Clockify Alternative

Are you looking into Clockify's alternatives for monitoring your employees? We will compare timeTracko and Clockify in this article so that you can choose the best software for your needs.

Why are people switching from Clockify to timeTracko?

User Productivity Classification
User Productivity Classification
timeTracko is a productivity app that lets you categorize applications and URLs into Productive, Unproductive, and Neutral, so you can quickly analyze and assess productivity trends.
Keyboard and Mouse Activity Monitoring
Keyboard and Mouse Activity Monitoring
timeTracko collects each click and every keystroke entered by the employees, which can later be used to formulate a base of user-based behavioral analytics.
Email Attachment Monitoring
Remote and Onsite Employee Management
TimeTracko Team gives you the ability to manage remote and on-site employees. You can monitor daily employee work activities using timeTracko Team in their system.

How does timeTracko Compare with Clockify?

Starting $5.95/member
Free Trial
Real-time Employee Monitoring
Productivity Report
Employee Attendance Management
User Behavior Analytics
Websites & Apps Classifications
Smart & Automated Alerts
Client Access Sharing


Boost in Efficiency

“timeTracko offers the possibility of guiding unproductive employees, which is one of its biggest advantages. You can pinpoint disengaged employees and provide them with opportunities to become more engaged.”

Travis O’Connor
CEO & Co-founder

New Product & Better Way To Manage Workforce & Productivity Solutions

 Keystroke Detection

Analyze & Solve Unproductive Time

The company can lose a lot of money due to unproductive hours. The features of timeTracko will enable you to analyze and resolve the unproductive time of your employees easily.

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Analyze and Solve Unproductive Time

Productive & Unproductive Websites and Apps Classification

timeTracko analyzes the types of work assigned to particular employees and useful applications or websites for their assigned tasks.

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Monitor Apps To Reduce Unproductive Hour

Customizable Reports

You can create reports on your company's productivity, website usage, and time spent on specific projects using timeTracko.

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File Activity Monitoring

Project Progress Tracking

TimeTracko Team's project progress tracking feature makes projects easier to understand. It also improves project management and working speed.

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