can be used differently for different purposes, whether they are for individuals, families, institutions, or enterprises.

Due to the fact that the system keeps track of all URLs visited by a particular user, you can easily see how often and for how long they visit these sites. Using this approach, you can then see what sites you need to block or limit. 

Overuse of the internet can negatively affect employee productivity. Therefore, filtering certain websites on the working device or the web itself is mandatory for productivity management at the workplace. 

Implementing web filtering software is possible in two different ways. You can choose to use the filtering software on each device or employ server-side content filters to cover every device at work.

What is a Web Filter?

Web filters are solutions that restrict access to certain content on the internet for employees, students, and other end users.

Websites are blocked using a web filter based on URL, domain, IP address, or website category. Access to these sites will be either allowed or denied by a web filter using an Allow List and a Block List. 

What Can You Do With Browser Control? 

In the first place, content filtering can protect your IT data. As well as blocking access to potentially malicious sites, these tools also restrict access to harmful web pages.

As a result, content filters facilitate the implementation of IT policies. Each URL visited by a user is tracked by the system, so you can see how often and how long they visit these sites.

By doing this, you can discover new sites to block or limit. Overuse of the Internet can seriously impact employee productivity, which is why this is so important. Therefore, management requires the use of systems.

Lastly, your business remains safe and highly protected from possible legal calamities that may arise if your employees access copyrighted materials. By investing in this, you will save a lot of trouble and money down the line.

Why Should Companies Use Web Filtering Software?

Why Should Companies Use Web Filtering Software?

Avoid Unauthorized Online Activity

Companies have this motto: Workers should only use their work devices for work-related activities at their offices. It doesn’t always work that way, though.

One may lose money and fame when their employees accidentally visit websites that take them off task. How? Your company may face legal issues if your employees gain access to illegal and illicit online content and websites.

Your web filtering software can track employees’ online activity by blocking specific keywords, URLs, and categories. Combining these techniques can effectively defend your network against viruses, data breaches, and productivity loss. 

You can also prevent outside parties from accessing data without your knowledge. Using a cloud-based email and storage platform that is safe from unauthorized access can prevent data interception by attackers or competitors.

Network & Endpoint Security

It is possible that your employees might click on infected links or websites by mistake, putting the company’s security at risk. There is a high probability of viruses and malware attacks once you visit inappropriate websites.

Malicious websites cannot access sensitive data because the filters block access to sites containing malware. Humans make mistakes, whether intentionally or not. So, companies should use Web filtering software to secure their company’s network and devices.

Companies should also use web filtering software for data security compliance. Businesses with sensitive data make use of internet blocking tools to prevent employees from unintentionally or maliciously leaking data from cloud storage accounts.

Productivity Management

Using content filters, you can prevent access to distracting websites, games, and streaming services. Access to technology makes it easy to improve the workflow and daily operations of employees.

However, it may also cause additional distractions due to numerous unproductive online engagements. Decreased productivity due to excessive online activities brings the need for restricting internet activity arises. 

Business owners use filtering software primarily to increase workplace productivity. Internet filters prevent users from accessing social media, entertainment websites, and inappropriate content.

They can restrict access to work-related websites with web filtering software.

Workflow and daily operations are highly improvable through improved connectivity and access to technology. However, it can also cause distractions for your employees.

Learn how your employees spend their time online and improve their time management. Easily address the issue of web filtering before it arises by openly implementing the software.  

It is beneficial to implement web filtering software openly so that issues are addressable before they arise. Thus, you can intervene before you lose a lot of revenue or investment in your workforce.

Blocking Inappropriate Content

The administrators will use web filtering software to block pornographic content, violent content, and profanity considered NSFW or otherwise inappropriate.

Employees can not access websites that contribute to hostile work environments because filters keep them from accessing adult content. 

Upgrade Equipment Appropriately

It is often the case that increased connectivity will increase workloads. Keeping costs low while meeting your business’s needs can be challenging if you experience an exponential increase in support tickets or acquire new clients.

Your workplace may require a technology upgrade to keep up with your business’ growth. Web filtering software can help delay upgrades if you aren’t sure what the new equipment will cost.

Make sure you’re getting accurate information about the performance of your machine. You can review useful metrics about your website using web filtering software to justify upgrading your equipment.

Resolve Network Outages

Some companies are sure to experience IT outages at some point, and the cause of outages can range from blackouts to human error. Even so, if at all possible, you should attempt to stop it from happening.

You can prevent downtime by accessing websites that are filtered by web filtering software.  You can keep track of your networked devices with web filtering software. You might be unable to operate your devices as they should, putting an end to your entire business.

Visibility can help you detect potential bottlenecks in advance and help you plan for them. By preventing these types of crashes, your business can run smoothly. You’ll also be able to fix existing problems from a more advantageous vantage point.

Identifying Nature of Network Problems 

Abnormal amounts of traffic are overloading a particular channel? Are you experiencing an outage due to a configuration error?

You will have a much better idea of moving forward once you know what the problem is. For this purpose, companies use web filtering software at their offices. 

Prepare yourself for any possible danger at any time. A web filtering solution can protect your online reputation, revenue, or information.

Organizations use web filtering software to monitor their computer network in order to minimize the risk and become successful.

Management of Bandwidth

Networks can crash due to bandwidth abuse. In order to prevent further abuse, the web filtering software will use a bandwidth analyzer to identify websites and users causing excessive bandwidth usage. The filter will block the sites resulting in high bandwidth usage.

Blocking Phishing Attacks

Despite trying their best to keep their network security intact, companies often fail to strengthen their network and prevent online crimes. A weak channel in a company may lead them towards phishing attacks.

Online attackers always look for a weak point in any system. Once they find a weak point in a network system, they will steal sensitive information from the network. This malicious activity refers to online phishing.

By using good web filtering software, you can prevent access to personal webmail services. They stand as a shield against phishing attacks, and web filtering lets you view the company’s webmail service.

This program lets you scan emails for viruses and block links that may contain malicious code.

Can Web Filtering Software Harm Your Company?

Some web filtering software has trouble distinguishing between allowed and banned web content. You might have to face cases where one out-of-context image or text can result in the entire website blocking.

Thus, employees might not get to access important work-related websites from their computers. Unnecessary web filtering might sometimes leave employees frustrated and less productive.

In bad web filtering software, it is often not possible to scan individual web pages or portions of them. A similar phenomenon also happens when filtering services block sites based purely on domain names.

Furthermore, basic web filtering solutions do not have complete databases of malware and infected websites. Many systems cannot access their records.  

Final Say

In the office, web filtering software offers several advantages, which outweigh the disadvantages. Trying to look at the work of many employees at once and handle it manually can be a real headache. 

Therefore, companies need to improve their methods and working standards. Thus, web filtering, time tracking, employee productivity management, and other tools are essential to a company’s productivity. 

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