TimeDoctor Alternative

Have you considered alternatives to TimeDoctor for employee monitoring? Here we'll give you a side-by-side feature comparison and why timeTracko is better.

Why are people switching from TimeDoctor to timeTracko?

Project Progress Tracking
Project Progress Tracking
You can track the progress of each assignment and the entire project plan with Project Progress Tracking. You can make most of your time and effort by efficiently planning and prioritizing the work for better project tracking.
Team Performance analysis
Team Performance analysis
Evaluate your organization's team productivity throughout the day. The goal is to identify and resolve communication and performance problems to improve the productivity of the team.
timeTracko DLP
Client Access Sharing
A client access portal of timeTracko allows clients to view their project progress, remaining works and pay their timeTracko invoices.

How does timeTracko Compare with TimeDoctor?

Automatic Time Tracking
Real-time tracking
Offline Time Tracking
Time & attendance management
Customizable Screenshots
Employee Management
Client Invoicing
Team Performance Analysis
Smart and Automated Alerts


Boost in Efficiency

“The timeTracko software is just great. It allows us to monitor employee performance remotely, block harmful, distracting websites, and generally boost productivity on our endpoint devices and ensure their safety.”

Isabelle Higgins

New Product & Better Way To Manage Workforce & Productivity Solutions

Real-time Employee Activity Monitoring

Real-time Employee Activity Monitoring

Having real-time data on employee workflows allows you to analyze user behavior and prevent unauthorized actions.

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Check Project Progress to Meet Deadlines

Check Project Progress to Meet Deadlines

You can evaluate whether the deadline can be met by altering the time allocation and budget or restructuring the work process accordingly.

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User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics

It is important to monitor employees' behavior patterns, network and infrastructure security statuses, and unusual activities to detect threats early and prevent them.

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File Activity Tracking

Websites and Apps Classification

timeTracko analyzes the types of work assigned to particular employees, and what applications or websites are useful for their assigned tasks.

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