timeTracko Team Solution

Accurate payment based on work hours

You can calculate the time freelancers or remote workers worked with timeTracko. You can automatically minimize your administrative effort with timeTracko's automated work hour calculation.

The Challenge

Inaccurate Payments Leading to Internal Conflict Among Employees

Positive working relationships and mutual respect are among the company's strengths. However, a bias in treatment assumptions caused by inaccurate employee payments can damage relationships and foster mistrust.

Uneven Calculation or Wages Management
Calculating employee hours and generating invoices by hand takes a lot of energy and time, resulting in rough calculations.
Project Cost Analysis
You may find it quite challenging to analyze the costs associated with your various projects when you work on more than one simultaneously. You cannot bill your clients for a project without knowing its total cost.
Overtime Calculation
You might not be able to figure out how to pay freelancers, full-time or part-time employees. This can be a very hectic task without a payment management tool.
Accurate payment based on work hours Accurate payment based on work hours Accurate payment based on work hours connector Accurate payment based on work hours

Pay as much as they work / Pay as per the effort.

Project Progress Tracking

You can manage a team or group of employees' projects with TimeTracko. You can see the total time spent on a project either for the team or for an individual. Thus, you can easily monitor your project's progress.

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Time and Attendance Management

You can track your employees’ clock in/out times with timeTracko. It will help you keep track of employee attendance since you'll have detailed statistics.

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Ensuring an Accurate Payroll

The accuracy of payroll is crucial for paying employees on time and without delay with timeTracko. The employees will feel more self-assured, which will enable them to continue being self-driven, increasing productivity.

Accurate Payroll Calculation
You can view details about your employees' session time, work time, and idle time by clicking the report section on the timeTracko dashboard. timeTracko calculates payroll automatically based on the report, so you're sure to pay employees for the hours they worked.
Share Access with Clients
A strong client relationship depends on transparency. timeTracko lets you provide them with up-to-date details about the budget and progress on the task, so they can directly pay you.
Time & Task Calculationt
timeTracko automatically calculates a project's total cost based on total project time and an employee's hourly wage.
 Accurate payment based on work hours Accurate payment based on work hours


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“timeTracko ties into your existing tools, services and Workflow. Keep your existing invoicing, communication and accounting tools and leverage the power of timeTracko within a few minutes.”

Diana Fritz
Chief Executive Officer, Gutso