<strong>8 Awesome Productivity and Time Tracking Apps for Office Workers</strong>

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8 Awesome Productivity and Time Tracking Apps for Office Workers

Are you still using pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets to manually track employee work hours? If so, you’re likely familiar with the headaches that come with it – endless paperwork, employee time theft, incomplete timesheets, costly payroll errors, and more. Take the hassle out of time tracking with employee time tracking apps.

Employee Productivity and Time Tracking Apps for Office Workers simplify the entire process, from accurate work, and hour tracking to reviewing timesheets and processing payroll, all in one convenient location. Let’s explore the best options for your business.

8 Best Productivity and Time Tracking Apps

#1 DeskTime

Discover the ultimate time-tracking solution with DeskTime – an intuitive app that combines employee monitoring, project management, and productivity analysis. Gain valuable insight into unproductive habits by categorizing web pages and applications as either “Productive” or “Unproductive,” and help your team achieve optimal efficiency.

What’s more, DeskTime automatically calculates your daily productivity and efficiency based on the time spent on productive applications – meaning your success is fully in your hands. Create employee groups and manage productivity across all positions with ease – DeskTime makes it simple.

#2 Toggl

Looking for an easy-to-use time-tracking system? Look no further than Toggl! Simply create a project, add tasks, and start the timer. When you’re done with a task, stop the timer and switch to a new one. Plus, you can effortlessly create invoices and share project reports in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats.

But that’s not all. Toggl also lets you set up projects, assign responsibilities, and establish estimated timelines and budgets. This helps you keep track of overdue or over-budget projects, so you can plan accordingly and make resource adjustments.

And if you’re an Android user, you’ll be happy to know that Toggl has a new app just for you. Try it out today and start maximizing your productivity!

#3 VeePN

Among the best tips for entrepreneurs, it is worth mentioning an application that significantly increases the productivity of employees and this is VeePN.

We are talking about VPN for Chrome, Android, iPhone, and other platforms that can change your virtual location. In other words, with a VPN you can remove website blocks, no matter where it is blocked or allowed.

All you need to do is connect to VPN servers, it’s done in a couple of clicks. Moreover, the application has a free trial version, so this is a great option to increase productivity.

#4 Hours TimeLord

Looking for a straightforward time clock app? Hours TimeLord is perfect for those who don’t need all the fancy extra features. This mobile app lets you keep track of your time in a simple and efficient way.

One neat feature is color-coding tasks and projects to help you stay organized. Plus, you can easily adjust your recorded timestamps using the timeline feature.

So, if you forget to start the timer right away, no worries! You can simply drag the start time to when you actually began. Get Hours TimeLord and start tracking your time more efficiently today!

#5 Tick

Streamline your large projects with Tick – the project-based time-tracking software. Easily track your time against your estimated project timeline and budget with each new time entry. Tick notifies you when time is running low and monitors your budget to prevent overspending.

Plus, you can use the same budget and timeline for recurring tasks. Need billing options? Integrating Tick with QuickBooks allows you to create invoices, run payroll, and more. Say goodbye to project management headaches and hello to Tick.

#6 Qbserve 

Qbserve is a Mac app that tracks your time automatically and helps improve productivity, perfect for those who struggle with procrastination. It works by setting specific keywords to track in documents, URLs, and app titles. These keywords are easily customizable and can be added or removed at any time.

For instance, if you include “time tracking” in your keyword list, Qbserve will automatically track the time spent on websites and applications related to this topic.

This means that if you watch a YouTube video about time tracking, that time will be counted towards your billable hours. However, if you watch cat videos, this time will not be included.

In summary, Qbserve tracks your time automatically based on your keyword preferences, allowing you to stay focused on billable tasks and improve productivity.

#7 Clockify

If you’re working as part of a team and need to track the time spent on projects, Clockify is the ideal work time tracking software for you. With features like the timer and default project, you can easily manage and allocate your time.

The timer works like a stopwatch and ensures that your team knows when to start and stop working. The default project is designed to automatically allocate time to specific projects, giving you greater efficiency and productivity.

Also check here is another productivity tool for Microsoft Edge to help you meet your deadlines. Plus, Clockify provides visually appealing reports that help you determine which projects take up most of your team’s time, allowing you to manage your efforts effectively.

#8 Insightful

Insightful offers comprehensive online time and attendance software that places emphasis on accurately tracking employee work time and analyzing productivity levels to determine top performers and laggards.

With automatic time tracking based on employee start times and non-invasive activity tracking, Insightful makes it easy to monitor productivity without violating privacy.

Additionally, the software is capable of automatic time allocation and budget forecasting, making it an essential tool for tracking productivity effectively.


These are just some of the best productivity tools out there, but they aren’t the only ones. Experiment with different apps and find out which works best for you and your team. Productivity isn’t about working harder, but smarter – so make sure to invest in the right tools that will make life easier for all!