Top 10 iPhone Utilities Apps to Download in the App Store Right Now

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Top 10 iPhone Utilities Apps to Download in the App Store Right Now

You have a plethora of iOS apps to choose from. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth downloading. Whether you’re an experienced iPhone user or someone who recently transitioned from Android to iOS, finding the perfect app for tasks like emailing, checking the weather, taking notes, or playing a relaxing game is no easy feat. The Apple App Store adds to the confusion by presenting ads in search results, making it even more challenging to pinpoint the best apps. We have collected useful apps to download in the App Store that will be useful to most users.

Best iPhone Utilities Apps

#1 Kik

Kik sets itself apart from other messaging apps by only asking for a username, rather than your phone number when chatting with others. It outpaced Facebook Messenger and Skype in the realm of artificial conversationalists with its bot store offering over 6,000 bots. This youth-oriented app’s allure is enhanced with features like group chat, photo and video sharing, and gaming.

#2 AccuWeather

You’ll find AccuWeather among the best weather forecast apps on the Apple App Store for your iPhone. It provides live weather forecasts, local weather reports, and more. Additionally, you can benefit from Wintercast, which offers advanced snowfall warnings and accumulation predictions. Other features encompass rain probabilities, cloud coverage, wind updates, live radar, and the air quality index.

#3 CleanUp app

One of the iPhone apps to download now is Phone Cleaner. Especially now, when you test applications, you will accumulate a lot of garbage. The task of the clean app for an iPhone is to free up space from various unnecessary data. With the best iPhone cleaner, you can remove applications and their data, get rid of similar pictures, compress videos, and at the same time avoid data collection. The CleanUp app is capable of all of the above.


If you want a user-friendly iOS app that automates your favorite apps and devices hassle-free, IFTTT could be an excellent choice. Currently, IFTTT allows you to combine more than 700 widely-used services to automate almost every aspect of your life.

With this app, you can create automation tasks for various purposes, like backing up your photos to cloud storage, saving all your tweets to Evernote, or sharing Facebook status updates on Twitter or Tumblr, among others.

#5 Chegg Reader

Chegg aims to alleviate the burdensome process known by every college student – handing over multiple 100-dollar bills and lugging around hefty textbooks from the campus store. With the Chegg app, you can easily rent, buy, or sell books. Additionally, the company provides study apps to further enhance your learning experience.

#6 1Password

You should download 1Password, an exceptional and highly sought-after password manager app on the iOS App Store. What sets 1Password apart is its ability to generate and store robust passwords for you. Moreover, it can synchronize your saved passwords across various cloud services.

#7 Klok

Install the Klok – Time Zone Converter app and choose the time zones you want to monitor. Add the app to your widget list and navigate to your home screen, swiping left to access the widget screen. Tap on any time zone and adjust the time using the hour bar below it. Notice how all other time zones update accordingly. This tool is invaluable when scheduling international calls and video conferences.

#8 Grammarly Keyboard

You should definitely check out Grammarly Keyboard – it’s one of the top keyboard apps for Android and iOS. Unlike other keyboards that prioritize style, Grammarly Keyboard is all about enhancing your grammar. It offers a wide range of features, including spell-check, grammar-check, and auto-correction.

#9 Authy

Do you ever find yourself stuck with Google’s two-factor authentication for Gmail? Authy is here to help you out! It serves as your ultimate companion when it comes to remembering those challenging alpha-numeric passwords or using two-factor authentication.

Authy generates unique tokens for each service you connect with the app and utilizes them to enable two-factor authentication during login. The best part is that you don’t need to fret about misplacing a device or a SIM-card because the app operates on a cloud-based service. Surprisingly enough, the application even works offline, so you never have to worry about networks.

#10 Presence

This video surveillance service called Presence Video Security is unlike any other utility app. You can set it up between two iOS devices and turn an old iPhone into a home camera. Access live feeds from anywhere using another iOS device.

Additionally, motion detection instantly sends you an email notification with a link to view the saved video in the cloud. You can subscribe for better video quality and increased cloud storage.


These top-rated utility apps for iPhone are only a small fraction of the vast selection available on the Apple App Store. With these apps, you can enhance your productivity, organization, and entertainment experiences on your iOS device. Remember to read reviews, compare features, and choose the best app that meets your needs perfectly.