timeTracko Team Solution

Real-time Employee activity monitoring

You can analyze user behavior in real-time, understand employee workflows, and prevent unauthorized behavior when monitoring real-time data. timeTracko's real-time employee monitoring can show you which employees are productive and which ones need help.

The Challenge

Remote employees and consistent productivity in a fast-changing business environment.

As a result of COVID-19, the corporate environment has changed where companies have allowed their workers to work from home. Businesses must understand the performance of their workforce and take immediate action.

Training & Assistance
Training and assistance are at the core of employee growth. Improving employee performance is achieved by resolving uncertainties, clarifying doubts, clarifying skepticism, training an employee, and answering any questions/curiosity.
Unproductive Workflows
Teams can have members with different strengths and weaknesses. A failure to recognize this issue could lead to inefficient and ineffective workflow. To ensure better productivity, an employer needs to understand how to assign tasks to the right employee.
Inefficient team collaborations
Supervisors and managers should know where their team members are currently involved or spending their time. A lack of transparency will lead to inefficient team collaborations.
connector Real-time Employee activity monitoring Real-time Employee activity monitoring Real-time Employee activity monitoring connector Real-time Employee activity monitoring

How to ensure your employees are on track?

Real-time pulse of employee

Real-time pulse gives you insight into employees' work progress with live screenshots and videos. It provides information regarding what they are doing and whether they are spending their time on assigned tasks or simply wasting time.

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Automatic time tracking

Your employees can see what they have worked on by using automatic time tracking. It tracks login and logout time, hours spent on tasks/projects, and generates timesheets. The system eliminates the need to manage timers, manually input data, and accurately record work activity.

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Idle & offline time tracking

One of the most basic functions of timeTracko is to track idle and offline time. A company can estimate its productivity by keeping track of idle time, offline activities, and billing accuracy.

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Always know how your business is functioning and also how your employees are coping with it.

You must always be aware of how your employees handle the set of activities or processes defined by your organization. It helps in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

Increase Real-time Productivity Workflows
The productivity features of timeTracko help you make your team more efficient by measuring how productive they are. You and your team can boost productivity with timeTracko without any additional effort.
Automated Productivity and Team Efficiency
Make your team more efficient by tracking, measuring, and analyzing productivity automatically. By tracking productivity, efficiency, and performance at the individual, team, and organizational levels, you will design better workflows.
Real-time employee Monitoring
Employee monitoring ensures you always know what is happening within your team. The screencast feature lets you see what your employees are currently working on and where they need help. You can also track your employees' status in real-time (break/private time) using the real-time tracking feature.
Keep employees motivated from offline tracking.
Your employees can use timeTracko even if their internet connection is down. Employees will remain motivated to work since time and tasks are tracked even if they are offline, and their efforts won't go unnoticed.


Boost in Efficiency

“timeTracko ties into your existing tools, services and Workflow. Keep your existing invoicing, communication and accounting tools and leverage the power of timeTracko within a few minutes.”

Diana Fritz
Chief Executive Officer, Gutso