Best Employee Engagement Software


Best Employee Engagement Software

“How to choose a good employee engagement software?” is a viable question. There are many elements to be considered before selecting tools for employee engagement.

The stresses built in the workplace environment are proven responsible for deteriorating an employee’s psychological, personal, and social life. It must be dealt with compassion by the supervision committee.

Communication can resolve many issues about the employees’ satisfaction in the work. It helps to make employees engaged. But they expect more from the office in return for their dedication and hard work.

It is not wrong to expect something from your superiors. But if employers fail to address the fact that employees are the company’s true assets, one way or the other, employees will fail to work with productivity. And that is self-harming as well as a loss to the organization.

As a physician, employers must measure the pulses of all employees and try to meet their needs in the form of gifts, allowances, bonuses, and other incentives. A simple “thank you” also positively impacts employees’ engagement in the workplace.

What is a Pulse Survey?

A pulse survey is a set of questions employees ask about the work methodologies, collaboration techniques, and other applications run by the company for employee benefit.

It helps managers measure employees’ sentiments toward their work and work environment and provides insights for implementing methods for improvement.

It simply measures the pulse of the employees.

Employee Engagement Software

Employee Engagement software can be of different types. Some are based on communication, some on incentives, and some just for recreation.

Here are some particular types that help with employee recognition and their performances. 


Employee Engagement Software : timeTracko

timeTracko is task management, data analytical, and time tracking tool. It has notification features that make employees engage most of the time.

It is the best choice for employee engagement software because it makes employees aware of their activities and become conscious about their productivity. 

If someone monitors us, we have to be complacent about the protocols. timeTracko provides the employee with triggers during work time.

Sometimes, the notification can get annoying, but if we can convince employees it as a reminder for their ideal and idle time, timeTracko can nurture professional relationships.

Its other features include report preparation on employees’ performance, attendance, and team building toolsets.

Analytics can help us with employee recognition, performance, and dedication, beneficial to both parties.

It is very effective among much other engagement software.


Employee Engagement Software : 15five

15Five is the only platform offering software aligned with the latest positive psychology research. It is the combination of software, community, and education. 

It works to drive performance from the inside out, and it empowers managers to lead a productive and engaged team in work.

15Five provides workplace reports on various factors involving employees and their performances. The key data on employee retention benefit the company in understanding their employees.

It fosters communication so that the visibility of goals and progress is transparent. You can publish employees’ achievements in the network, and everyone can interact by messages and comments.  

Support is also necessary to enhance engagement in the workplace. So, there are features for performance coaching, professional development, and training in the application.


Employee Engagement Software : Perkbox

Perkbox is available through the internet and mobile apps. It helps companies to care for their employees wherever they are.

It provides suggestions to the employer on keeping their employees happy and motivated.

Every employee has their interests, and it’s hard to ask everyone about their views on the company’s facilities.

Perkbox provides a hub for employers to enlist their perks, and the employees can easily make a selection from there.

It helps recognize and reward employees based on their achievement and good work, which will keep them motivated.

There are many video sessions on well-being, and content for motivation, that keep employees psychologically balanced and less stressed.


Employee Engagement Software : Unmind

Unmind provides a platform where employees can discover, solve and share their problems at work, psychological, social, and physical.

A healthier and happier workforce is a strong foundation for a successful organization. Unmind is dedicated to employees’ well-being and makes them active in their work.

It provides many solutions to your anxieties and stresses. There are sleep melodies to storytelling, yoga to healthy recipes. The tools can help you relax, focus, unwind and live more peacefully.

Unmind is trying to solve individual problems and make organizations better. Our healthy life depends on our work and the problems we have there, and it should be understood properly to live healthily.

Employee Engagement Software : is used for various purposes in modern-day office jobs. As the name suggests, it is there to work against the hectic routine of the start of the week. You can manage your work in a very systematic way.

It manages everything in a single workspace. The sole purpose is planning, tracking, and delivering the team’s best work. Collaboration between team members develops significantly with 

It provides customizable templates to make your plan ready very quickly. The user interface is very easily understood and used, so there is no problem using it.

Your repetitive work is auto-completed by the automation so that you can focus on what matters. The application fulfills our objective to have employees engaged all the time.

You can view your data in different graphical representations, pie charts, timelines, Kanban, and others.

For customer service, self-learning tools and webinars are available, including general contact methods, all the time.


Employee Engagement Software : Bonusly

Bonusly integrates with communication tools and encourages timely recognition of the employees’ achievements. It engages everyone in teams, departments, and locations with social recognition.

It improves collaboration by building professional relationships and creates a sense of belonging. Everyone working hard becomes genuinely satisfied by the appreciation they get. 

The engagement of employees is highly dependent on the evaluation of their work. A pat on the back motivates them to become productive and patient.

Bonusly connects the team and builds purpose for progressive work. 

In bonuses, employees can select their interest in gifts and rewards, and it automatically manages to send them the appropriate gift cards.

Incentives provided by platforms like Bonusly are really helpful for retaining deserving employees.


Employee Engagement Software : Gifted

As the name suggests, Gifted is a platform to give planned and unexpected gifts. 

It works in customizing the gifting experience. You can send personalized messages, email, or SMS and create a memorable experience with images and graphics. 

It has accessible reports about the gifts and the sales, the employees’ interest, and the gifting activities. Accounting is super easy with the analysis and reports from the application.

The user experience is pleasant with all the comprehensive tools for your company.


Employee Engagement Software : Blueboard

Blueboard works to provide an experiential reward to an employee on behalf of the company. The experience can be about anything, learning a new skill, traveling to new places, or private getaways. 

You can send the list of rewards to the employees on their devices. They will choose from the menu and be there for their adventure on the designated day.

The experience makes the employees feel appreciated, and it helps them be motivated to perform at higher levels. The workforce becomes more engaged if they are truly satisfied.

The company can retain top talents and even use their employees’ wonderful experiences and stories to lure more good people. 

After all, people want excitement in their job and fulfilling life.


Employee Engagement Software : Motivosity

People are working off-limits every day and are not appreciated for their hard work. Motivosity makes sending messages of appreciation and gift cards through any device.

It helps build the best community where employers can become leaders in the true sense. They can know about their employees’ influences on their business and thank them.

Motivosity provides personality profiles, company highlights, and interest groups in one platform. Collaboration among all parties involved in a company is accelerated with the application.

Employers can find what the employees need, understand them, and act accordingly with the best gestures. Motivosity helps to initiate a culture of gratitude in the workspace. 


Employee Engagement Software : Fond

Fond provides employee reward programs by spending points users get using the applications. Employees send points to each other with every accomplishment.

Everyone can use those points to get corporate perks and gifts on the platform. There are a variety of gifts available of world-renowned products. Discounts on entertainment, fitness, and travel are incorporated into the application.

Unused points will be returned to the company. So, value is added to the organization.

Public recognition in the office atmosphere is very important to keep employees engaged in their work.

Fond has resources to track the performance of every employee and show value to their work.


Employee engagement is the backbone of any business. The success of a company relies on the active participation of the employees.

Software is there to make our tasks easy for us, to automate most of the gestures of appreciation. But true employee retention happens only when employers develop better relationships with the employees.

Talent is a rare asset for a company, but nurturing it is also another talent.