Best Recruiting Apps for Recruiters


Best Recruiting Apps for Recruiters

Recruitment refers to the overall process of screening, interviewing, hiring, grooming employees. It is very important to use recruiting apps for speedy recruitment by the HR department. Recruiting apps help recruiters hire the perfect person for the perfect role.

Recruiters need to pay attention to the job description and ask for a vacancy targeting job candidates.

Top recruiting applications help the top talent get in the interviewing phase; make sure to post the vacancy with vivid objectives through apps talent. Recruiting is a part of the remote employee cycle.

Why is Recruiting Essential?

Recruiting is an important business strategy as it decides an organization’s future. Hiring new members is not very costly, but talent acquisition adds value to the office.

The recruitment process, when properly made, saves time for the organization as overqualified and under-qualified candidates are not hired from the talent pool.

Guidelines for hiring new employees

Advertising attracts job applicants to apply for different open positions. The scanning process helps find the right candidates from multiple interviews that fit the organization’s culture. When perfect individuals are chosen, it is easier to achieve the goals assigned. 

Essentials of Recruiting Apps

Many recruitment applications are on the market, but the best have certain features like recruitment CRM.

The features and options available in the tools and software enable recruiters to complete the hiring process with talent management swiftly. The fundamentals of recruiting apps are mentioned below:

  • Recruitment software needs to help with recruitment process management and structured interviews. The process includes communication with candidates and job vacancy postings by the hiring team. With budget management and investment from the office, job descriptions, approval, and email notifications are a must.
  • The software should help automatically post the notice on the jobs board of different sites and portals for job posting activity. If not automatic, it must help post provide free or premium job posting with social media.
  • The applicant tracking system helps store the resume and screening of applications with the interviewing process. An ATS should provide employee referrals and send auto-responses to applicants with a recruiting dashboard. The app must help recruiters in talent management for the extreme number of candidates.
  • When recruitment reaches the onboarding phase, there is a need to background check selected employees and track applicants. To know a new employee’s work, their engagement to work needs monitoring, and new employees demand talent management.
  • The resume manager option allows users to store applicants’ data after applicant login. The resumes are uploaded, and after extraction by tools, it is easier to scan them for recruitment and staffing.
  • Many candidates show up in the talent pool via structured interview sessions when the company has its career portal—creating a job site with job widgets and updating the vacancies with easy-to-apply features and buttons for attracting new talents.
  • After the end of the recruitment process, the data gathered are assets for the next recruitment round of the potential candidates. You can analyze the reports, create new strategies like advertising jobs, analyze data, and share reports for studying.

Benefits of Recruiting Apps

With the competition for getting the best jobs, there is an equal competition to hire the best candidates. This situation demands recruitment tools and software with the mobile recruiting app.

With the help of recruiting apps, the hr professionals and recruiter teams reap many benefits, as mentioned below:

  • The recruitment software helps improve recruiters’ productivity as the storage is cloud-based and the paper-based traditional way of hiring is reduced. Recruiters can hire job candidates remotely in a systematic way.
  • Accessing a large number of candidates is possible when you use recruiting software. Posting vacancies on social media and job portals is easy when tools are integrated into third-party portals and apps. 
  • Data collection for further analysis is easy when you get the applicant’s response and schedule interviews.
  • Resources like recruiters’ time, cost, and effort are saved using the proper recruiting applications. The efficiency of the recruitment process progresses evenly with talent acquisition.
  • Finding better employees is possible with recruitment tools, and automation features help complete repetitive tasks making recruitment processes less monotonous.

Some Recruiting Apps for Recruiters 

The tool and applications for recruitment have different features and pricing tiers that help the company find new applicants through job openings.

Among the various recruitment apps available in the market, here are some recruiting apps for recruiting teams:

1. Linkedin Recruiter

Recruiting Apps : LinkedIn Recruiter

Linkedin Recruiter is a platform created for hiring people by finding them, building professional relationships by connecting, and attracting potential candidates for a particular job in your organization. 

Some Features of LinkedIn Recruiter

  • The LinkedIn recruiter has advanced search as AI Technology is used for easy searching and detecting the right individuals as smart recommendations.
  • You can find the best candidate among the 700 million Linkedin members.
  • There is a system to send mail to the preferred candidates, and outreach is easier for recruiting members.
  • You receive notification in the Linkedin mobile app when a candidate replies to your message.
  • The recruiting team can remain connected in LinkedIn Recruiter to plan and implement strategies for recruitment.

Pricing of Linkedin Recruiter

  • The starting plan costs $825 per month.

2. Workable

Recruiting Apps : Workable

The workable app allows the interaction between the job applicant and vacancy creator by reviewing the CVs and experience in the profile.

The job finders receive emails from the recruiters and professionally get to know each other.

Some Features of Workable

  • Users can attract many candidates by posting jobs on 200 plus sites with one button and sourcing using AI Technology.
  • To evaluate the job applicants, you can use Workable to collect feedback and decide on the perfect candidate perfect for the role.
  • Workable provides automation features and faster alternatives for scheduling interview dates and interacting with candidates.

Pricing of Workable

  • The Paygo version costs $99.
  • For core, growth, and premium versions, you need to contact via the Workable site.

3. Indeed

Recruiting Apps : Indeed

Indeed is a job site created for easy job posting by recruiters where job seekers can access jobs for free.

Candidates can post a CV and research their dream company’s job vacancy to land a decent job.

Some Features of Indeed

  • Posting a job is indeed free through Indeed. To make the job vacancy more visible, you need to pay for it in sponsored listings that appear faster when searched.
  • For best recruiting, you need to scan individual CVs. Indeed makes this part simple by allowing you to search from Indeed Resumes, which numbered 60 million.
  • Candidates can reach out to your job vacancy through a mobile app by typing the job position in the ‘what’ field and location in the’ where’ field of the application.
  • You can access the company page and include your logo for branding and receiving special options for featured employers.

Pricing of Indeed

  • Users can post jobs for free.
  • Sponsoring jobs takes $5 per day.
  • For the hiring campaign, you need to contact Indeed members.

4. Rakuna

Recruiting Apps : Rakuna

Rakuna is a platform created for better recruitment of young talent by offices that require the right candidates for the job roles.

Users can access and use the features of Rakuna via the mobile application for ease and fast recruiting. 

Some Features of Rakuna

  • Rakuna app allows job applicants to put their resumes, and job providers can find CVs.
  • Rakuna Dashboard allows users to create forms, analyze reports, and lets you collaborate with your team of recruitment departments.
  • The feature for interview management allows the recruiter to schedule meetings and interviews with job finders. It allows options for a candidate’s history, making it easy for the hiring team to evaluate.
  • Recruiting CRM allows access to the profile of candidates for speedy detection of the perfect candidate for the needed job vacancy.

Pricing of Rakuna

  • The pricing starts from $300.

5. Monster

Recruiting Apps : Monster

Monster is a website that aims to help job recruiters find the best candidate for job positions in the hiring process.

In monster sites, you can find jobs, view salary tools, seek career advice, and upload resumes.

Some Features of Monster

  • Job seekers can type the job title or keyword with the location.
  • The recruiters can post a job on the Monster site by clicking the” For Employers” option.
  • Post a job option allows recruiters to post the job. You need to create an account.
  • You can view the applicant’s name with the whole profile consisting of a resume and hobbies.
  • The matching potential is possible on the Monster site as it lets you view the potential for easy scanning of candidates.

Pricing of Monster

  • The starter pack costs $279 per month.
  • Standard version tasks are $399 per month.
  • The Premium version costs $649 per month.

6. Shapr

Recruiting Apps : Shapr

The Shapr is a networking application also useful for recruiting. This application is useful for business expansion and offers various reasons to join the app. You can specify the purpose of joining for hiring or finding a job.

Some Features of the Shapr App

  • Shapr helps recruiters hire and aids job seekers by finding a job.
  • You can find investors and invest in different projects.
  • For mentorship, you can teach others and become a student as per need.
  • It is great for freelancers to find projects to work on, and if you are looking for freelancing professionals for your office, they are Shapr.
  • You can find friends and even get inspired to change careers to find the best fit.

Pricing of Shapr

  • The basic version is free.

7. Whatsapp

Recruiting Apps : Whatsapp

WhatsApp is used as a social media application for messaging and calling with access to the video. But you can use this app for the recruiting process too. You can post jobs in Whatsapp groups and scan the best candidates for your office.

Some Features of Whatsapp

  • Recruiters can find different job openings and post the vacancy to draw many group members.
  • The job description, without any complications, is easy to send in groups or interested candidates that contact you for details on the job vacancy.
  • Whatsapp is fast, and you can send notifications to job seekers regarding the interview date and fixed time per convenience.
  • Recruiters can send bulk messages on WhatsApp, saving time and cost by reaching out to many seekers.
  • The steady response of candidates ensures their interest, behavior, and soft skills, and recruiters can analyze the nature of job seekers.
  • You can merge Whatsapp with the Application Tracking System, store the job seekers’ chat history and analyze it. Capturing a screenshot with a tool is another way to store ATS data.

Pricing of Whatsapp

  • Whatsapp is free to use.

8. ZipRecruiter

Recruiting Apps : ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a place for marketing recruitment and a platform for posting jobs. It helps in detecting the best employee for you via AI Technology. When you use this application, you save time and find the perfect match for a job vacancy.

Some Features of ZipRecruiter

  • ZipRecruiter, with one click, you can post jobs to 100 plus job boards and social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Inside the application, you can click the ‘post a job’ option and enter the basic information about the job.
  • With a clear job description, add the benefits and leaves for the new candidates you can put the salary offered and the mandatory skills for the position.
  • In the section to write about the recruiting company, post an accurate description of the company with branding.

Pricing of ZipRecruiter

  • There are standard, premium, and pro versions you can try for free.


HR professionals do the recruitment and staffing, which is easier through recruiting apps. The total time spent by recruiters on manual recruitment is more than the time spent on recruitment apps.

Advertising jobs is another recruitment effort. The mobile app is handy, and it’s easier to track applicants. The mobile recruiting app does not demand a credit card.