Best Project Collaboration Tools

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Best Project Collaboration Tools

Managing a project has become smooth and faster with advancements in technology, such as online communication and various project collaboration tools. 

The project collaboration tool has changed the way employees work on the same project as a team.

Project collaboration tools are booming, and their use is expected to increase in the upcoming years. 

It benefits employees, employers, and other stakeholders while working on the same project team.

Project collaboration tools can benefit all onsite and remote employees working on the same project. 

For example: As an onsite employee, you don’t need to go to your supervisor or manager’s office to update them about project status and work progress. And sometimes, your supervisor or manager might be busy, may not be available at their cabin, and your work may get hold. 

Instead, you can use collaboration tools and ping them about your work progress and status. 

Likewise, as a remote employee, you can communicate with your team members and supervisor, plan and schedule work, and report to them about work progress. And not to forget, project collaboration tools are a great way to enhance the team productivity of remote employees.

Top 11 Best Project Collaboration Tools


Trello is a web-based project collaboration tool that offers several features useful for project management among the team members working on the same project.

It allows you to create tasks and organize them using a whiteboard and sticky notes.

trello dashboard

It offers features like a digital board to create tasks, assign tasks to team members, and organize them. 

You can label your task using a color-coded label that changes color when your task deadline approaches. It even sends you alert/s and notifications about your deadline.  

Upgrade the app to a paid version if you want to send more than 10 MB files. The paid version also provides unlimited team board, board collocation, and team board templates. 

Features of Trello:

  • Has a mobile-friendly view.
  • Allow customize the background.
  • Allow you to create unlimited personal boards, lists, and cards.
  • Provides team board templates.
  • Communicate with team members using its chat feature.

Benefits of Trello:

  • Mobile friendly.
  • Provide audio and video calls for communication.
  • The simple user interface makes the app easy to use.

Drawbacks of Trello:

  • It can be difficult to handle large projects.
  • Does not provide a Gantt Chart feature.

Pricing of Trello:

There are three plans that Trello provides, which are:

  • Free: It is free of costs.
  • Business Class: It costs $12.50 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: It costs $17.50 per user per month.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.


Asana is a collaboration tool that allows you to manage projects of any size. It helps you manage projects, visualize workflow, hit deadlines, and achieve targeted goals.

Asana dashboard

You can create a Gantt Chart that helps you stay on schedule and hit deadlines. It helps organize your work and make your to-do list using a board and sticky notes. 

The best thing about the app is that it allows you to divide your tasks into sub-tasks, group them into different sections, prioritize them.

You can set due dates and assign tasks to team members to complete within the deadline.

You can add timelines, milestones, view progress, goal, and workload using its paid version. The paid version allows you to invite unlimited guests and provides advanced search and reporting.

Features of Asana:

  • Allow you to update your work progress status.
  • Allow you to create a to-do list.
  • Has a task comment feature that allows you to comment on your team members’ tasks and collaborate on a project.
  • Provide project status updates to team members by sharing your work progress.
  • Allow you to have a group conference by creating space. 

Benefits of Asana:

  • Has free plans, which can be advantageous for small and single projects.
  • The dashboard is customizable.
  • Has robust security features.

Drawbacks of Asana:

  • Has many features that can be overwhelming.
  • Does not have time tracking features.

Pricing of Asana:

There are three plans that Asana offers, which are:

  • Asana Basic: It is free of cost.
  • Asana Premium: It costs $13.49 per user per month
  • Asana Business: It costs $30.49 per user per month
  • Asana Enterprise: Its price is customizable.

Available on: Android, iOS, Web


Monday is a project collaboration tool that helps manage remote employees’ projects and tasks. It was formerly known as depulse. dashboard

It is suitable for managing and organizing tasks, assigning tasks, monitoring work progress, hitting deadlines, etc.

One of the essential features of Monday is that it provides 24/7 customer support. You can have one-to-one or group communication with team members, mention them, comment on their work, etc.

The app also has a time-track feature that allows you to monitor the time spent by employees on each task. 

Features of Monday:

  • Provide a customizable dashboard.
  • Has a timeline feature where you can add deadlines, reminders and view your projects.
  • Send you a notification about projects’ deadlines, project reminders, and more.
  • Offer personal and public boards to organize all tasks and projects.
  • Allow you to visualize workflow using the Kanban board.

Benefits of Monday:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Easy to collaborate.
  • Suitable for remote employees.

Drawbacks of Monday:

  • Time tracking is difficult.

Pricing of Monday:

There are four plans that Monday offers, which are:

  • Basic: It costs $8 per user per month.
  • Standard: It costs $10 per user per month.
  • Pro: It cost $16 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: Its price is customizable.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web


Podio is a highly flexible cloud-based collaboration tool that provides project management tools. It even maintains client contact information and helps to keep Customer Relationship Management.

podio dashboard

Podio is a project collaboration tool where you can attach files, share them with team members, and add comments on the files.

It also allows you to have instant messaging, have one-to-one and group messaging, and conduct video and audio conferences.

 It offers integration with DropBox, Excel, GoToMeeting, Evernote, SugarSync, etc. You can manage internal and external users if you use its paid version.

Features of Podio

  • Provides an interactive dashboard.
  • Allow you to share files via DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, and many.
  • Add comments on files, images, links, and so on.
  • Allow you to add project status.
  • Reminds you about your recurring tasks.

Benefits of Podio:

  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Highly customizable dashboard.

Drawbacks of Podio:

  • It can be better if it adds a time tracking feature.

Pricing of Podio:

Podio offers four plans, which are:

  • Free: It is free of cost and is available for five employees.
  • Basic: It costs $9 per month.
  • Plus: It costs $14 per month 
  • Premium: It costs $24 per month, and this plan has all the features.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Web


Slack is a collaboration tool that brings team members together in a single channel. It allows team members to collaborate by planning projects, sharing work progress, organizing meetings, etc. 

slack dashboard

It is a cross-platform tool released in 2013 and is available in eight languages. More than 750,000 companies use Slack, including renowned companies like Oracle, Uber, Target, Vodafone, etc.

Slack’s most exciting feature is a private and public channel feature that allows you to send confidential messages and group messages.

You can use a shared channel to make announcements and provide transparency in the organization.

The app’s paid version provides unlimited app integration, two-factor authentication, screen-sharing features, etc. 

Features of Slack:

  • Provides minimum storage of 10 GB per member.
  • Allow you to have video and audio conferences.
  • Automate routine work and communication using workflow.
  • Allow you to share files and folders in private and shared channels.
  • Provides two-factor authentication features.

Benefits of Slack:

  • Highly customizable.
  • Provide screen sharing feature in video and audio chat.
  • Allow you to customize your notification.

Drawbacks of Slack:

  • Video quality in video conferences can be improved.
  • Provides minimum file storage.

Pricing of Slack:

Slack provides three plans, which are:

  • Standard plan: It cost $6.67 per person per month.
  • Plus plan: It costs $12.50 per person per month.
  • Enterprise Grid plan: It has custom pricing.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS.


ProofHub is an all-in-one project collaboration and project management tool suitable for remote employees to increase productivity.

proofHub dashboard

More than 85,000 teams and businesses, including some renowned companies like Netflix, NASA, Pinterest, Tripadvisor, and many more, use ProofHub to manage their project.

It helps manage projects, makes communication easier, and keeps everyone on the same page.

You can share project schedules, timesheets, files, folders, notes with team members and update them about work progress and deadlines.

The app’s key features are Kanban boards, Gantt charts to plan projects properly, and calendar features to remind you about recurring work and to hit deadlines.

You can have quick communication using its chat feature and discussion board feature.

Feature of ProofHub:

  • Allows you to mention team members and invite them to the discussion board.
  • Allows you to set the language from six available languages.
  • Provides note features to take important project notes, ideas, and allow you to share your note with team members and clients.
  • Provide calendar features to remind you about deadlines.
  • Allows you to assign a project manager.

Benefits of ProofHub:

  • Provides many features that are suitable for project management.
  • Has a chat feature to send direct messages.

Drawbacks of ProofHub:

  • The interface can be improved.
  • Offers limited integration.

Pricing of ProofHub:

There are two plans of ProofHub, which are:

  • Essential: It cost $50 per month paid monthly.
  • Ultimate Control: It costs $99 per month paid monthly.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Web


Ryver is a cloud-based communication and collaboration tool suitable for all sizes of organizations. You can share project progress and status using the app.  

Ryver dashboard

It provides boards to list your tasks, upcoming projects, and their deadlines. 

You can even share your files, posts and chat on such forums. It will enable you to invite guests, have unlimited messages, share files, and collaborate with clients.

It offers integration with apps like Gmail, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. It provides two popular bot frameworks: Bot Kit and Hubbot, that you can add. 

Features of Ryver:

  • Provides screen sharing features during video and audio conferences to collaborate on projects. 
  • Allows you to turn on/off notifications.
  • Allows you to create as many teams as you want.
  • Has bot features that allow you to add bots.
  • Allows you to add unlimited projects. 

Benefits of Ryver:

  • Offers unlimited storage capacity.
  • Allow creating an unlimited team.

Pricing of Ryver:

It has three plans, they are:

  • Starter: It costs $49 per month.
  • Unlimited: It costs $79 per month.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise plan of Ryver costs $149 per month

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web.


Flock is a cloud-based project collaboration tool that allows you to share your tasks and files with clients and collaborate with projects. 

Flock dashboard

It is suitable for all businesses to manage their projects, keep in touch with remote employees and collaborate. You can create a project, assign tasks to team members, and set deadlines for the project.

It even allows you to share your to-do list with team members and upload files and folders to your to-do list. The app also sends email alerts and notifications to remind you about your deadlines.

Its paid version offers unlimited searchable messages, private and public channels, multiple team admin, and many more.

Features of Flock:

  • Provides storage capacity minimum of 5 GB per team.
  • Allow you to create a public and private channel. 
  • Has a voice note feature that allows you to add notes and tasks.
  • Allow you to create and customize pools on any channel.
  • Provide reminder features to set reminders about project deadlines for yourself and even for the entire team.

Benefits of Flock:

  • It is inexpensive.
  • Provide a voice note feature.
  • Allow creating an unlimited team.

Drawbacks of Flock:

  • The free version has limited storage capacity.

Pricing of Flock:

There are three plans; they are:

  • Starter: It is for free.
  • Pro: It costs $4.50 per month.
  • Enterprise: It has custom pricing.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Web


Wimi is a cloud-based all-in-one project collaboration and project management solution to keep your business in syncs. It provides you with a workspace to organize your projects and update them. 

wimi dashboard

It is a great way to boost remote teams’ productivity by providing communication in real-time and improving collaboration.

It allows you to share files and documents, have video and audio conferences, and more.

It offers integration with Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Freshbooks, etc. Using Wimi, you can easily manage your projects, add new projects, set deadlines, and more.

All the tasks that need to be done for the project can be listed in a simple list, view task status, deadlines, and milestones.

Features of Wimi:

  • Provide calendar features to create events and to remind you about deadlines.
  • Allow you to share files with team members.
  • Create progress data,  reports on team performance, workload, and many.
  • Allow you to create a workspace for each project.
  • Provide screen sharing features during audio and video conferences.

Benefits of Wimi:

  • Can work offline.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to set up.

Drawbacks of Wimi:

  • Mobile apps can be better.

Pricing of Wimi:

There are four plans of Wimi, which are:

  • Free: It is for free and can be used for three users.
  • Team: It costs $15 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: It costs $18 per user per month
  • Armoured: Its price is customizable.

Available on: Windows, Linus, Mac, Android, iOS, Web.


TickTick is a Saas collaborative to-do app that provides time tracking, project management, and reporting features.

The app allows you to create a to-do list, share tasks, schedule tasks, etc.

TickTick dashboard

You can collaborate with your team by assigning, sharing, and visualizing tasks. As a team leader, you can use the app to visualize your team members’ task progress.

One exciting thing about the app is that it uses the Pomodoro Technique, which keeps you focused and productive.

Also, it provides a score based on tasks you have completed, and it motivates you to complete all your tasks on time.

You can set task duration that shows you the total time spent on each project and set reminders for projects’ deadlines.

Features of TickTick

  • Provides a summary of your project in a specific time frame.
  • Allow you to visualize your project due date.
  • Keeps you focused on your work by playing white noise in the background.
  • Sends you a reminder about recurring tasks.
  • Allow you to add tasks via Siri, widgets, and quick ball.

Benefits of TickTick:

  • Allow you to access data offline.
  • Sends you notifications to remind you about your tasks.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.

Drawbacks of TickTick:

  • Some features need to be improved.

Pricing of TickTick

There are two plans of TickTick, which are:

  • Basic: It is free of cost.
  • Premium:  It costs $27.99 per annum.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web, Chrome extension, and Firefox extension.

Things 3

Things 3 is a collaborating app developed by Cultured Code that helps you organize your tasks and projects and create a to-do list. 

Things3 dashboard

It is suitable for iOS and Mac users to make work-life more manageable. It has a timely reminder that reminds you about your tasks and allows you to set a timer via Siri or typing.

You can divide large tasks into subtasks and create a checklist of the tasks. You can even reorder your task based on priority.

One of the exciting features of this app is that it has a slim mode feature. The slime mode feature allows you to collapse your sidebar, split view, and adjust the screen as per your need. 

Features of Things 3

  • Allow you to add notes via Siri.
  • Has multiple window features that allow you to split views.
  • Allow you to view your progress using the progress pie.
  • Reminds you about upcoming tasks and recurring tasks.
  • Allow you to divide your tasks into small tasks and add heading to them.

Benefits of Things 3

  • Has a simple user interface.
  • It’s a one-time purchase.

Drawbacks of Things 3

  • Available only on iOS and Mac
  • It doesn’t have a free version.

Pricing of Things 3

  • iPhone: If you want Things 3 on iPhone, it costs $10.
  • iPad: It costs $20 if you want it on an iPad.
  • Mac: For Mac, Things 3 costs $50.

Available on: Mac, iPhone, iPad.

Benefits of Project Collaboration Tools

Track Work Progress

You will see where the project is heading and the latest change in the project with a shared workspace. 

You can create a Gantt chart and Kanban board to keep work on track and make team members clear about their duties, responsibilities, and project due dates.

Whenever any of your team members add new documents or files, you will be notified and allowed to review them.

You should not waste time arranging meetings, and you can ping your team members whenever you need their help in the project. 

Updating each other about the project will ensure a smooth flow.

Improve Workflow

Your work is always interrelated with your colleague’s work; therefore, you must update each other about work progress.

When there is a lack of proper tools, it may be difficult for you to update your work and convey it to your teammates. 

But if you use collaboration tools, you can create your workspace with your team members to update each other about work. You can also use the workspace to discuss issues related to working as well. 

Likewise, sometimes you may have to ask for help from your colleague or senior about work, and they may not be available all the time.

You can send them messages or tag them via project collaboration tools and continue your work instead of staying idle. 

Enhance Productivity

You may delay your work when you don’t have any timelines or create deadlines or timesheets. 

But productivity tools such as timeTracko create your timelines, and deadlines, assign tasks, create your to-do list, and view your team members’ to-do lists, enhancing productivity. 

Also, it provides a workspace where you can update team members about work and check work progress.

For example, when you set deadlines for some task, you will automatically start to work to complete the task before the deadline, which increases your productivity. 

Convenient to Store Documents

During project development, you will need to make lots of documents. If you cannot arrange and store them properly, you may not complete your project on time.

Hence proper documentation is essential to complete the project, so there will be no issues. When you share your project documents in collaboration tools, all the documents are stored in one place. 

This helps you document your projects, and there are fewer chances of files being misplaced.

With so many benefits of project collaboration tools, you might be confused about which one to use for your project.

To help you clear your confusion, I have listed some of the best project collaboration tools you can use in your team for upcoming projects. 

Easier to Organize Conference

With project collaboration tools, you can host conferences and meetings with a few clicks. It is easier to schedule your meeting and conference with these tools. 

You can attend and organize meetings from any corner of the world and invite as many participants as possible.

When you physically attend a conference, it can be not easy to record the conference, but you can record your meetings with collaboration tools.

And you can even share your screen and clarify your ideas and project with your team members.


In a nutshell, Project management without collaboration tools can be challenging as you may not efficiently share your task with your team.

Therefore, you need to employ a proper collaboration tool to smooth the project and hit the deadline on time.

Here I have mentioned some of the best and favorite collaboration tools I like to use to complete my projects.

Let me know which collaboration tool you use for your project, and also if I have missed some essential tools, mention them in the comment section below.