Best Attendance Management Software


Best Attendance Management Software

All sized businesses need attendance management software to keep an attendance record of their employees.

The software simplifies the process of recording and reporting clock in, clock out, break time, working hours, leaves, etc.

By using attendance management software, departments can share information on employees’ work commitments and work hours.  

Attendance management software is also useful for managing shift schedules, ensuring that workers have appropriate working hours, etc.

The software can benefit small and large companies; maintaining attendance records daily is essential for all companies.

Employee attendance software increases the productivity of all companies, so they should invest in it. 

What is Attendance Tracking Software?

As the name suggests, attendance management software keeps track of employee attendance and several other employee records. 

You can track and optimize the time spent at work by your employees. Furthermore, this solution lets you track sick days and how they are used.

In addition, it allows you to maintain detailed records regarding salaries and wages.

Attendance management software is user-friendly interfaces, intelligent algorithms, and precisely engineered features that allow employees to clock in and out efficiently.

In addition to tracking attendance, attendance tracking software allows users to carry out other essential employee management functions, including:

  • Schedule creation for employees
  • Paying time off (PTO)
  • Providing an in-depth understanding of labor regulations

Time-tracking tasks are performed by employees using the interface’s multipurpose functionality and self-service capability. It is therefore important for HR managers and employees to have the software.

Managing employees means tracking attendance and time isn’t easy. The company suffers when employees abuse the time of policy, and this act can also negatively impact employee morale.

Attendance management software programs allow you to track your employees, record their attendance, schedule time off, and determine how much extra stuff you need.

Your business can find out ahead of time when attendance issues are arising. The software offers features that are accessible by simply clicking a few buttons.

Must-Have Features of Attendance Management Software

Following are the features of an ideal attendance management software:

  • Clock in and Clock out Time. There should be several ways an employee can record their arrival and departure from work each day if the software tracks time.  
  • These solutions allow users to track accruals for paid time off, like vacation and sick leave. 
  • Biometrics. Many attendance tracking solutions offer varying levels of biometrics to ensure that employees cannot clock in and clock out for each other. 
  • The majority of attendance management software has a payroll solution and an integrated accounting system. In addition, it reduces the risk of payroll errors after manual data entry.
  • Alerts/notifications: Overtime notifications alert managers so they can stop work whenever the deadline reaches.

Benefits of Attendance Management Software

Attendance management software provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Using attendance tracking software not only saves you time but will also help you limit overhead costs as well. As an example, the solution prevents employees from rounding their hours.
  • Automating timekeeping and payroll reduces the probability of human error in manual records. Automated systems make it easier to comply with prevailing labor laws and related regulations.
  • HR team’s efficiency increases with attendance management software. Creating employee records manually would take your HR department countless hours. The saved time means your HR department will have more time to devote to other vital tasks.
  • Many attendance tracking software programs provide features that enable employees to control how their time goes at work. Mobile devices allow them to clock in and out of the system and enter personal information. Furthermore, they can check their hours worked, accrued vacation, and leave requests.

5 Best Attendance Monitoring Software in 2022


Best Attendance Management Software : timeTracko

timeTracko is the best time and attendance management software in 2022. This best time tracking software keeps a record of employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs.

Alongside, you can see a detailed report of each employee’s work time, ideal time, productive hours, time spent on each project, etc. 

timeTracko helps you maintain accurate time tracking for your projects, clients, and tasks and learn how to improve workflows and increase productivity.

By tracking the URLs, programs, and apps your employees use, you can gain insights into their work time and efficiency.

This real-time employee productivity tracking software tracks the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes to monitor employee activity.

You can easily monitor employee activity levels by looking at the number of keystrokes they make and their clicks.

Along with tracking attendance, timeTracko tracks employees’ computer usage and creates real-time reports on efficiency and performance. You can optimize your company’s daily, weekly, and monthly work performance with timeTracko.


FactoHR is your all-in-one solution for efficient attendance management. With its powerful automation features, it takes the hassle out of tracking time and attendance, making it a top choice for businesses of all sizes.

  • Automated Overtime Calculations: Say goodbye to manual overtime calculations. factoHR automatically calculates overtime, ensuring accurate and error-free payroll processing.
  • Approval Workflows: Managing approvals has never been easier. The software creates seamless approval workflows, ensuring that all attendance-related requests are processed efficiently.
  • Automatic Reminders: Never miss a deadline again. factoHR sends automatic reminders, keeping managers and employees informed about important dates and deadlines.
  • Customizable PTO Policies: Tailor PTO policies to meet your company’s unique needs. Easily customize policies and change accrual rates by division or location.
  • Effortless PTO Management: factoHR simplifies PTO management. Check employee PTO balances, submit requests, and track approvals all within the platform. Employees receive instant notifications when decisions are made, and PTO balances update automatically.
  • Year-End Payroll Tax Forms: As part of its payroll features, factoHR automatically generates and submits year-end payroll tax forms, reducing the administrative burden on your HR team.
  • Seamless Integration: Connect factoHR with other applications, including employee scheduling software, to ensure seamless data transfer and synchronization.
  • Mobile App: Stay connected on the go with the factoHR mobile app. Employees can clock in and out, correct timecard errors, review timesheets and log client-specific hours conveniently from their mobile devices.
  • Single Sign-On: Simplify access to your HR data. factoHR offers a single sign-on feature, allowing users to access their dashboards with just one account, enhancing convenience and security.

Transform your HR and attendance management processes with factoHR. Experience automation, customization, and efficiency like never before. Choose factoHR for a smarter HR solution.


Best Attendance Management Software : BambooHR

BambooHR provides several automation features to automate time and attendance tracking. The software provides automatic overtime calculations, automatically creates approval workflows, and sets automatic reminders.

Managers and employees can easily customize PTO policies and change accrual by division or location.

Additionally, you can automate the management of PTO. You can, for example, check employee PTO balances and submit PTO requests via BambooHR.

Management approves or rejects the requests, employees get notified when a decision is made, and PTO balances automatically update to reflect the change.

BambooHR automatically submits payroll tax forms at the end of each year as a payroll feature.

Your company information can easily be transferred from one platform to another with BambooHR, which integrates with several other applications, including employee scheduling software.

Users can clock in and out, fix errors in timecards, check timesheets, and log client-specific hours using the mobile app.

BambooHR platform is one of the few that allows users to log in using just one account to access their dashboards.


Best Attendance Management Software : Rippling

Your payroll software works seamlessly with your existing time-and-attendance system, so you’re looking for one that integrates seamlessly.

As a result, you’ll have to manually enter data or import time tracking data that is messy or incomplete.

Time tracking software that automates tasks and streamlines your workload is available to you. Workflows can be easily automated (for example, if a staff member works over eight hours a day and is billable for overtime).

You can create them with triggers and logic that are easy to understand. You’ll appreciate how convenient a payroll system like Rippling makes running your business.

With smart technology behind the platform, you can efficiently process your payroll in 90 seconds. Unlike spreadsheets or .csv files, Rippling transfers logged hours directly into its payroll module.

It takes deductions into account, along with taxes and variable salaries. After you review and approve the payroll, you have your task completed.

In addition, you get all the essential features of time tracking software. Rippling allows employees to clock in and out from their tablet, computer, or mobile device.

You must review and approve hours worked and make sure that you fulfill lawful break arrangements. With this payroll integration, you can also get a clearer, more accurate view of labor costs.

You get everything you need from time and attendance tracking and payroll in Rippling, including:

  • Compliant payroll, taxes, and employees automatically
  • Filing taxes automatically
  • Global payments to contractors and employees
  • Monitoring PTOs
  • Customized reports 


Best Attendance Management Software : Ontheclock

The needs for time and attendance monitoring software for a company that provides services are more diverse than those of most other companies.

You’ll find OnTheClock’s features right up your alley if you manage offices that constantly dispatch employees throughout the day, such as construction operations, IT firms, insurance companies, etc. 

Even though many other time tracking solutions offer GPS tagging on clock-ins, you can see where your reps or techs are in real-time throughout the business day and where they’ve been.

A GPS time clock from OnTheClock lets your workers check-in when they arrive and leave a job site via their own mobile devices or an app-approved device.

But it’s the real-time GPS tracking that goes the extra mile (without overstepping into invading worker privacy).

With OnTheClock, you can see at a glance who’s in the right place and who’s not. Furthermore, you can check if workers stick to their schedules by downloading the breadcrumb feature.

Additionally, you can configure geofencing so that employees can clock in only when they’re present at specific locations and drop pins for punch-in spots for remotely located employees.

You can also set custom employee roles to make it easier for your team members to switch roles without clocking out, as many wear many hats when working out in the field.

For organizations whose employees often go out in the field, features such as automatic tracking of PTO and overtime, employee requests in the app, scheduled project costing, and invoice creation are also available.

TimeClock Plus 

Best Attendance Management Software : Timeclock Plus

TimeClock Plus offers a variety of time clocks to choose from. Employees can clock in and out at the barcode clocks by scanning their badges.

Hand scanners and fingerprint scanners are part of biometric timekeeping.

In addition, there is a unique way to clock in and out using unique PINs. Even though time clocks might seem a little complicated, TimeClock Plus simplifies the process.

TimeClock Plus features advanced equipment for monitoring time attendance and security.

Depending on your purchase, you can prevent unauthorized access to buildings, rooms, or other entrances with locked doors.

Larger organizations with complex security requirements benefit more from the system. Most small businesses will not require fingerprint scanning to enter rooms.

System customization is simple with TimeClock Plus. The system includes absence management tools and an integrated employee scheduling tool.

If you do not have a workforce scheduling system, you can use TimeClock Plus.

Providing services to businesses since 1982, TimeClock Plus has experience in many different industries. For every time and attendance system, they provide the best equipment.

An advisor will evaluate your business to determine the best solution for you. They will set it up and train staff members and supervisors on using it.


And now, for the best part: choosing the right time and attendance management software. Do you want attendance management software that suits your business? Are you unsure how to pick one? Fear not.

Please scan through our must-have features in the attendance management application section. Lastly, look for apps with features that match your company’s preferences.

Once you have found all the features you are looking for, you have your best time and attendance management software.