Best Strategies to Maintain Life Style During Remote Work

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Best Strategies to Maintain Life Style During Remote Work

Most remote employees face difficulty in managing their work and personal life. And most of the time, they mix their personal life and work-life when they work remotely. 

When you appropriately manage your work schedule, you will get enough time for yourself. But, if you cannot manage time, you will have less time for yourself, increasing your mental stress.  

While working remotely, you do not need to get ready like you do while going to the office. Likewise, it reduces your commute time, which could take more than an hour if you stay around the city area and have to face traffic. They can utilize this time for their self-care and personal time. 

It is said that remote workers are more productive than onsite employees due to various reasons like reducing time for commuting, working from a peaceful environment, flexible work hours, and more.

However, according to research, it is found that more than 29% of remote employees are having difficulty balancing their work and personal life.

And most of the time, remote employees need to take a day off to relax and reduce their mental pressure.


Tips for better work life balance

Strategies to Maintain Life Style During Remote Work

Here are some of the best strategies to maintain self-nature during remote work.

Maintain and Follow Schedule

maintain and follow schedule

Like working from the office, you do not need to work from specific hours. You can work when you feel the most productive and energetic working. 

When working from the office, you have to clock in at a specific time, but remote working allows you to clock in anytime. However, you have to complete your work hour. 

Remote working allows you to work anytime you want and allows you to create your schedule. The schedule makes you more professional and motivates you to perform work on time.  

However, maintaining the schedule is not enough unless you follow the schedule. If you create a schedule and forget about it, the schedule is of no use. 

Following a schedule will help you while working remotely, but it will also help your family members or roommates.

When you separate your hour and work hour in your schedule, it becomes easier to manage your home duties and office duties.

By maintaining and following a schedule, you can balance your work life and personal life effortlessly. 

Make To-Do List

Everyone can forget things sometimes, and it’s natural, but this can be a problem if you forget things all the time.

While working from home, sometimes you mix your task with your office work.

Sometimes you forget to do your work and keep doing your office work, and sometimes things might be the opposite. And if these activities continue, it can make you unsatisfied, and your work productivity decreases. 

Therefore, you should systematically use a to-do list to prioritize and organize your tasks.

To-do lists help you remember all the essential tasks you are supposed to do within the specified time. You can make your to-do list either on paper or use to-do list apps that remind you about your tasks. 

A To-do list also helps you to stay productive and motivated. Using to-do list apps, you can easily organize your task, and the exciting part about the app also creates graphs for you. 

Once you complete all your tasks from the list, you need to tick them off. Ticking off a to-do list after completing work gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

Set Boundaries

One of the challenging tasks for remote workers is to balance work and personal life. As a remote worker, you need to set boundaries between your work life and private life. 

Most of the time, when employees work from home, it becomes difficult for them to balance their work and home duties. You might have your experience doing some house chores while you are working.   

For example, when you are in the middle of your work, you get unexpected family duties like dropping your children at their schools or changing lights at home.

Your work and personal life can be unbalanced if you need to continue these duties regularly. And your work performance and your productivity start to shrink. 

To keep boundaries between your work and personal life, you need to set rules like no personal work during office hours and vice versa. 

You should not only maintain the schedule but strictly follow the schedule. You should specify work hours, and during those hours, you should not perform any personal duties unless it is an emergency. 

Maintain Workspace

maintain workspace

When we think of remote working, we think of the flexibility of working from anywhere we feel comfortable working from. Remote working provides the flexibility of working from any corner of your home, city, or World. 

While working remotely sometimes like to work from our terrace, cafe, or living room while working remotely. Some of you might be used to working in a crowd and are not distracted by the crowd. 

But some of you might prefer a peaceful environment with less distracting elements. It helps you to stay focused and complete tasks on time. 

While working from home, you should create a separate workspace or an office room. Working from a separate workspace helps you boost your productivity and motivates you to do better.

For example, when working from the cafe, you get distracted by other customers’ talk. Similarly, you get distracted by family members, roommates, or even pets when working from your living room. 

While creating a workspace, make sure that you keep all the distracting elements aways. Another vital thing to keep in mind while creating a workspace is proper lighting and good ventilation. It helps to keep your mind fresh and energetic throughout your work hour.

Take Regular Break

Most of us make a common mistake while working from home continuously without a break. When you work without taking a single break, you complete most of the tasks, but you will forget to take care of yourself. 

When you work continuously, you may also start to feel monotonous with your work and skip your work. 

While working, you must take a short break after working for 1 to 2 hours continuously. During your break time, you should stay away from your device and get some fresh air. It helps to refresh your mind and energizes you to do work in a better way. 

If you forget to take a break while working, you can use apps like Pomodoro timer that reminds you to take a break. Some of the best Pomodoro apps are Pomodor, PomoDoneApp, Pomotodo, Engross, and more. 

Maintain Separate Phone Number for Work And Personal Usage

If your job includes many phone calls and you need to communicate with your clients frequently, you should use a separate phone number for your work and personal usages.  

You can easily maintain your work and personal hour by maintaining a separate phone number. When you keep your phone number for your work separate, you can receive them only during your work hour. 

If your clients call you beyond work hours, they will receive a message that requests them to call during work hours.

If you have the same number for your business and personal life, you will get messages or phone calls even during the personal hour. It will disturb your hour, and you will work even during your hour. 

It will result in less time for yourself and decrease your work satisfaction as you will have no time. 

Also, in your business number, you can set a caller tune that greets your clients when they call you. Setting such a caller tune might not be a great idea if you use the same number for your personal and professional use.

Organize Fun Events Virtually With Colleagues

You start to feel monotonous with your work when you work remotely as your colleagues around you. 

You may not recognize your colleagues as you may not have met them in person. And the communication you have with your colleagues is only related to work. 

Organizing fun events virtually helps to break the ice among colleagues. You should organize fun events like virtual games and friendly competition among employees as an employer. 

You will get to know employees’ hidden talents and their interests during such events. Likewise, it helps employees refresh their minds, and they will feel a sense of belonging. 

You can also organize training and learning sessions where employees can learn. They can utilize such learning while doing their work and improve their work performance. 

You can organize such games and events during special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, NewYear, Office Day, etc. 

Take Sick Leave When Needed

sick leave

One of the advantages of remote working is you can even work when you are mildly sick. However, most of the time, you try to expand your limit and work even if you are incredibly sick and need to take some rest. 

While working, you need to be physically and mentally active and fit. But when you are sick, you will feel dull and lack energy in your body, due to which you cannot perform well. And if you work during such time, it can affect your health.

When you work without rest when you are sick, your performance will be below your standard. In the worst scenario, your performance will degrade.  

Thus, while working remotely, you need to take sick leave when required to maintain your health. You should not work even if you are sick and cannot perform well. You should take enough rest and should do some self-care while working remotely. 

Do Not Overwork

According to a survey conducted by Airtasker, it is found that remote employees work 1.4 days more than onsite employees.

Since you work alone most of the time, there is no one to distract you. You are more focused on your work and will complete more in less time.

But, sometimes, you may work more beyond your work hour and keep thinking about your work.

Even if you are trying not to do office work in your hour, you might check emails and take clients’ calls, which will turn your hour into your work hour. And you will start to give less time for yourself.

And as a result, your performance will degrade, and your work might not be as satisfactory as it should be. 

To perform well, you will need to give some time to yourself for refreshment. You can also use your free time to learn something new that will help you in your job.  

Give time to Family and Friends

As mentioned earlier, remote workers often work beyond their work hours and end up overworking. They give less time to themselves and their family members. 

As a remote worker, you work from one room and do not get out of the room frequently.

You work without communicating with anyone and try to complete your work faster most of the time. You also start to work beyond your work hour to boost your work performance. 

You will feel isolated if you do not communicate with your colleagues or anyone around you.

Therefore, to reduce the monotonous feel toward your work, you need to take breaks frequently and communicate with your near ones. Even during the personal hour, you should socialize with people around you. 


daily exercises

If your work consists of sitting at the desk for a long time, it will affect your health and degrade your body posture.

When you sit continuously for a long time, your muscles start to weaken; you might face back pain problems and other body problems. 

When you continue sitting for a long time, your metabolism rate gets slower and results in obesity. You can also have a problem like heart diseases, diabetes, anxiety, varicose veins, and more. 

To maintain your health, you should do light exercise every day. You can also do some stretching during your short break. It will help to strengthen your muscles and align your body. 

Try to Eat Healthy Diet

When you work from home, you have more snacks than you should. And most of the time, you might end up snacking unhealthy snacks like chips, chocolate, bakery items, frozen food, and more. 

Having unhealthy food is sometimes not bad, but if you eat it every day, it can severely affect your health. You can have health problems like obesity, loss of memory, worsened appetite, and more. 

Thus, you need to have a properly balanced diet to maintain your health. Your food should contain the proper amount of vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, iron, etc. 

If you like to have snacks while working, you can have dried fruits, nuts, fruits, greek yogurt, popcorns, and more. 

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential in staying productive, and energy is essential while working. According to research done by the American Academy of Sleep and the Sleep Research Society, it is found that people who sleep less than 7 hours can face health problems like depression, obesity, diabetes, etc. 

When you have enough sleep, you are more focused on your work and have lots of energy to complete your tasks. You are more productive when you get enough rest, and you can perform tasks without any errors. 

If your work requires creativity, then you need to get enough sleep. When you are tired and are sleep-deprived, you cannot be creative enough. 

As a remote employee, you can also take a power nap that helps to improve your memory, reduce stress, increase your creativity level, and more. 

In comparison to coffee, a power nap is the better option as coffee can cause insomnia and digestive issues and be addictive. 


There are several advantages of remote working, and it exceeds its disadvantages. However, you need to stay disciplined and follow your schedule to take all the advantages. 

It is essential to give time for yourself and maintain your self-nature while working remotely. But sometimes, due to overwork, you may work even during your hour, and it becomes difficult to get time for yourself. 

To maintain your self-nature and have time for yourself, you can follow the aforementioned strategies. We hope these strategies will help you balance your work and personal life and get enough time. 

If you have some more tips and strategies that you need for maintaining your self-nature during remote working, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below. I would also love to hear strategies you are using while working remotely.