8 Productivity Hacks for Business Owners


8 Productivity Hacks for Business Owners

Today, starting your own business is the smartest decision you can make. Planning is essential for success with your business, but planning alone won’t go far. Productivity is the key to success.

You spend too much time on things you shouldn’t be doing. Despite your best intentions, somehow, you end up drifting.

You are constantly distracted by email, text messages, and social media, and before you realize it, it’s midday, and you feel lost. 

You dream of completing more work in less time. However, since you can’t add more hours to the day, the only thing you can do is give your best and become more productive.

Productivity generally determines your overall performance. Managing your time, organizing your work, and even getting your employees on board with your productivity system is important.

It is good to improve your productivity, but business is a collaborative endeavor, so everyone gets involved. 

All businesses, small or large, struggle with productivity. But don’t worry, you can manage this. It is normal for an organization to experience growing pains as it scales. With proper guidance, you can solve productivity problems. 

To help you, we’ve put together a list of 8 productivity hacks all businesses must use to avoid distractions.

Rethink your work process and boost your productivity.

Productivity Hacks All Business Owners Must Use to Avoid Distractions

Productivity Hacks All Business Owners Must Use to Avoid Distractions

Organize Your Tasks

To increase productivity, you need to be organized. To manage your tasks effectively, you should ensure that your tasks are organized properly.

Organize your tasks according to priority. Prepare a list of the tasks you have to perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. It should include everything from checking your email to creating your budget. 

You can assign various types of completion status for each of these tasks, such as quick and easy, time-consuming, done by self, delegated, etc.

It will increase your productivity as you can now manage and organize everything more effectively. 

Identify your daily priorities each day. Make sure to focus on the most important task first. When a task is beyond your expertise, assign it to someone else and provide training and feedback on assigned projects.

Making to-do lists on paper is fine, but going digital is more effective and efficient. TodoistAsana, and TickTick are some of the best to-do list apps for organizing tasks and increasing productivity.

Take Control of Your Team’s Workflow

Organizing your team’s workflow is the most important and difficult part of building a productive workflow. In some cases, your employees can hinder your progress and your team’s goals. 

To avoid miscommunication, confusion, and frustration, keep everyone on the same page. Eliminate bottlenecks so the teams can make the most of their time.

On average, 68% of employees spend 3.5 hours a week waiting for information from team leaders. Instead of following up, you should allow team members to devote their time to matters.

Find the right tools to manage office workflows. To build an effective management system, you must use the right tools and apps.

Manage Your Workforce with Productivity Tools

Business owners can improve their overall productivity by tracking employee productivity.

You need to track your team’s productivity to know where your team stands and how you can improve. You can also discover highly productive and who need more support to be more productive.

The good news is that there are a variety of useful productivity apps available. You can use timeTracko to track your employee productivity.

You’ll find features like project and time tracking, software productivity benchmarking, a Pomodoro timer that reminds employees to take a break after working for a long time, and analytics that help you understand your team’s performance. 

As soon as your team has these tools in place, it’s only a matter of using the data to improve productivity continually.

Ensure Your Team is Involved in the Decision-Making Process

Team involvement in decision-making is beneficial to your entire business. Make sure that everyone feels included in the process, and everyone is on board.

Including teams in the decision-making process reduces feelings of unfairness that might adversely affect their work approach. When they’re allowed to make decisions, they feel valued and trusted.

Including your team in the decision-making process increases your chances of success. Diverse teams make better decisions.

Bringing people from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds into the conversation can enhance creativity and provide fresh insight into the subject at hand.

Monitor and Measure Activities

You must measure and monitor activities to ensure that everything you do is profitable and efficient.

If you continuously monitor your activities, you will notice if a task takes longer than normal or if a previously profitable task is no longer profitable. 

Google Analytics is a good option if you want to know which online marketing activity brings traffic to your website.

Keeping up-to-date with your working procedure will increase your productivity and help get you on top of your industry.

Take Breaks

It is impossible to work continuously. Working without a break leads to physical and mental fatigue. Taking breaks during your day is crucial to prevent burnout.  

Take regular, small breaks throughout the day. Breaks encourage concentration and focus and allow you to reset your mind.

It is easier to return to work motivated and energetic after a break. Take a short break to walk and get some fresh air. It will make you feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to continue your task. 

Motivate Your Team 

Team productivity is directly affected by motivation levels at work. People motivated and excited about their jobs perform their tasks at the highest level, resulting in higher production numbers. 

A motivated team is more willing to do the hard work and spend the time necessary to run a successful business.

Employee motivation can increase productivity and enable an organization to have better performance.

In general, motivated employees will put their best effort into the tasks that they are assigned.

Replace an Unnecessary Meeting with an Email

Meetings are not always productive. There are only a few productive meetings. Replace an unnecessary meeting with a bulleted email detailing objectives, deliverables, and questions.

This way, everyone will remain organized and on schedule without wasting time on redundant or circular discussions.


Positive workplace culture is the key to success for your business. The management needs to create a positive work environment to boost productivity. 

These productivity hacks are easy to implement. Implement them and grow your business.

It doesn’t matter how many hours we have in a day; what matters is how we spend them. Let’s make today productive!