Media Kit

We’re a growing brand in the time management sector. Use these assets when referencing our brand. Need something else? Just email us at

Branding Considerations

Do’s and don’t of timeTracko

Please Do
  • Naming : First “t” of tracko is small t and the second “t” is capital. Thus correct name capitalilzation is “timeTracko”
  • Use icon when the brand visibility of timeTracko is clear as day and night.
  • Use one word for timeTracko
Please Don't
  • Naming : Capitalize the first “t” and lowercase the second “t” of timeTracko.
  • Use icon when the visibility of brand is not sure.
  • Use two words for timeTracko as in “time Tracko”


  • Primary #6E63EE
  • Black #1C2A3A
  • Gray #445668
  • Border #CAD5E0
  • White #000000

Looking for more

Download the full timeTracko media kit and get: app icons, banners, logos and more

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