Five Tips to Avoid Remote Work Burnout

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Five Tips to Avoid Remote Work Burnout

Work burnout is when employees are physically and mentally exhausted from their work. It is a long-term process that happens gradually; this does not happen suddenly. 

It reduces employees’ work productivity, reduces their creativity, and can be challenging to focus on. They can feel negative about their work and have low energy to do their job. 

Sometimes employees ignore their work burnout symptoms and do not accept that they have work burnout. 

Remote employees can feel work burnout due to many reasons like when it is unclear job expectations, monotonous job, work overload, and many. 

For example, when you assign too much work to employees, they will feel work overload and feel pressured by their work. Sometimes employees even overwork to complete their work before time and can get exhausted with their work

When more onsite and remote employees in an organization experience work burnout, it reduces their work performance.

And the organization will not be able to achieve its goal on time. It may also have to face employee turnover, frequent employee absenteeism, loss in business profit, and more. 

Therefore, employers should identify employees’ feelings toward their work and rectify their negative feelings. Here are some of the symptoms and tips to avoid remote work burnout:

Symptoms of Remote Work Burnout

Low Performance

When employees start to feel work burnout, employee performance starts to reduce. They begin to perform below their capability, which will directly affect organization workflow. 

When employers assign you too much of a task, you may start to feel work pressure. And sometimes, you may not be able to complete the assigned task on time. Or even if you meet the task on time, you may not complete it in the best way. 


tiredness-remote work burnout

Another symptom of work burnout is employees’ tiredness and fatigue while working. When you start your work, you will feel the energy and do not want to do your job. 

When team leaders give employees lots of tasks, they will devote all their energy to tasks and complete them faster.

But if employers assign employees too much work all the time, employees’ energy is reduced. And even after doing some small tasks, you will feel exhausted. 

Lack of Motivation to Work

When you feel work burnout, you do not have any motivation to do work. You will stop putting effort into your work. Even if you need to improve your work, you will neglect it more. 

When you feel tired while performing a task, you will automatically feel unmotivated to do any task. You start to perceive your work negatively, and you may want to quit your job. 

Avoiding Responsibilities

When you experience work burnout, you will avoid your responsibilities and duties. You will not get enthusiastic or excited about any of your work. 

Employees try not to take any new kind of task and responsibility when there is any new kind of task and responsibility. Even if you are assigned such work, you give hundreds to avoid the duties. 

Sense of Failure

When you are assigned too much work, you might not be able to complete it on time. You may not be able to give your best effort in the task and might fail at it.

When you continuously fail to perform well, and your employer always assigns you a difficult task, you will fail. And this will result in work burnout. 

Feeling Alone

When you work remotely, you will have no one to share your work experience with. Sometimes, when you perform well or have some difficulties while working, you will have no one around to share. To communicate with team members, you have to wait for their replies. 

Because employees might feel alone and monotonous to perform their tasks, work burnout can lead to work. 

Five Main Tips to Avoid Remote Work Burnout

Create a Work Schedule

schedule- remote work burnout
Work Schedule

Remote working offers flexible hours to work, allowing employees to create their work schedules. You can create your work schedule in such hours when you are most creative.

As a remote employee, you need to create a fixed work schedule, making you more productive. Working at random hours and changing working hours every day might not be an effective solution. 

Employees are more productive when they work from home to choose a peaceful environment. 

However, you work more than the required hour when working most of the time remotely. When you are assigned many tasks at once, you try to complete them before and feel work burnout. And when you get work burnout, your creativity and productivity reduce. 

Creating a work schedule and not following it will not be sufficient; you have to follow it. You can have less work pressure when you create your work schedule and stick to it like you do while working from the office. 

You can also do some light exercise or go for a walk before starting your work. And you can also add a workout to your schedule.

When you walk or do some light exercise before work, you will feel fresh and increase productivity. 

Take Frequent Break

Breaks are considered a crucial part of the work schedule, and everyone must include breaks in their schedule. Work breaks help you to refresh your mind and boost your creativity.  

No matter where you work from home or office, it is necessary for you to include short breaks in your schedule.  

When you work remotely, you tend to work continuously and try to pressure yourself most of the time. Working non-stop can reduce your creativity, and you can feel monotonous with your work.  

You should include one break after working for 1.5 hours or 2 hours, depending upon your work pressure.

You can also use the Pomodoro timer that reminds you to take a break after working for specific hours. 

Even if you take a break of fewer than 10 minutes, you can refresh your mind and boost your productivity. 

If you have an important presentation or meeting, you need to take a break to enhance your work performance. 

If possible, you should stay away from your device during breaks and relax a bit. You can either go for a short walk or water your plants. 

When you are on your breaks, you can also spend your break time with your family members or roommates. You can also meditate for some time, which helps to relax your mind. 

Keep in Touch With Your Colleagues

zoom meeting- remote work burnout
Zoom Meeting

One of the challenging tasks of remote working is to have prompt communication with colleagues.

During a flexible work schedule, all the employees might not work simultaneously. Your work schedule can be different from your colleagues.

Even if they have some problems related to their work, no one will understand their issues. When employees cannot express their feelings, they feel mentally stressed and avoid their work. This is also one of the symptoms of work burnout.

For example, if you have a work schedule from 6 AM to 2 PM and your colleague has scheduled it from 2 PM to 10 PM. Then, in this case, it can be difficult for you to communicate with them. 

When you need to decide, you have to consult with your team members and colleagues. When you are at the office, it is easy to communicate with team members as they are nearby.

But while working remotely, you have to wait for replies from employees. And opportunities do not wait for a long time, and sometimes you might miss opportunities while waiting for responses. And when you miss opportunities, you may feel dissatisfied with your work.

When you work from the office, your colleagues and teammates will chat with you when you are bored. You can talk about your work stress and more. This helps you to reduce work stress and minimize work burnout. 

Likewise, when employees work remotely, they will feel lonely and monotonous with their work.

Therefore, they should use organizational communication tools and keep in touch with employees. You can share your work experience, tasks you are currently working on with your colleagues. 

Sharing your feelings towards your colleagues is a great way to reduce work stress and burnout. 

Set Deadline for Your Projects

When there is work overload, employees can be dissatisfied with their work. And most of the time, when employees are dissatisfied while working, they may not give their total efficiency.

Employees are assigned many projects, and sometimes employees can feel overwhelmed with their work.

When employees get lots of tasks, they might procrastinate at first, and then they may complete all the tasks at once. 

Sometimes, even if employees set deadlines and timelines for the project, they may not follow them. Consequently, they might not be able to balance their work and can have work overload. 

To avoid work burnout, employees should set deadlines and timelines for their tasks and projects. But you should make sure that you are strictly following your project timeline.

This helps to ensure that you can meet project deadlines without any hassle. You can also use apps like Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc.

Therefore, to avoid workover load and burnout, you should set the project timelines, use calendar apps, and set deadlines.

Separate Workhour and Personal Hour

One of the crucial tips that every employee should follow is separate work hours and personal hours to avoid burnout. 

Most of the time, remote employees work during personal hours and keep thinking about their work. 

When you keep thinking about your work, take calls related to work, and check your mails, you may not balance your work and personal life and mix both. 

And when you have limited time for yourself, you may not be able to do anything. If you are a student, you may not focus on your studies when you cannot balance your work and personal life. Likewise, a family person may not be able to give more time to their family. 

This can create work dissatisfaction; employees can feel they have work overload. Also, employees may not be able to spend time on activities for self-development. All these activities lead to work burnout. 

When you can balance your work life and personal life, you will be more satisfied with your work. You will have more time for yourself and can do more work in less time.

This will reduce your work stress, and you will positively perceive your work.

You should leave your work for work hours to balance your work life and personal life.

Consequences of Work Burnout

Reduces Quality of Work

When employees feel work burnout, they start to reduce their work performance. When they think of work burnout, they try to avoid their duties and perform work beyond employees’ capabilities. And your work quality starts to reduce. 

When you are working for others, this can risk your job security as it increases the chances of firing employees. It can hamper your organization’s reputation when your work quality reduces. 

Therefore, no matter whom you work for, it will affect both employees and the organization when your work quality reduces.

Reduces Work Creativity

Another consequence of work burnout is a reduction in work creativity. When you cannot enjoy doing your work, there is a high chance of reducing your work creativity.

Due to work burnout, you may not be able to think differently than you used to think. 

You may use the same old method to perform your job when you get any new projects. Lower creativity reduces employees’ work efficiency, challenging them to provide better service and slower service. 

Due to work burnout, employees are unwilling to perform their job in a new and better way. And they do not try to improve their business performance. This results in dissatisfaction among your customers and clients. 

Decrease in Job Satisfaction

Employees will feel physically and mentally exhausted when they experience work burnout. You will be dissatisfied with your job and try to ignore it as much as possible. 

Difficult to Achieve the Goal

There are specific goals in an organization that the organization should achieve within a particular time. Both organizations and employees have goals that should be fulfilled simultaneously. 

When there is an overload of work, employees start to feel job dissatisfaction and experience work burnout.

Due to work burnout, they will perform below their ability, and their productivity will reduce, making it challenging to achieve the goal. 

Likewise, you might forget the business goals and lose track of your work in the worst case. When you cannot focus on business goals properly, you will not achieve them on time.

Increases Employees Turnover and Absenteeism 

Frequent employee turnout and absenteeism reduce organization performance and delays in goal achievement.

Organizations always try to avoid employee turnover by providing employees with job satisfaction. 

Due to work stress and work, burnout employees try to avoid their work, and most of the time, they try to prevent their work.

There will be a loss of interest in the job, making new excuses every time to take a day off.

In the worst scenario, employees leave their job and may join other companies. And this can be a massive loss to the organization as you might lose your potential employees. 

tips to reduce absenteeism at work


To conclude, we can say that employees’ work burnout will negatively impact organizational goals and employees themselves.

Organizations should ensure that they provide employees with the flexibility to perform their work. And they should also make sure that employees are overloaded with assignments.  

Similarly, whenever you have any dissatisfaction with organizations, you should be able to express it. You can use organizational communication tools to express your grievance with your team leaders.

If you feel overburdened with your work, you can talk with your seniors. 

Also, you should stick with your work schedule and should not think about work all the time. Making a strict rule and following it while working remotely will reduce work pressure. Thus, it reduces the chances of experiencing work burnout.

Here I have mentioned the top five tips that help you avoid work burnout while working remotely. I would love to know the top five activities to prevent work burnout while working remotely. Please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.