How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Accounts And Payments Departments With timeTracko

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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Accounts And Payments Departments With timeTracko

timeTracko is an efficient and feature-rich time tracking and workforce management software that helps different enterprises to flourish in the industry. It’s integrated with exclusive features for better employee analytics and efficient time management in the long term. 

timeTracko is also known for delivering greater transparency and better productivity in the workforce. Its seamless features can also contribute to boosting the efficiency of your workforce teams, including the accounts and payment departments. Wondering how? Here’s a brief:

Productivity Analysis

Productivity is one of the most important aspects of the accounts and payment department. That’s because, without good productivity, your team wouldn’t be able to handle vendors’ invoices and bills and perform other financial duties. 

timeTracko helps in that case by identifying the productivity level of the team members and thoroughly analyzing the workforce websites/application. It marks an employee as unproductive if they seem to use tools/applications outside the standard workforce category. It also helps the employees to understand their time management skills and upgrade their activity scores.

Activity and Offline Tracking

timeTracko helps you to know whether or not your accounts and payment team are active during working hours. It monitors both the office hours and the working hours of the team members. It does so by a thorough analysis of idle, offline, and pause time consumption. 

timeTracko also assists the employees with offline tracking by thoroughly recording and monitoring the work progress, even during common network problems. This helps the professionals to stay on track with their daily duties and resume work when they get interrupted. 

Team Performance Comparison

Besides that, timeTracko also ensures that your accounts and payment department stay aligned with their objectives. It integrates a performance algorithm that instantly calculates the track score of all the teams in an organization

This comparison helps team leaders to monitor the ups and downs of team performance and improve accordingly. With its efficient feature, timeTracko ensures a healthy sense of competition in a workforce for greater productivity and good growth

Screenshots and Activity Level Monitoring

timeTracko is also integrated with a seamless feature where it takes random screenshots of your accounts and the payment team’s screen. This helps to monitor the work progress of the employee and identify any unethical practices if practiced by the employee. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the productivity level of the employee and interprets their average efficiency.  

Attendance Management System

To manage the cash flow and working capital in an organization, it’s important to maintain regular (and efficient) accounts and payment departments. Even when any teammate takes a leave, it’s crucial for the team leaders to stay aligned with it, so they can manage the tasks (for the day) and stimulate efficient work management.

Fortunately, timeTracko helps in that case as well. It comes with an attendance management system where employees can request leaves and mention the reason. Meanwhile, there are options for managers and team leaders to deny or approve the leave. The tool provides a list of present or absent employees so the team leaders can stay aligned with the workforce and assign tasks accordingly

Freelance Work Tracking

If your accounts and payment department has a freelance candidate, timeTracko can help you with their work tracking as well. As timeTracko is integrated with efficient features where team leaders/managers can monitor the online, offline, or idle time of freelancers, it can ensure that the payments are made accurately

With this, the company doesn’t have to overpay, and the employee gets what they deserve. The combination of simple payment methods and accurate payments can also ensure the long-term retention of freelance employees. All in all, the tool can keep both parties satisfied. 

Is timeTracko Worth it for Your Accounts and Payment Department?

Absolutely! If you want an efficient, productive, and reliable workforce for your accounts and payment department, timeTracko can work wonders for you. Its seamless features and an easy-to-use interface can warrant the team for your business growth.