Best Productivity Apps for Employees Working From Home

Best productivity Apps for Employees

Productivity depends on the proper utilization of time and resources. Time Management is very critical to increase productivity and achieve your organizational goals.

If you work from home, proper time management can increase your performance and help to boost your mental health.

Remote work is best suited for those who know how to manage their time effectively despite being in a homely environment.

As per statistics, productivity makes the work more effective and develops your self-confidence, motivation, creativity, and ability. 

A productive person is always self-motivated and can tackle every situation with creativity. Hence, motivate others to use the best productivity apps for employees working from home.

Benefits of Time Management While Working From Home

Though working remotely is not a new term, it got famous due to the recent COVID-19 breakout. 

Thousands of multinational companies and even the Fortune 500 Companies have implemented Work From Home to prevent the virus spread.

However, it has become a new normal to work from home for most companies. More than 50% of employees worked better and had high performance while working from home rather than the workplace. 

The various benefits of these time management applications for the employees working from home. They are as follows:

Better Quality of Work

An organization expects a better quality of work if you are a dedicated employee. To have a better and standard quality of work, there should be proper utilization of time. 

It will help if you prioritize the work, which will help you focus on essential tasks. The quality of work can be improved when one gives full attention and focus on the work.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

As a working professional or employee, if you can manage time effectively, it will help you to become more productive and efficient. 

Time management skill is essential for increasing productivity for an employee in the organization.

If you have time management skills, it will be helpful for you to complete the task as early as possible with excellent quality.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Due to the burden of work, employees can feel overwhelmed sometimes. It will affect your health as well as decrease productivity. 

More stress can cause diseases like depression, heart disease, and so on. So it would help if you reduced stress from your mind while working. 

Proper time management can reduce the burden of work and help to keep your mind free of stress and anxiety.

Work on Time

If you plan to allocate the work, it will be completed within time. Focus on only one task at a time to deliver it on time. 

If you have time management skills, you can deliver the assigned task within time with good quality. It will also reduce the burden if you complete it within time.

Increase Self-Confidence

Motivation is most important to increase self-confidence. When you are a motivated employee, you can perform every task with your skill, knowledge, and experience. 

When you perform more and more tasks, it will increase your ability and make you more confident.

Time to Take a Break and Relax

When you perform your scheduled work within the time, you can take a break and utilize some time for yourself. 

Sometimes you need leisure time to enjoy yourself, making you happy and motivating you to work on time. 

With good time management, you can balance work and your personal life together. 

Opportunities for Career Growth

If you are a dedicated and punctual employee, there is a high chance of promotion, and your reputation also increases. 

You will also get several rewards if you complete your task within time and make your supervisor happy. Maintaining discipline in work can be more effective for developing your career.

Best Productivity Apps for Employees Working From Home

Through some sources, it is known that 50% of workers had jobs compatible with some remote work in 2014.

After the attack of COVID -19 has led to a massive increment in work from the home attitude in both companies and employees from the recent data published in the market worldwide.

This sudden change in working nature faces a barrier of communication and collaboration when an employee works in a different location to his/her teammates.

Moreover, motivation and distractions have become a problem when all the gentle nudges of having supervisors, teammates, and that certain sense of work are not present.

Earlier, people used to stay connected with each other through Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

Modern technologies have made it possible to invent various applications to stay productive by working from home. They should not visit the office daily for work.

The challenges addressed above are tackled by the proper use of the applications discussed below.

Among the various applications in the market, some of the popular ones are that measure productivity for employees working from home are mentioned below:


timeTracko is a time tracking and productivity tool for Freelancers and Distributed Teams that enables the team members to track their work hours. It comes with options for tracking the choice of an employee. 

Employees can Clock-in and Clock-Out a timer while working, add time after work is done, or use a timesheet. 

The dashboard section of the application helps view the work going on in a team. A report is generated after the work is complete, revealing accurate hours of who worked, when, and what. 


Slack is a platform where workflows. It is a newer technology that brings people, data, and applications together. Slack helps to replace essential emails inside your company. 

American software company Slack Technologies developed it. It is used all around the world. It is the most effective application for remote work. 


This application is a task, time, and project management software that helps a team streamline a team member’s joint schedules.

The work is organized by listing the tasks assigned in a to-do list, then associating with the related projects and prioritizing them. 

The best feature it provides is viewing a team member’s to-dos in the calendar section of this application. Thus these types of applications help enhance productivity in the remote working nature.


It is an online calendar application that is used to keep track of the deadlines given. On top of that, it helps in organizing tasks and meetings in a planned manner.

Doodle is helpful for productivity measures in an organization since it minimizes emails and circulars by arranging online meetings much faster without any hassle. 

While a meeting is set, one will check team members’ availability based on their respective time zones and conduct doodle polls.

Moreover, deadlines and automatic reminders are sent to the related parties before the meeting to list absentees.

Google Drive

It is an application offered by google mail that enables one to store many files and share them between the teams related. A team may work in a shared word editor, spreadsheet, or PowerPoint. 

All the changes made and edits done are synced and saved in real-time. Authorized users can access the files saved at any time from any part of the earth.


It is an annotation application that helps bring the ideas to real-life through shapes, sketches, and markups, enabling one to comment and hold visual discussions with team members. 

The user shares the project plans, blueprints, and designs, where everyone engaged, can annotate the changes. Here the limit is the imagination of the image and the type of task assigned.


It is a virtual co-working space created where one user is assigned to another online accountable partner. The time slots, as appropriate, are selected and produced in the calendar view. 

After that, a 50-minute live work session is kicked off in explaining the task’s goals to each other then the work is carried out until the end of the session.  


It is an application that keeps track of the time spent on the work done. The key features are time tracking, boost profits, reports, and cross-platform. 

The boosting of profits checks the fee paid. These reports generated by the application show how productive and profitable the time spent.

Zoom Meeting

Zoom is a video calling application which been very popular recently. Zoom meeting is one of the software-based conference rooms used to conduct training, meetings, online classes, seminars, etc.

Due to the COVID-19 zoom application has become very important worldwide.

It is a video calling with real-time messaging and content sharing among workers. It is a video communication platform that is easy and most reliable.


It is an email client that collects and categorizes the emails from every account. Moreover, it also prioritizes the emails that are most important and filter the rest. 

The foremost valuable features are smart inbox, intelligent notifications, assigning emails, team email, sending an email later, reminders, and so on. 


Employers and managers must collect regular feedback from the employees regarding their productivity and morale within the team to maintain a high-performing work culture.

This issue can be easily solved by the use of performance management software called 15Five. 

This application supports two-way communication between employees and employers. It provides a powerful question bank where a diverse set of potential work issues and concerns are addressed.

Time Management For Employees While Working From Home

Time is the most valuable aspect for everyone on the planet. Time once is gone; it is gone. Time never comes back once it’s gone. The ability to utilize your time well is the key to becoming more productive in general. 

Time management is the way of organizing and planning how to utilize your time in a specific task.

One should have good time management skills for recognizing as bright. Good time management will help to perform tasks in a short time with good quality.

Therefore, I would like to suggest to you that “Say no to everything that doesn’t support your immediate goals.” Time is an essential element.

Wasting time on unnecessary activities can hamper your career. Most of the people put on their to-do lists which are never done at all. 

The advent of the digital transformation era has increased many companies to move to work from home models. Working from home is considered to be more effective. 

You should consider a few time management tips to stay productive and get the best result while working from home. So, I think these tips will assist you in managing your time and make you more productive. 

Wake Up Earlier

To keep your self-esteem motivated, you must wake up earlier and become fresh to work. I want to suggest you not work late at night. Better you sleep earlier.

While sleeping, turn off or keep your mobile phone in silence so that no one can disturb you.

Before you Start Work, Do Something for Yourself.

Some of you start working immediately after you wake up. Rather than working immediately, you should do something for yourself to boost your energy level.

You could do a workout or read your favorite book by considering the time before starting your work. 

Maintain a Personal Schedule

While working from home, it is vital to follow the natural routine, i.e., the personal timetable to work and rest, which will make you more comfortable. 

It can be more effective for keeping the proper focus on work. Working from home doesn’t mean you have to work. It would help if you gave weekend breaks to yourself to maintain a balanced state of mind.

Create a Comfort Zone to Work

To complete a work productively, it is necessary to determine the proper and comfortable environment. While working, your mind should be relaxed and free of burden. 

Work can be done regarding time within a peaceful environment. There should be space between your activities and office work.

Identify your most important task and do it first

Check your emails and texts from your working groups and identify your most important work a day earlier.

After you become fresh, start doing that work with total dedication and complete it within time. Work from your calendar, not from a to-do list.  

Division of Work

The division of work can decrease the burden as well as it will be easy to maintain time. An employee may have given more tasks in bulk. 

It is difficult for an individual to work continuously. So dividing the works into several parts can reduce the burden and the work completed within time.

Staying Away from Distraction

It is tough to maintain an appropriate and peaceful workplace while working from home. There are many chances of distraction by family and neighbors. You can also get distracted by their noise. 

Those distractions result in a delay in work. Hence, it is necessary to stay away from those distractions to focus on work. You can also turn off mobile phones or keep them in silence.   

Moreover, here are a few more time management tips that help to stay productive:

  1. Set your own goals and rewards.
  2. Learn to delegate.
  3. Block out the things that distract you the most.
  4. Link your actions to your goals.
  5. Take frequent breaks and rest.
  6. Do not get lost in details.
  7. Maintain proper discipline.
  8. Increase your inspiration and motivation.
  9. Focus only one goal at a time.
  10. Say no to multitasking.

Advantages of Time Management for Employees

Some common advantages of time management for employees while working from home are as follows:

It helps to Develop the Responsibility

Unless the employees become responsible, they cannot be efficient at work. They cannot manage their time effectively.

So time management plays an essential role in developing responsibility and increasing productivity.

Discipline and Self-Improvement

Discipline is essential in every individual. While working from home, some may lack discipline, which will result in poor performance in work. Similarly, discipline is necessary for self-improvement too. 

Improved Quality of Life

When you have time management skills, you can improve your professional life and life outside your office.

Your personal life will be highly reputed, and you will have good prestige in society. When you are out of stress and anxiety, your quality of life improves automatically.

Achieving common goals

Proper management of time will help in achieving the goals for both organization and the individual. The organization can achieve the goal by increasing productivity, whereas an individual can get several rewards and promotions to satisfy the organization with their work.

Disadvantages of Improper Time Management for Employees

Similarly here are some common disadvantages of time management for employees while working from home are as follows:

Unwanted Stress

If you cannot manage the time correctly or lack utilizing the time, there will be a burden of unwanted stress in your mind. It may result in some serious diseases.

Stress can never give good results in work. So you will be mentally disturbed every time.


Sometimes getting work done early can lead to many obstacles and issues in life. When you start to perform work faster, you will undoubtedly skip work, and significant mistakes arise.

You start searching for alternatives to do the work earlier, which will negatively impact work.


Mismanagement occurs when one tends to finish work in a short duration. Managing the official work randomly just for early completion can result in mismanagement. Employees can misplace the arrangement of data and information.

Falling Behind

If you are deficient in utilizing time or have poor planning skills, you will always fall behind. It will make you demotivated, and you will lose self-confidence.

Falling behind can also hamper your career as well as organizational goals.


The above-listed applications can help you balance work-life by staying at home even in the global pandemic, giving both employees and organizations more productive results. 

It will be flexible for remote employees to work using the above applications. All applications listed above are free of cost, and you can use them whenever you want.

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