TimeCamp Alternative

Would you consider alternatives to TimeCamp? We'll compare the features of TimeCamp and timeTracko here to help you decide which software is best for you.

Why are people switching from TimeCamp to timeTracko?

Limit Access in Non-working Hours
Real-time Pulse of Employee
You can track your teammate's time in real-time with timeTracko Team and see whether they are spending their time doing their assigned tasks or simply wasting time.
Live Video Preview & History Playback of User Activity
Automatic Screenshot
timeTracko Team takes screenshots of your employee’s system at regular intervals. You can use the screenshot to verify your employees' timesheets, give them feedback, and even improve their productivity.
Cloud File Upload Tracking
Smart and Automated Alerts
A smart and automated feature of timeTracko allows employees to focus on only assigned tasks during working hours by alerting them to inactivity and unproductive tasks.

How does timeTracko Compare with TimeCamp?

Automatic Time Tracking
Offline Time Tracking
Alerts & Notifications
Project Progress Tracking
Attendance Tracking
Productivity Analysis
Keyboard & Mouse Activity Monitoring
Invoice History
Offline Time Tracking
Smart Alerts
Task Management


Boost in Efficiency

“timeTracko helps record the screen activity of our remote workers. The extra peace helps record of mind that we have about their daily activities at work is comforting.”

Corey Henderson

New Product & Better Way To Manage Workforce & Productivity Solutions

Employee Activity History Playback

Employee Activity History playback

The extensive history data can be used to pinpoint exactly the source and insider threat if you record desktop sessions with timeTracko.

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File Activity Tracking

Check for Irregular Clock-in & Clock-out

timeTracko lets you verify that your employees work according to their schedule by tracking their attendance and working hours.

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User Behavior Analytics

Accurate Payment Based on Work Hours

timeTracko calculates the work hours of your employees automatically without requiring manual entry. In addition, you can schedule payments based on work hours from the dashboard.

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Advanced Analytics & Insights

Analyze & Solve Unproductive Time

Easily access your employees' productivity reports, analyze their performance and take necessary actions, if necessary, to prevent distractions.

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