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Time Tracking Software for Developer

As a developer, you can only satisfy your clients if you can deliver their products on time. You should have time management skills to enhance your productivity and improve your work quality.

To develop all the features mentioned by your clients within a specified time, you need better time management/tracking software.

Time tracking software ensures the smooth flow of your work and helps to improve your employees’ productivity.

Using time tracking software, you can view each employee’s work progress and improve relations with your client. You can update your clients about the project’s progress and invite them to view its status.

With time tracking apps, you can view the time spent by each developer on coding, debugging, creating reports, and more. You can also organize your project, manage tasks and deadlines using time tracking apps. 

There are many time tracking software that you can select for your projects. Here I have mentioned some of the best time tracking software for developers to choose from for your project. 

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Time Tracking Software for Developer


timeTracko dashboard

timeTracko is all one cloud-based time tracking software and productivity measurement tool suitable for remote teams, small to large organizations, and freelancers. 

Managing remote teams and projects can be chaotic if the right time tracking tool is not used. If you are a developer looking for the best time tracking app, this is the best app.

It measures each employee’s total time worked and views how they spend their time. 

It measures employees’ productivity and provides several features that you need to manage your project. You can create projects, budget for the project, view project status and employees involved in the project.   

Using the app, you can also estimate the time needed and budget for upcoming projects using past project data. 

timeTracko allows you to divide the project into different parts, create tasks for the project, and assign each employee’s duty.

Once you give tasks and shift to employees, it sends employees notifications and allows them to edit shifts. 

Besides, project management also detects employees’ productive, unproductive, and idle time.

It tracks apps and websites that employees visit to complete their tasks and takes a random screenshot of an employee’s PC once they clock in using the app.

Features of timeTracko

  • Has smart reporting features that create reports for your project and export in CSV and Excel format.
  • Allow you to create projects, break the project into manageable tasks based on task priority.
  • It determines project costs, creates invoices, and bills customers accurately. 
  • Sends notifications to employees about their schedule, project deadline and also allows them to customize notifications.
  • Take a random screenshot of employees’ PCs at a specific time interval.

Benefits of timeTracko

  • Offers unlimited integration with many powerful apps like Slack, Gmail, Airtable, Google DriveZapier, and many more.
  • Categorize apps and websites as productive, unproductive, and neutral based on the job of employees.
  • The free version has all the necessary features.
  • Send alert notification when employees stay idle for more than 6 minutes.
  • Provides offline time tracking features.

Pricing of timeTracko

timeTracko is completely free. It offers:

  • Free plan with all premium features for unlimited users and no timeliness.
  • No credit cards required.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, Web. 


getharvest dashboard

Harvest is a web-based time tracking and project expense management software for freelancers, developers, and small businesses. It provides a timesheet that keeps track of your team members’ time and calculates their billable hours.

It ensures that your project is on track and creates a summary report of your projects. Based on the current project, you can estimate the time and budget required for future projects. 

To track time using Harvest, you can click on the start time, and the app starts to track time on whatever task you are working on.

You can also manually enter the time you work for a task or project once you complete it.

Visualize the project status, deadline, budget, the billable amount in the app’s dashboard. It allows you to organize schedules, visualize plans, and schedule tasks for your staff. 

Features of Harvest

  • Tracks total time spent by each team member in the project.
  • Allow you to download the project report in Excel and CSV format. 
  • Sends reminders to employees to remind them to submit their timesheets. 
  • It has an invoicing feature that automatically creates invoices and sends reminders for clients to pay their invoices.
  • The reminder features send a reminder when you reach your budget limit.

Benefits of Harvest

  • Provides a high level of security.
  • Offers integration with more than 100 apps.
  • Easy to monitor project status.

Drawbacks of Harvest

  • Does not provide a screencast feature.

Pricing of Harvest

Harvest offers two price plans, which are:

  • Free: It is free of cost and is suitable for one person and two projects.
  • Pro: It costs $10.80 per user per month billed annually, suitable for unlimited users and unlimited projects.

Available on: Windows Mac, Android, IOS.  


rescuetime  dashboard

RescueTime is a time tracking software that automatically tracks your remote team’s time when they log in to the app. It shows your team members’ total time on each website, apps, and project.  

You can also view your employees’ productivity and discover the total time spend on productive and unproductive apps and websites. 

The best feature of this app is that it sends you an alert if you spend too much time on unproductive apps. It even blocks distracting apps and websites if you use its focus time feature.

You can get a detailed report on the project status and employees working on the project. It also offers integration with apps like Slack, Google Calendar, GitHub, Zapier, etc.

Feature of RescueTime

  • Provides weekly, monthly, and annual reports on the dashboard.
  • Offers unlimited historical data of your employees’ productivity.
  • It has an offline time tracking feature that tracks employees’ time even if they are offline.
  •  The daily highlight feature highlights the daily goals that you need to complete by the day.
  • Allow you to create a keyword for projects that helps you to track the project efficiently.

Benefits of RescueTime

  • Easy to use.
  • Stores unlimited historical data.

Drawbacks of RescueTime

  • Does not provide a Gantt Chart feature.
  • Lacks screenshot feature.

Pricing of RescueTime

RescueTime offers price plan based on the number of users; its price plans are:

  • Less than 100 users: It cost around $9 per month and is suitable if you have less than 100 users,
  • More than 100 users: It has a custom price and is ideal if you have more than 100 users

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, Chrome, Firefox, Brave.  

Time Doctor

timedoctor dashboard

Time Doctor is a time tracking and employee monitoring tool that helps boost your team’s productivity.

The app seamlessly runs in the background and detects team members’ active and inactive times. 

It tracks online activities, apps, and website employees’ visits during their work hours. And also detects mouse and keyboard activities and takes a random screenshot of employees’ PCs at a specific time interval. 

Besides productivity measurement, Time doctor also helps you manage unlimited projects, divide projects, and assign team members tasks. It allows you to view the time spent by each team member on the project. 

You can upgrade the app to a paid version with features like payroll calculation, customer support, video capture, and integration.

Feature of Time Doctor

  • Provides online timesheet and payroll features that allow you to calculate and customize payroll.
  • Allow team members to create a regular task, view work progress, and improve work efficiency.
  • Sends alerts when employees spend more time on unproductive apps and websites.
  • Offers integration with apps like Slack, Asana, Teamwork, BaseCamp, SaleForce, and more
  • Provides offline time tracking features. 

Benefits of Time Doctor

  • Offers offline tracking features.
  • Provides unlimited screenshot features.
  • Offers a mobile-friendly tracking feature.

Drawbacks of Time Doctor

  • More project management features need to be added.

Pricing of Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers three price plans, which are:

  • Basis: It costs $8 per user per month.
  • Standard: It costs $12 per user per month.
  • Premium: It costs $24 per user per month.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, Chrome. 


webWork dashboard

WebWork is an employee monitoring and time tracking software that accurately tracks employees’ time. It accurately tracks the total time worked by employees, takes a random screenshot, and determines mouse and keyboard activities. 

You can create projects, assign tasks to team members, and monitor task progress using the app. 

Set deadlines for the project, employees, work on the tasks, and ensure the project completes before the deadline using the project management tool. You can set priorities of tasks and rearrange them according to task priority.

It even sends you a notification when your project deadline is near and ensures that you do not miss your project deadline.

The app generates your project report and allows them to share it with clients and stakeholders.

WebWork automatically creates your billable hour once you set an hourly rate. It also helps to generate invoices based on the billable hour.  

Feature of WebWork

  • Enable employees to manually add time if they forget to turn on the time tracker.
  • Online report features generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports and allow customization and share reports.
  • The screenshot feature provides four modes: blur, background, screenshot, and no screenshot mode.
  • Show the deadline of the project on the dashboard.
  • Tracks mouse and keyboard activities.

Benefits of WebWork

  • Provides many features.
  • Easy to use.

Drawbacks of WebWork

  • A regular update will be better.

Pricing of WebWork

WebWork costs $2.99 per user per month and allows you to pay via credit card.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac. 


accelo dashboard

Accelo is a time tracking software that helps to boost your team productivity. It provides all the features that developers need to manage their projects. 

It is suitable for all projects and provides most developers’ features to manage. 

Besides project management features, the app also provides much time tracking features that boost team members’ productivity. 

The app automatically captures the total time spent by each team member in the project and allows you to view your entire hour worked on one screen. It works on the background of your computer and tracks all your activities.

You can view your project milestone, task, its deadline in your timesheet. It allows you to manage tasks using the Gantt Chart feature to drag and drop tasks. 

Manage your project budget; view project status also shows you every detail of the project using the project overview screen. 

It also allows you to manage your team schedule, forecast billable hours, and customize schedules. You can receive notifications about the upcoming tasks and deadlines for your project.

Features of Accelo

  • The screenshot feature captures a random screenshot of employees.
  • Provides a customizable rate card that allows you to determine the rate for each project.
  • Has automated invoice features that create invoices for projects and allow you to integrate with Quickbooks and Xero.
  • Offers integrate the app with Google Calendar, which enables you to view your team’s schedule.
  •  Send notification about coming tasks and deadlines.

Benefits of Accelo

  • Provides many features.
  • Offers free trial for 14 days.
  • Easy to use.

Drawbacks of Accelo

  • It is pretty expensive.

Pricing of Accelo

Accelo offers five different plans, which are:

  • Projects: It costs $30 per month per user.
  • Sales: It costs $30 per month per user.
  • Retainers: It costs $30 per month per user.
  • Service: It costs $30 per month per user.
  • All-in-one ServUps: It costs $79 per month per user.

Available on: Android, IOS, Web. 


WakaTime dashboard

WakaTime is a time tracking software suitable for developers as it automatically tracks the total time developers spend coding. 

It helps to set goals, reminders about goals and keeps you productive simultaneously. You can share your goal with your team members using the app.

You can detect your project status and create a leader board to compete with team members. In the dashboard, you can view your productivity and total time spent in a day and even allow you to share it.

The app’s best thing is that it supports more than 600 languages, including JavaScript, Python, HTML, etc.

The app’s paid version provides a 24/7 support service, complete dashboard history, a private leaderboard for more than 100 friends.

Features of WakaTime

  • Allow exporting dashboard data in CSV format.
  • Provides daily and weekly email reports.
  • View the total time spent by each team member coding.
  • Offers integration with apps like GitHub, Zube, Slack, Jira, GitLab, and more.
  • Offers leadership board for 100 team members. 

Benefits of WakaTime

  • Easy to use.
  • Provide excellent customer support.

Drawbacks of WakaTime

  • Does not provide a screenshot feature.
  • The free version has limited features.

Pricing of WakaTime

WakaTime offers four price plans, which are:

  • Free: It is free of cost.
  • Premium: It costs $9 per month. 
  • Team: It costs $12 per developer per month.
  • Business: It costs $49 per developer per month.

Available on: Windows, Android, IOS, Web. 


due dashboard

Due is a time tracking and payment solution for freelancers and all sizes of business. It helps you measure the time spent by each employee on each project.

It provides transparency on the billing process and an accurate picture of the team’s total time to complete the project.

This app automatically calculates client invoices and reduces errors while calculating invoices.

The best thing about the app is that it sends a reminder about recurring invoices and provides a digital wallet and eCash feature. It stores all the data in the cloud and ensures the security of the data.

If you want to upgrade from the basic version to the pro or premium version, you will get features like invoice payment reminders, recurring invoices, unlimited clients, etc.

Features of Due

  • Provides unlimited time tracking features.
  • Send a reminder about recurring features.
  • Allow adding unlimited projects.
  • Prepare an accounting report for your projects.
  • Allow credit card payment facility.

Benefits of Due

  • Has a simple user interface.
  • Provides a high level of security.

Drawbacks of Due

  • It does not have much time tracking feature.
  • Does not have an android version.

Pricing of Due

Due offers three price plans, which are:

  • Basic: It costs $7.99 per month
  • Pro: It costs $16.99 per month.
  • Premium: It costs $27.99 per month.

Available on: IOS, Web. 


Clicktime dashboard

ClickTime is easy to use time tracking software that boosts employees’ performance and manages project budgets. 

Measure your employees’ productivity, and automatically record a billable hour using ClickTime. 

It provides a smart timesheet feature that automatically records employees’ clock in and clocks out time. This helps to reduce employees’ errors while recording employees’ time. 

You can easily track employees’ total time worked by employees, their days off, expenses, and more. It even sends team members reminder notifications when they forget to fill their timesheets. 

You can view project status and profitability in real-time using the project insight feature. You can also view employees’ performance and identify productive and unproductive employees.

It shows employees’ leave, reviews their overtime, and pays them based on their total worked time. 

You can customize the report and export them in HTML, PDF, and Excel format. It even allows sharing the report with clients and upper-level management.

Features of ClickTime

  • Allow you to measure employees’ billable hours.
  • It has a time-off management feature that manages employees’ time off.
  • Prepare reports like projects, expenses, overtime, employee expenses, and many other reports.
  • Offers integration with apps like Xero, Jira, Asana, Glip, BaseCamp, etc.
  • Allow you to customize reports.

Benefits of ClickTime

  • Has a simple user interface.
  • It is highly customizable.
  • Suitable for all sizes of business.

Drawbacks of ClickTime

  • Does not provide screenshot features.

Pricing of ClickTime

ClickTime offers four price plans, which are:

  • Starter: It costs $9 per user per month; provides a free trial for 14 days.
  • Team: It costs $12 per user per month; it offers a free trial for 14 days.
  • Premier: It costs $24 per user per month; provides a scheduled demo.
  • Enterprise: It has custom pricing.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, Web. 


timecamp dashboard

TimeCamp is a web-based time tracking and productivity measurement tool that tracks your teams’ productivity. You can view time to spend differently on employees’ projects.

It helps determine your project profitability and makes the budgeting and billing process more manageable. You can set the tax rate to create transparent invoices and also allow you to pay invoices via PayPal.

Using TimeCamp, you can easily manage teams’ attendance with a single click. Track employees’ clock in and clock out time to manage their attendance.

This feature is also helpful for tracking employees’ overtime and reduces paperwork for recording. It offers integration with apps like Asana, iCal, Trello, ClickUp, Toggl, and more.

You can view the detailed report on employees’ productivity, create, customize reports, and export them in PDF, Excel format. It also allows you to share the report with clients to gain their trust. 

Features of TimeCamp

  • The automatic time tracking feature keeps records of employees’ work time in a single click.
  • Get detailed insight into the project; project status provides profitability.
  • Provides a private time mode that you can use when you are doing some personal work.
  • Tracks time spent on meetings and other offline activities.
  • Allow you to add comments on employees’ timesheets.

Benefits of TimeCamp

  • Allow inviting clients and show them project status.
  • Offers 14 days of a free trial. 

Drawbacks of TimeCamp

  • Limited time tracking feature.

Pricing of TimeCamp

TimeCamp offers four price plans, which are:

  • Solo: It is free of cost, suitable for freelancers.
  • Basic: It costs $5.25 per user per month, suitable for business.
  • Pro: It costs $7.50 per user per month, suitable for business.
  • Enterprise: It has custom pricing; requires a minimum of 10 users.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Web.


trello dashboard

Trello is a time tracking and project management app suitable for freelancers, developers, and all sizes of businesses. 

Using this app, you can create a personal board to manage your tasks properly. It allows you to create unlimited lists and cards, which helps organize tasks efficiently. You can make your task fun and flexible using the board feature.

It helps you to stay organized, manage your work and office work, and allow you to work with any team. You can even collaborate with team members by adding comments on their cards. 

Trello offers integration with more than 100 apps, including Jira, Contalist, Intercom, Giphy, FreshDesk, etc.

Features of Trello

  • Offers many board templates for project management.
  • Visualize your project due date using the Calendar View feature.
  • The email notification feature sends a notification on email to remind employees about their tasks.
  • Allow you to attach files on the board.
  • Use an advanced checklist feature to identify task completion.

Benefits of Trello

  • Provides security features like two-factor authentication.
  • Allow employees to add their locations on the card.

Drawbacks of Trello

  • Does not provide a screenshot feature.
  • Does not offer the Gantt Chart feature.

Pricing of Trello

Trello offers three price plans, which are:

  • Free: It is free of cost.
  • Business Class: It costs $9.99 per user per month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise: It costs $17.50 per user per month.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, Web. 



Clockify is a cloud-based time tracking software and timesheet app for a distributed team. Using the app, you can monitor employees’ attendance, timesheet, and productivity. 

You can click on the stopwatch as soon as you click on the timer or even allow you to add time manually.

You can view your employees’ total time worked, productivity, and what task employees are doing in the dashboard. 

It also creates a PDF, CSV, and Excel fort report and allows you to share the report with clients using the link. 

The best thing about this app is that it detects employees’ idle time and stops the timer when they are away from their computer for a specific time.

Feature of Clockify

  • Provides the Pomodoro timer feature that reminds employees to take a break.
  • It has an offline time tracking feature.
  • Sends a reminder when employees forget to start time.
  • Auto tracker feature tracks apps and websites employees visit during their work hours.
  • Allow employees to add time to their timesheets manually.

Benefits of Clockify

  • Has a simple user interface.
  • More time tracking features need to be added.

Drawbacks of Clockify

  • Does not have invoicing features.
  • The free version has minimal features.

Pricing of Clockify

Clockify offers four price plans, which are:

  • Free: It is free forever.
  • Plus: It costs $9.99 per month.
  • Premium: It costs $29.99 per month.
  • Enterprise: It costs $9.99 per user per month.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, Chrome, Firefox. 


Summing up, time tracking apps are equally crucial for clients and developers involved in the project. Time tracking apps bring transparency to the workflow and help to increase project profitability. 

Besides project profitability, the app helps you to manage workload and helps to deliver projects on time.

Here, I have mentioned some of the best time tracking apps for developers. I would also like to know your favorite time tracking apps; if you feel I have missed some apps, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.