Maximize Employee Output: Workforce Analytics, Productivity Software

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Maximize Employee Output: Workforce Analytics, Productivity Software

Employees represent an invaluable asset to any business. Through their efforts, they uphold day-to-day operations. If your business were a car, your workers would serve as the driving force propelling it forward.

The integration of productivity tools serves as one effective approach to help your team thrive in their roles. These technologies simplify collaboration and communication, streamline routine processes, and minimize repetitive tasks.

To maximize employee output, you should use modern productivity software. You need data-driven insights, performance metrics, and workforce analytics. All of this can be achieved with the right tools.

#1 Zapier

Zapier, an automation tool, streamlines various work processes by integrating with over 4,000 apps. It creates trigger-and-response workflows, such as sending a custom tweet after publishing a blog. Additionally, the tool automates tasks like sending emails, setting calendar notifications, and publishing Slack notifications. With its multipurpose functionality, Zapier provides numerous benefits:

  • Save time for individuals and teams by automating simple tasks, such as social media posts or email reminders.
  • Enable workers to focus on more complex duties by freeing up their time and attention from unimportant administrative jobs through automation.
  • Enhance efficiency and expedite processes with minimal human intervention.
  • Reduce the risk of human error.

#2 Teamwork

Teamwork is designed to handle all your task management requirements. You can easily monitor the progress and status of all your projects. It’s impressive how they have simplified project management and ensured that your entire team stays informed.

Key Features:

  • Management Templates: No need to start from scratch every time. With ready-to-use templates, you can efficiently manage projects, tasks, and planning with just a few clicks.
  • Mobile App: Being productive while on the go is crucial in today’s mobile world. TeamWork understands the importance of remaining versatile and ensuring productivity on any device.
  • Kanban Board: Get real-time project tracking and task management with Kanban Boards. It’s an excellent tool for keeping remote teams organized and focused on their priorities.

#3 Fax from iPhone

Data migration within your organization and even from outside are normal processes. For example, for data analysis in HR, employee performance assessment, communication with suppliers, etc. To a large extent, we rely on landline fax, but the fax app is much more convenient, easier, and cheaper to use. You can download the app from the App Store and it will be ready to send and receive messages in a minute. If your employees have an iPhone, they will always have a fax at their fingertips.

#4 Asana

Asana simplifies project management and collaboration by providing an intuitive platform to track projects, assign tasks, communicate, and meet deadlines. Here are some key advantages:

  • Create reusable templates to streamline repetitive tasks, saving time.
  • Specify task dependencies to ensure proper sequencing.
  • Get an overview of tasks in chronological or calendar view.
  • Seamlessly integrate with software like Google Drive and Outlook for easy attachment management.

#5 SaneBox

SaneBox, an email management tool, increases productivity by saving you over 2 hours each week through efficient email organization. With SaneBox, you will no longer waste time searching for important emails or dealing with irrelevant ones. Utilizing AI, SaneBox intelligently categorizes and stores less important emails for later review or even permanent disregard.

Key features include:

  • SaneBox DoNotDisturb: Customize your schedule to receive email notifications only when desired, providing uninterrupted breaks from your computer.
  • SaneBox Snooze: Get the power to “Snooze” emails, just like hitting the snooze button on life.
  • SaneBox DeepClean: If you accumulate emails and need to free up storage space, SaneBox DeepClean swiftly cleans your inbox, requiring only a few clicks and minutes of your time.

#6 Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app primarily designed to manage and organize complex information. It combines meeting notes with attachments digitally, storing them in virtual “notebooks” that users can search and edit effortlessly. Users can also add tags for easy note identification. Here are some ways Evernote boosts productivity:

  • Quickly organize notes in a digital format that can be shared
  • Add due dates and reminders to notes, syncing them with calendar tools to prevent oversight
  • Synchronize notes across multiple devices, leveraging the search function for efficient document retrieval.

#7 Slack

Slack, a chat tool, enhances communication and collaboration among workers for seamless project management. It replaces email, eliminating cumbersome back-and-forth chains that are universally disliked. Improved organization is another advantage of Slack, as it enables the creation of distinct workspaces tailored to different teams or projects. Notably, companies appreciate Slack for its:

  • Enhanced security with two-factor authentication
  • Intuitive user interface supporting group workspaces, direct messages, and private channels
  • Integration with over 2,400 apps, including SalesForce, Twitter, Dropbox, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom, and HubSpot, among others.


Productivity software works and improves employee productivity. This software can remove routine work from employees and help streamline internal processes. What previously took hours of working time, the software does in a matter of minutes. Plus, advanced analysis can be performed using different filters and get a complete picture of your workflows.