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Productivity Software for your team and employees. timeTracko Team combines user activity monitoring, productivity tools, and behavior analytics to boost your team productivity.

timeTracko Team
User Activity Monitoring
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Unlock pool of control and stability tools with timeTracko Team

  • Automatic Time Tracking

    Automatically track your employees & team time spent on the task, project, or client assigned to them & create better workflows to increase your organization’s productivity.

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  • Real-time Pulse of Employee

    Monitor your team members’ work in real-time with timeTracko and see whether they are spending their time on assigned tasks or wasting it by doing some unproductive task.

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  • User Productivity Classification

    Analyze your employee and team productivity by classifying their work as productive and unproductive based on the types of websites, software, applications, and usage employers use.

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  • Idle & Offline Time Tracking

    Track all work done away from the computer and time when an employee works without an internet connection with timeTracko Idle & Offline time tracking feature.

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  • Screenshot

    Take screenshots of your employee’s computer at random intervals with timeTracko. Use screenshots to verify their work, backup timesheets, provide feedback and improve your work’s productivity from home and remote employees.

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  • Time & Attendance Management

    Effortlessly manage the time and attendance of your team from anywhere with timeTracko. timeTracko automated time clock software accurately captures employee time and attendance when they log in and log out from their devices.

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  • Website & Apps Usage Analysis

    Track which websites and apps your team uses individually, as a team, or on a company level. Also, mark apps and websites as productive and unproductive based on their organizational use with timeTracko.

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  • Productive & Unproductive Websites & Apps Classification

    timeTracko provides you an option to allow admins to categorize which websites and applications are productive (or not) to filter out the time-wasters. Also, you can keep the same app as productive for one team and unproductive for another based on their use.

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  • Project Progress Tracking

    Track the time of individual projects and tasks with timeTracko. Get an idea of your project status, estimate the time required for similar projects in the future, and bill your clients accurately for the work done.

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  • Remote and Onsite Employee Management

    Manage all the employees, working remotely or onsite using timeTracko. With timeTracko real-time computer monitoring, you can view activities as they happen and manage them instantly.

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  • Workforce Management & Productivity Optimization

    Check your workforce insights across various productivity indicators – efficiency, focus, workload balance, and more – with views of your current state as well as ongoing trends. Quickly identify where leading indicators suggest risks to productivity levels.

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  • Team Performance Analysis

    Get an insight into productivity across your organization’s teams throughout the day. Find out the communication and team performance to solve the issue and improve team productivity.

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Employees monthly report
  • Client Access Sharing

    Share view access with your client with timeTracko to check their projects’ progress and verify the works with screenshots and customized reports that their works are on priority.

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  • Smart & Automated Alerts for Inactivity & Unproductive tasks

    Get notified with timeTracko smart & automated alerts whenever an employee goes inactive or uses the apps or websites that are not supposed to be used during work hours.

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  • Hassle-free Third-Party Integrations

    Connect and Integrate timeTracko with your favorite project management, payroll, and other third-party software to boost your productivity and streamline your work process.

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Frequently  used apps

Using these vast tools we aspire to create solutions catered especially for you

Real-time Employee activity monitoring

Real-time Employee Activity Monitoring

Analyze your employee’s real-time activity and check whether your team members practice healthy work patterns with timeTracko.

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Advanced Analytics & Insights

Advanced Analytics & Insights

With screenshots and real-time data, get advanced analytics and insight into employee performance, productivity, and project progress data with the customizable and detailed reports using timeTracko.

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Analyze project progress to meet deadlines

Analyze Project Progress to Meet Deadlines

Analyze your team’s time allocation through project tasks and get a detailed overview of how your team works on the project tasks to check the project progress. Identify the task distribution issue and redistribute your team’s task to meet project deadlines.

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Ensure accurate payment based on employees work hours

Ensure Accurate Payment Based on Employees Work Hours

Easily track billable hours of your employees with timeTracko and automate their payment. timeTracko helps you ensure accurate payment for your employees based on their billable work hours tracked with timeTracko.

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