Bored At Work? Here Are Some Productive Things To Do


Bored At Work? Here Are Some Productive Things To Do

Boredom can strike anywhere, whether you are at the office or work from home. Doing the same tasks repeatedly can make you bored and want to do some productive things. 

Boredom at work can lead you toward creativity only if you engage in specific activities and have an undeniable result. Otherwise boredom may annoy you or even demotivate you.

Work productivity is decreased when employees are bored at the office.

Why Does Productivity Matter in The Workplace?

A company’s efficiency and long-term conquest are built by its productivity. Having more productive employees leads to more work being done and more benefits being realized.

Productivity in workplace matter for following reason:

  • The firm can increase and utilize the human resources it has by being productive.
  • A productive workplace translates into excellent customer service.
  • Identifying and tracking productivity metrics can help companies manage and improve workforce productivity.
  • As productivity increases, an organization can turn resources into revenues, paying stakeholders and retaining cash flows for future growth and expansion.
  • Productivity leads to competitiveness and potentially competitive advantages.

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5 Reasons Why You Are Bored At Work 

There may be different reasons  for feeling bored at the workplace depending on time and situation. However, five of the most common ones are discussed below. 

  1. Feeling Disrespected 

Boredness can be caused by feeling disrespected. There is often no difference between how challenging or engaging your task is if you don’t feel that you are heard and respected.

Feeling Disrespected 

Being disrespected causes you to lose motivation which in turn causes boredom at the workplace.

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  1. Assigned tasks does not align with your interest 

Everyone  has their own field of interest and loves to work in it. Whenever we are engaged in an activity we are more productive, work can be accomplished faster, and we are never bored.

The problem arises when we are hired for one job and have to do tasks that do not interest us.

  1. A lack of passion

We can only build a career if we are passionate about it. Finding out what you are good at or what you are passionate about is an excellent tactic. Lack of passion leads to difficulty learning new things and boredom.

Identify five things you love to do frequently or love to work on at your workspace. Organize your list by the top five tasks. Take time to see how you can use your creativity if you consider yourself creative.

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  1. You feel overqualified

In every field, qualifications are crucial. But if you feel that you are overqualified for the post, you feel bored at work.

Having overqualified employees at work results in boredom and a misalignment of workplaces.

For example, if a man with ten years of experience in a reputed cybersecurity company suddenly starts teaching computer security to high school students, he will surely feel bored.

Although all jobs should be respected equally, being bored is not simply a matter of choice, since your overqualification makes you feel like you have nothing to do, resulting in boredom.

  1. You don’t like your co-workers

The people you work with help you in many ways such as entertaining you when you are bored, helping you in your work, supporting your thoughts and opinions, encouraging you etc.

If you don’t like your colleagues, get in constant arguments with them, and pay no heed to their opinions, then you will feel alienated. Alienation is one of the primary causes of boredom at the workplace. 

You simply do not have anyone to share your joys and worries in your time at work causing you to become extremely bored with your job.

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Productive Things To Do When You Are Bored At Office

No matter what the cause of your boredom at the office is, staying still and not doing anything about it is obviously not the right answer. Here are some productive things you can do when you are bored at office work.

1. Clean up your email 

Due to our busy schedules, we only read emails that are essential at the moment, and ignore irrelevant ones. As a result, our inboxes become clogged with unnecessary emails. When our mailbox gets full, emails cannot even reach us, resulting in potential problems. 

So, when bored, it is a good idea to clean up our emails by reading them all and delete the unnecessary and spammy ones. It helps boost productivity, keeps you updated about any important ideas, or upcoming events. 

Moreover, checking up on emails every once in a while and mailing to your clients yourself is very helpful. You may get unexpected feedback and improve customer interaction thus improving workplace productivity.

2. Create a To-Do list

Always create a to-do list to keep yourself and your task organized and, at the same time, help you to stay productive.

You can also download to-do list apps if making a to-do list in the paper is insufficient. Creating a to-do list can take time; hence, making a list when you are bored is always better.

There are high chances that you might forget to add crucial tasks when you create the list in a hurry. So, you can even update the list and add new tasks that you might have forgotten to add while creating the tasks when facing boredom. 

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3. Help out your colleagues

Sometimes, you may feel bored while in office if you finished all of your day’s work before the time to clock out. So, with some extra time on hand and nothing to do, instead of feeling bored, you can instead help out your colleagues. 

It is a great way to improve your workplace interactions, feel refreshed, learn something new, make new friends and boost your productivity. 

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4. Organize your Workplace

During your work hour, you may feel bored and skip the work for a bit. Usually, you tend to start gossiping with your colleagues during such hours, sometimes disturbing them.

Instead of gossiping or surfing the internet, you can organize your messy work desk. No matter how often you plan to organize my stationery drawer, whenever you need staplers and a glue gun, you never find them. Has it happened to you? 

If it has, then throw away chocolate wrappers and pieces of paper in the bin. Organize your stationery items and notes in the proper place to find them easily whenever you need them to boost your productivity at work. 

5. Read Books

Reading is always the best option for staying productive when you are bored and a book person. Even if you do not have a habit of reading books, you can always give it a shot.

Reading books during work hours sounds bad. But you can take breaks and go to the office balcony, cafeteria, or other open and  quiet place at work to read a book. 

Even if you cannot read the complete book, reading even a couple of pages might sometimes do magic and make you not feel bored anymore.

You can always select your genre before you start reading. To stay motivated, you can read a biography of someone who had a similar profession as yours. 

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6. Listen To Podcasts/ Audiobooks

One of the best ways to stay productive during work or at home is listening to podcasts or audiobooks whenever you feel bored. Especially when you do not like reading. 

You can listen to a podcast related to your core subject, career, or motivational podcasts. Podcasts always help reduce your stress, energize you to do better, and help you to stay focused on your work.

If you are new to the podcast concept and want to follow some podcasts to stay productive, here are some podcasts that you can follow:

There are many audiobook apps that you can download for your phone or pcs and listen to them whenever you are bored. Some of the best audiobook apps are Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, scribd and more.

7. Organize Your Desktop and Cache Files

If you have a lot of files on your desktop, it will be hard to find them whenever you need them. Therefore, whenever you feel bored, you can always organize files separately for each project, clean your desktop, and delete unnecessary screenshots. 

You can clean your monitor and keyboard, clear all cache files, and update your software regularly. Cleaning your desktop will make it easier to find required files, give out timely responses, feel encouraged in doing work and thus boost your productivity

Productive Things To Do When You Are Bored Working Remotely

8. Try out a new recipe

Cooking can be therapy for you and is a stress buster if you love cooking. After a long day at work, you can always prepare dinner for yourself or create some new dishes that can help you to reduce the whole day’s stress. 

Even if you do not prefer cooking, you should learn to have healthy food and not spend more money ordering food. You can even join some cooking classes if you are keen to cook new dishes. If you are busy, you can even learn to cook online. 

9. Catch up with family members

When we are with our family we will never get bored. Home is the place that gives us a 

a lot of enjoyment. If you get bored at home you can catch up with your family members. This is one of the best ways to refresh yourself. 

Share your new old memories with your family members, or explore new stuff with them like a new TV they have bought. Or, you can also remember old stories you have shared with them.

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10. Start gardening

A plant in your yard reduces anxiety, stress and improves your mental health

When you are bored at home with nothing to do, one of the productive things to do is water your plant, trim it, and take care of it. You can also plant some indoor plants and outdoor plants if you have not already. 

11. Do some physical exercise

One of the productive things to do when bored is to do some exercises. Whenever you are bored during work, instead of surfing social media, stretch a bit and relax your muscles, you will feel much better. 

Exercise helps you remove your boredom; if you do not like to do physical activities, you can always try light yoga or simple stretching.

If you are on vacation, you can exercise as part of your daily routine and spend a minimum of thirty minutes doing exercise or yoga. 

Exercise and yoga help improve your creativity, control your weight, reduce back pain, and improve sleep quality.

12. Listen to music

Listen to music whenever you are bored to relax, remove negative energy, energize you to do better, and improve concentration.

If you feel like music distracts you, you can always listen to concentration music, alpha waves, and relaxing music to bring psychological changes and make you peaceful.  

These kinds of music also help reduce blood pressure heart rate and increase the blood flow rate. 

13. Go Through Old Pictures

Photography is always the right solution for boredom; you can always go through your old pictures when you are bored. 

Old pictures always excite us, and we feel nostalgic when we go through old photographs. They are like time machines that take us to our good old days and recall the lost memories while growing up.

When you have some free time at home, you can always remember your family members and friends in your childhood picture.

You can also go through albums of your last trips, schools, and college photos, which remind you about your precious time and relations. It helps rediscover your passion, gain motivation, and improve your productivity. 

14. Plan your next vacation

We all love vacations but planning a vacation is always a task, especially with family or friends. 

You may have your own experience while planning a trip with your friends; there is always a debt about selecting a destination, hotels, transport, and more.

Everyone comes up with different ideas, and planning a vacation can take time. You can note where to go, how to go, booking hotels, and fun activities you would like to do on vacation.

You can share your note or text your friends about the plan and discuss it later. Hence, it is always better to utilize your free time and plan for your next vacation and stay productive at the same time. 

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It’s ok to feel bored while working or during the weekend, but being a couch potato is not ok. 

We all feel bored during some time of the day, and during such a dull period, you should be able to be productive and not waste your time.

There are many productive things to do to overcome boredom, and some fun and productive activities you can do to boost your energy when you are bored have been mentioned in the article. 

Do not forget to write what you do when feeling bored at home or at work in the comments section below.