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Employee Engagement Guide: Stages, Rules and Tips on How To Improve   

Engaged employees work harder, stay longer, and are more motivated to help your organization succeed. Engagement improves profitability, revenue, customer experience, and employee retention.  According to research, 92% of companies believe that engaged employees are more productive, which leads to greater team success and better organisational results. Defining employee engagement and understanding how it can […]

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Common Myths About Employee Monitoring Software

Common Myths About Employee Tracking Software

Employee monitoring is an excellent approach to protect your company’s data while also ensuring compliance, responsibility, and productivity among your employees. According to 2021 Top10VPN research, the demand for employee monitoring software has grown by 54% after the sudden breakout of corona virus. Moreover, an analysis of 239 large corporations by Gartner in 2018 found […]

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Best Productivity Apps for Employees Working From Home

Best productivity Apps for Employees

With digital transformation, the number of companies working from home has increased significantly. About 77% of employees working from home say they are even more productive when they work from home.  Productivity is about making the work more effective and developing self-confidence, motivating yourself, creativity, and analyzing your ability. Thus, working from home ultimately boosts […]

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How to Monitor your Employees’ Internet Usage

How to Monitor your Employees' Internet Usage

The majority of companies today hire remote workers. Even though the office is in a different location and employees are working from home, you still need to monitor their internet usage during office hours.  What can employers do to track their employees’ online activities during working hours? Well, employers can deploy employee monitoring apps on […]

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Best Employee Productivity Tracking Guide

employee productivity tracking

For every organization, employees are the most important and valuable assets. Employee productivity determines the success or failure of a company. So the right person should be selected to increase productivity and achieve organizational goals.  The organization should choose the right and suitable candidate for the job having skills, knowledge, and experience to work in […]

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10 Features Every Employee Tracking Software Must Have

Features Every Employee Tracking Software Must Have

Businesses are increasingly turning to the latest and most robust employee tracking software to manage remote work and flexible schedules. In addition to being critical for a fast-changing workforce, robust employee tracking software can also save time and money. Some features are available in the latest employee tracking software, which can boost a company’s bottom […]

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Is Employee Monitoring a Productivity Enhancer or a Privacy Killer?

Employee Monitoring a Productivity Enhancer or a Privacy Killer

Transparency is always a good practice when it comes to employee monitoring. Since many employees feel uncomfortable being monitored, it’s important to be forthcoming about what you hope to accomplish and how surveillance aligns with your business’s goals. This way, you can monitor your employees without worrying about invading their privacy.  Employee Monitoring Software Employee […]

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Is Employee Monitoring Legal?

Is Employee Monitoring Legal?

Employers do employee Monitoring to observe their staff members and monitor their whereabouts and activities. Employee Monitoring software monitors employees, time clocks, video surveillance, GPS units, and biometrics. As an example, video surveillance can increase the security and productivity of your business. When caught on camera, the clips can certainly prevent thefts.   Why and How […]

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