Performance Management for Remote Employees

Performance Management for Remote Employees

There are two sides of a coin. One side is incomplete without the other. Even when facing the opposite, they compliment each other.

Performance Management is similarly the coordination between the employers and the employees. They have to work with each other, understanding and fulfilling the expectations for better coordination.

Performance management systems have transformed from home to remote practice. Now, most employees are used to working remotely and are getting habitual to it.

Remote workers find difficulty in a few prospects, but most of the stresses are relieved because of the remote work experience. Mainly the time factor has improved in their lives as there is no commuting to work.

While the employees are struggling with the new system, online tools, and isolation, employers are even more stressed with the decentralized workflow. They are in constant fear that they are losing their grip on the team, which is affecting their thought, perception, and belief.

The employer, however, has to learn to manage with a new mental model and understand the mark of time.

What is Understanding with Remote Employees?

It is quite clear with a literal answer. Understanding is to be complacent with the work that employees deliver.

But, in this time of pandemic reactions, there are many factors where employers need to show their understanding towards workers. It helps in improving performance management.

First, employees are insecure about their job security and career, and it has put mental pressure that has demotivated their enthusiasm for work. 

They are working in isolation, and some may be living alone. Because of lack of social interactions, they are psychologically ill. Every day waking up and doing the same thing without anyone to talk to creates a sense of imprisonment. Even in prison, they let you work out, play games, and socialize.

There are many disturbances to the employee living with their family, again a performance reducer. The children are present at home all the time, which brings extra noise, extra need for pampering, which will bring extra tiredness. There are added tasks for medical checkups and vaccinations.

After all the personal jobs are fulfilled, the employees feel compromised in their office work. They feel guilt but cannot make choices between job and family, which is unethical.

So, it solely depends upon the employer to critically understand the employees’ performance issues and reach out to them. They should find a solution with flexibility and show utmost understanding. Only then the remote performance improve.

Ways to Achieve Better Performance Management

Ways to Achieve Better Performance Management

Performance management relies on the following practices but is dependent on both parties in the process. It is impractical to find the fault, and it is always better to look for a solution.

Acceptance of the Changed System

Remote performance management is the reality now, and we have to accept it. The faster we realize the change, the better it would be for the team.

There are many disturbances in the house, and it takes time to recover the employee’s productivity like that of when in the office. You have to understand that.

It is difficult for the HR team and managers as well to implement the new system. It is a new concept, a new way of working life, and employees must workout with them in this struggle. They should be patient and cooperative in their daily tasks.

With bilateral understanding and acceptance, remote performance can be easily monitored, and the efficiency of the employees is restored.

Performance Management Apps

With the increase in the number of remote workers, it is hard to manage the workforce with conventional software, and you have to integrate new featured applications into your toolset., Wrike, Asana, timeTracko, etc., are some popular performance management applications in 2022. You will have a complete observatory platform for your office tasks and manage them from your remote location.

There are other applications that are better for specific purposes. Some are good for project management, and some are essential for communication and collaboration. Payment methods and automatic analytics reports also can be prepared with the management applications.

You will have your employees’ performance report, and based on that, you can plan your team setup and workflow.

Flexibility Allowance

The pandemic has caused damage in many sectors. Personal, social, economic, and political sectors faced challenges and changes in these previous years.

So, remote workers have added responsibilities at home. The children have online classes, and family members have additional health necessities. Infrastructure maintenance inside the house has to be done because of added technological necessities and, most of all, panic and pressure added by all such duties.

There are times when employees may get burnt out because of these hectic tasks with added pressure from the office. 

As long as remote workers complete their routine tasks correctly and attend online meetings, managers should let them have flexible work time. It is the right thing to do.

Supervisors must be liberal in micromanaging, or it’s best if it’s not done.

Discussing Problems and Performance Issues

Open communication between the employer and employees is essential to improve their performance. The trust factor heavily induces competency and better performance.

Data is available from applications and performance management software. So, a detailed report on every employee is easily accessible to the supervising committee.

Someone may be sick or may have some household problems. If the office committee is compassionate toward the employees, they will share their problems. The communication becomes transparent, and the relationship improves.

Some employees may have problems working with the computer for long hours; some may have difficulty using applications; some may feel anxious about the online office system. All these problems can be understood and solved if the employees willingly share them with the supervisor.

We have to create that environment where we can discuss problems and find logical solutions if we want to have a performance management system in our work.

Appreciation of Good Work

Employees seek appreciation for the work if they have performed better than others. It is the duty of employers or supervisors to acknowledge their achievements.

As the supervisor, you can host a meeting with all the team members when you have some announcements or proclamations regarding the employee’s performance. Being recognized for hard work among peers is better than personal messages.

Even the recommendations and reviews about the performances done among the team members are better. It will help them to understand each others’ inadequacies and coordinate better.

Remote workers will perform better if they are nurtured and influenced well. Performance management in such cases is unnecessary when good performance is ensured.

Clarity in Objectives

You must set targets precisely. Everyone in the team should clearly understand the procedures, deadlines, and necessary research.

Remote performances are mostly the victim of a lack of proper communication. Text messages are shared where we cannot deliver proper sense while working. And, every time we have confusion, we cannot have a video conference. It becomes a distraction to your work.

So, it is the duty of supervisors to have proper clarity of the work objective, and only then they can explain the process and protocols to the team.

As a result, all the work is completed on time with the necessary productivity. There will be no stress for the member participants, and their performance will be well alleviated.

Time Sets for Casual Talks with Everyone

Remote workers have difficulty with isolation and degraded self-esteem while working alone in their homes. They need morale supervision to remain positive.

HR officers and managers must constantly have casual conversations with the employees. If possible, they must set a time every day to talk to each one of them. Group calls and the sharing of private incidents and stories help to make them feel not alone. 

Frequent conversation with employees can give a boost to performance management. They will feel that they are thought of and monitored by their supervisors, even at home. They have people ready to pamper them.

It is a small responsibility of the employers, but the chain reactions it will create in the performance of the employees are simply amazing. Psychological help is the best form of help to an employee in these times of loneliness and changes.

Ask for Updates from Employees

Employers must be willing to ask for information from their employees constantly. It will be hectic at times, but the new working system adds responsibility to the supervisors.

It should not be a compulsory one-to-one conversation with all of the workforce. There are several project management software that makes it possible to reach out to all the remote workers.

You can do task divisions and receive daily updates at work. Problems can be stated, and solutions can be reflected. There are means and digital platforms that easily fulfill the added duties. 


The objective of remote performance management is to restore the original performance of the employees rather than pushing them to show unnatural productivity. 

Yes, they are working from their home, but there are other things more important than work, or, to say, equally important. It simply increases stress if employees have to make a choice and decreases performance.

Remote workers should communicate well with the supervisors if they wish to remove their superficial title “Remote” and simply address as workers and employees. 

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