10 Best Tools and Software for Office Management

Best Tools and Software for Office Management

Office management includes the overall supervision of the office. Office management includes planning, tracking, and implementing work processes in a suitable work environment and coordination to obtain fruitful outputs with proper management tools and software.

Office management requires software tools for proper functioning and working when offices operate with employees at remote locations.

The management software tools help in properly managing and implementing the rules and regulations of the office to meet organizational tasks and criteria.

Fundamentals of Office Management Software and Tools

The basic requirements of office management include certain criteria that need fulfillment. There is numerous software on the market, and a proper office management tool has certain management software criteria that need proper checking. If a management software fulfills the following criteria, then it is considered a good one:

1. User Friendly

When you opt to buy management software for your company, make sure it is user-friendly and receives employee appreciation.

The interface or dashboard needs good maintenance with many members using the tool. The software with an easily usable interface is handy for all users.

2. Work Management

With plenty of work necessary in a company, notice the work options in the task management application with event management.

The feature of better scheduling keeps the organization in a structure as every member knows what their work is, and the manager knows what tasks are assigned to each individual.

3. Time Management

Timelines and Gantt charts are essential for the timely delivery of outputs. When applications track and notify the users about time, the employees meet deadlines, and time is managed.

With good time management apps, many yearly goals are met by the different teams working under an office.

4. Device Compatibility

Remote working demands software and tools operated from various devices from different locations with internet connections.

When choosing the perfect tool, make sure it is accessible from different operating systems and device-compatible and flexible.

5. Access Control

The office management software you need for management should include an access control system that helps dispatch responsibilities and important information as per the hierarchy.

When authority is decentralized, it should reach the correct office members as per their roles and duties to deliver projects.

6. High Transparency

Collaboration software with unbiased features and inclusive work options can help an organization stay transparent to its employees and project managers.

Clear features with proper communication facilities to include envoy visitors remove the communication gap between different members in the company and out of the company.

7. Real-time Analysis

When the management application records certain data and information and gives reports, the real-time data needs good analysis.

Make sure you choose an application that works in real-time and gives fast results with other managing tasks.

Benefits of Office Management Tools and Software

Office management tools help office members, especially those working from home. Office management is increasing as it helps in the division of work leading to more productivity and ease for employees and employers. Some benefits of office management tools are:

1. Better Performance:

When multiple projects are running under one office, each project needs equal time, budget, and resources for completion from project managers.

The managers have a hard time managing tasks, focusing on the most important ones, and giving the least focus on the unimportant projects. 

Office management tools help emphasize each project and help implement the plans for many projects at a time.

Using different management software helps the employer and employee perform better for productivity with employee satisfaction.

2. Healthy Communication

Management tools that help communication can simplify the tiring process of repeatedly discussing the same process.

With proper communication via text message and conferencing tools, the office members have less misunderstanding and more clearance of the goals and objectives of the work.

When in doubt, the team members can collaborate and solve the problem from the front desk. Team project managers benefit by properly managing the teams remotely, and the team members receive enough encouragement with daily communication via different conferencing tools.

3. Timely Work

Team members need to meet daily goals to yield better productivity through remote team collaboration with deadlines knocking on the door.

Time tracking applications help proper time management and motivate employees to finish work within the deadlines. Task organizing apps and tools help schedule tasks for the entire week to track time.

Productivity trackers help in the analysis of the present situation of employee work. All the tools help finish the organizational goals daily, weekly, and finally yearly. 

4. Better EOR and Team Cohesion

EOR refers to Employee Organization Relationships for team performance that is boosted with the help of a management software tool. With proper tools, team members can build trust and share their problems regarding daily work.

Team cohesion leads to innovative ideas for better task completion. The team project managers can assign tasks and expect good outcomes from the employees. It is very important to use management apps for remote work handling and direct message exchange.

Some Office Management Tools and Software

With various software on the market for office management, we need the best ones with concern to pricing plans.

Office Management tools and software make the whole office process easy and structured. Some best office management tools for your company, business, or work are mentioned below:


Office Management Tools and Software : timeTracko

timeTracko is an application made for tracking employee time and productivity. It is a time and productivity tracking app that makes analysis easier for office management. timeTracko has a user-friendly interface.

Some Features of timeTracko

  • Time Track tracks the mouse clicks and keystroke for knowing how active your employees are. Office management is easy after knowing the level of activity of individual users.
  • It provides an option for real-time tracking to track the employee’s work via screenshots and videos.
  • Screencasting helps in the detection of irregularities and advising employees regarding productivity. Users can track time for a particular project, task, or customer, making management and planning easier for employers.
  • It groups the programs, applications, and websites into productive, non-productive, and neutral divisions. You can also know the total time in hours an employee worked.
  • The application helps you review the summary of the usage of each employee to analyze which employee is more efficient.
  • Productivity charts help your company’s management by daily, weekly, and monthly analysis of productive and non-productive hours of employees.

Pricing of timeTracko

  • timeTracko lite: Free
  • Team plan: $7/user/month.
  • Business plan: $12/user/month.
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing

2. Google Drive

Office Management Tools and Software : Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based technology that allows users to store their files and documents for free up to 15 GB.

Google is a great office management tool and helps users document management and files without losing them.

Some Features of Google Drive

  • Google Drive allows team collaboration through documents, spreadsheets, and other types of files.
  • It allows easy access to the files you have stored and allows team members to view and edit files with authority.
  • Google Drive ensures users of privacy by keeping content safe. It scans the documents to drive away malware, spam, or anomalies while storing the content.
  • This tool is integrated with other applications, and you can cooperate in Microsoft Office Files with different types of files.
  • The artificial intelligence-fused search technology in Google Drive helps users find documents and data after typing the keyword that matches the title. 

Pricing of Google Drive

  • Google Drive is free for up to 15 GB.
  • The price for 100 GB is $1.99.
  • The price for 1 TB is $9.99.
  • The price for 10 TB plus starts at $99.99.

3. Trello

Office Management Tools and Software : Trello

Trello is a management application that helps in proper collaboration among team members.

With different projects made in a company, Trello helps arrange all projects onboard. You can know which employee is working on what project, making office management smooth. 

Some Features of Trello

  • Users can select the view of their choice for the Trello board. The board includes timelines, tasks, calendars, etc.
  • Trello cards contain checklists with dates and attachments that help manage a task easily.
  • The built-in automation feature helps teamwork by lowering the tedious work in loops as the robot works for you.
  • Trello provides integrations with other tools that make the workflow easy and systematic for team members.

Pricing of Trello

  • The basic version is free of cost.
  • The standard version takes $5 per user per month.
  • Premium version costs $10 per user per month.
  • Enterprise version costs $17.50 per user per month.

4. Slack

Office Management Tools and Software : Slack

Slack is used as a communication tool in business organizations. The entire office members can conduct daily tasks and meetings via slack.

It is a great office management tool as team members can individually connect and discuss work matters openly.

Some Features of Slack

  • Slack channels help create spaces for team members where discussions and files exchange is possible.
  • Slack connect allows the officials of different offices to connect for work.
  • Messaging feature helps communicate with members who work remotely, and the chat is private and secure.
  • You can connect to your team memes from any location with an internet connection and share screens for presentations, and organize video conferences.
  • Users can react to posts with different emojis and gifs; you can choose modes for viewing and adjust zoom levels.
  • Slack commands provide different features, and there are keyboard shortcuts for accessibility.
  • The inclusion of third-party applications like Google Drive and 2200 others for integration make management easy for officials.

Pricing of Slack

  • The pro version takes $6.67 per user per month.
  • The business plus version takes $12.50 per user per month.

5. Xero

Office Management Tools and Software : Xero

The office uses the Xero application for accounting purposes. Xero application is useful for handling transactions of banks and sending invoices via automation.

It is useful as an accounting management application in offices, and its top features are mentioned below.

Some Features of Xero

  • The Xero application helps track the bills and analyze the bills that require payments for better knowledge of cash flow.
  • Users can track their expenses and costs and reimburse claims of expenses.
  • The app allows banks to track transactions and accept online payments without a credit card.
  • Xero app helps track profits and costs of projects and manage customer contacts with sales and payments.
  • Using HubDoc, you can store copies of original papers without manual data entry.
  • You can use payroll apps via Xero and manage, share other useful office documents and files with bill receipts.
  • With auto calculation for sales tax, users can view reports for sales tax returns.

Pricing of Xero

  • The starter pack costs $22 per month.
  • The standard version costs $35 per month.
  • Premium version costs $47 per month.

6. Evernote

Office Management Tools and Software : Evernote

Evernote is an application that keeps important files like receipts, to-do lists, or any important documents of the entire team.

Users can access Evernote from any device and sync to access the documents from any device. 

Some Features of Evernote

  • The sync and organize feature helps users access notes from any location and device. The files you store in the app are safe, and you can easily search for a particular document and take notes at important events and team-building activities.
  • Web clipper allows you to save the screenshots from the web with articles and web pages with pdfs with bookmarking option and gives the option to edit the screen captures and helps in organizing the content.
  • Evernote encourages going paperless with the document scanning feature that allows scanning documents like receipts, id cards, boarding passes with the digitization of business cards.
  • The templates offered by Evernote are easily customizable, and you can make a list of to-do tasks and let Evernote act as a task manager. Users can delegate tasks to others and track the entire day with flags and reminders. 

Pricing of Evernote

  • The basic version is free.
  • Evernote personal costs $7.99 per month.
  • Evernote professional takes $9.99 per month.
  • Evernote teams cost $14.99 per user per month.

7. FreshDesk

Office Management Tools and Software : Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based application used for customer support with the help of automation. It is a great customer management application to have good customer relationships and increase sales.

Some Features of FreshDesk

  • The ticketing feature uses AI technology for assigning tickets to the agents for proper customer service. You can collaborate with the office’s team members to provide better customer service. 
  • AI automation helps the users increase the workflow by taking care of repetitive tasks. The help widget lets you support your customers and know when your customers need extra care and services.
  • The analytics feature allows examining the customer support data and drawing conclusions for businesses. The data in Freshdesk are secure with SSL certifications and safe login via SSO.
  • FreshDesk has integrations with other applications that make management easier for the officials.

Pricing of FreshDesk

  • The basic version is free.
  • The growth version costs $15 per agent per month billed annually and $18 per agent per month billed monthly.
  • Pro version costs $49 per agent billed annually and $59 per month billed monthly.
  • The enterprise version takes $79 per agent per month billed annually and $95 per agent per month billed monthly.

8. Google Calendar

Office Management Tools and Software : Google Calendar

Google Calendar helps schedule events and meetings within an organization and helps the members keep reminders about certain events.

You can create multiple calendars for official use and benefit without missing an important meeting or discussion.

Some Features of Google Calendar

  • The scheduling of events is accompanied by event creation, setting notifications, adding guests with event descriptions, and saving events.
  • Events management can reply to an invitation, check the guests, and update with event deleting.
  • Users can view the different reminders and create and remove personal reminders independently. You can share your calendar, and for groups, import and export different shared calendars and even delete them.
  • Managing events is easier, and you can adjust the look of your calendar by changing the view.
  • Keeping notes and reminders for certain dates is possible, and you can edit your to-do list and make necessary changes.

Pricing of Google Calendar

  • The basic version is free of cost.
  • The business version costs $5 per user per month and $50 per year.

9. Zoom

Office Management Tools and Software : Zoom

One of the best communication tools for office management is Zoom. It provides options for web conferencing with audio or video.

The daily meetings with remote workers use the Zoom application for collaboration and planning. 

Some Features of Zoom

  • Zoom allows the team members in a company to communicate with one another and hold daily discussions related to work via chatting, video calling. 
  • The screen sharing option allows users to share the whole screen for presentations and meetings or share an application online.
  • When a person is speaking among the many in a meeting, the camera automatically shifts to the active speaker making the presentation systematic.
  • You can schedule meetings on a particular day and host meetings with clients from different regions of the world.
  • The recording option allows you to record the entire meeting locally, and you can view and make reports by referencing the recorded video.
  • For larger meetings and collaborations, the total participants are 500 in large rooms in a seminar that extends upto 10000 participants.
  • Zoom is compatible with different devices and operating systems and is easy to use.

Pricing of Zoom

  • The basic version is free.
  • The pro version costs $149.90 per year per license.
  • The business version takes $199.90 per year per license.
  • The Enterprise version costs $240 per year per license.

10. Hootsuite

Office Management Tools and Software : Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows the users to manage the different social media accounts from one application.

Hootsuite acts as social media manager for official social media account handling and is a great choice as it makes office marketing easy and systematic.

Some Features of Hootsuite

  • Hootsuite creates posts for different social media simultaneously on different accounts. You can schedule the posting time as per the requirement.
  • You can view all the social media content from one application and take care of messages and views.
  • Replying to messages with the Hootsuite app is easier, and you can schedule the campaigns and collaborate.
  • The analysis of results through the report provided by Hootsuite is needed to identify the brand advertising and marketing progress. 

Pricing of Hootsuite

  • The professional version costs $49 per month.
  • Team version takes $129 per month.
  • The business version costs $599 per month.


Choosing the best office management app is a necessity of every office presently. Microsoft Office and other apps are integrated into the office management applications for better use and high productivity.

Collaboration software includes scrum boards that help people with task management and complete project due dates.

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