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Proven Ways To Improve Work Performance From Anywhere

Improve Work Performance

Organizational psychologist Theodor Schultz said that ” the average person is working harder than ever but getting less done than ever ”. This quote could not be more true in today’s day and age.  As a result of the outbreak of Covid, businesses have been forced to adapt quickly, resulting in many employees working remotely.  […]

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How to Make Team Meetings Interesting: Fun Ideas and Topics for Work

make team funny and interesting

Team meeting is an integral part of a collaborative work environment that assists in maintaining team spirit and continuity while also facilitating to build a successful team.  But that does not mean that all-hands meetings and standup meetings are solely devoted to the work part, creating a boring and monotonous experience for everyone. A survey […]

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Work Measurement Guide: Objectives, Methods, and Advantages

Work measurement complete guide

Are you concerned about how an organization can improve its productivity? An organization must measure its current productivity level before making improvements. Measurement of work is a strategy for improving productivity. An accurate work measurement reduces project time and cost. Setting performance standards is facilitated through work measurement.  Work measurement involves estimating how long a […]

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8 Brilliant Ways to Handle Difficult Employees

Have you ever worked with someone who drove you insane? The management of employees is one of the most demanding and intensive aspects of running a business. Everyone has a unique personality. It’s inevitable that at some point in your career, you’ll have to deal with difficult employees at work.  Employees who are difficult to […]

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Getting Started with the 5/25 Warren Buffett Rule: The Key to Better Productivity

5/25 Warren Buffet Rule

Warren Buffett believes that the greatest investment in anyone’s life is time. According to Buffett, having a sense of when to say no is crucial for our success, and the ability to speak “no” is linked to self-confidence. It would be best if you didn’t let anyone dictate where your life is going. It’s your […]

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How to Organize and Manage Projects at Work: Steps and Tips for Success

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.” – Henry Mintzberg. Managing projects is a difficult task. Whether you’ve worked on projects for years or this is your first, it’s always a challenge. Because when you are given the responsibility of managing a project, you must ensure that everything falls into […]

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