Best Online Team Building Games for Remote Teams

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Best Online Team Building Games for Remote Teams

Online team building is establishing relationships between distant workers via online platforms. More and more companies are forming teams made up of remote workers from all around the world.

Virtual team development encourages communication and collaboration and friendships and alignment, just like it does in the actual world.

Remote teams can benefit from online games that enhance employee engagement, productivity, team spirit, and fun.

Why are Team Building Games so Important for Remote Teams?

A team-building game engages your team and enhances communication between employees in a fun and creative way. Doing activities together while you’re meeting virtually or in-person can energize your team members and brighten their day.

When done right, team building events can be an extremely valuable investment for your company. The point is that remote team building isn’t just beneficial in the ways we’ve suggested, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Some of the importance of team building games for remote teams are listed below: 

  • It has the potential to engage each team member and improve interpersonal interactions if properly planned and chosen.
  • It enhances collaboration, allowing team members to understand better and trust one another’s perspectives while also learning.
  • It helps to Improve team communication and collaboration to boost productivity.
  • It can help organizations connect geographically dispersed and diverse teams, creating a sense of unity.
  • If team members participate in and complete challenges together, they will feel more committed to each other and their work.
  • It translates to a workplace where innovation is encouraged and idea-sharing is expected.

20 Best Online Team Building Games for Remote Teams

Here is a list of 20 innovative online team-building games for Remote Teams to enhance employee productivity and make work more fun.

10 Online Team Building Games for Remote Teams

1. QuizBreaker

Duration: 2 to 10 minutes for each round
Team Member: 10-20 Employees
Best for: Make a Bond

Online Team Building Games for Remote Teams- QuizBreaker

Quizebreaker is an effective game for a remote team to make an effective bond. It includes fun icebreaker questions and a quiz in which participants must predict each other’s answers.

QuizBreaker’s questions help in generating learning and fostering teamwork. Each team member can answer up to 100 icebreaker questions. A player can skip a question if they don’t want to answer it.

How To Play a QuizBreaker Game?

  • Make a list of 100 icebreaker questions.
  • Invite the team to participate and answer the questions.

Depending on your team’s icebreaker answers, QuizBreaker creates custom “who said what” questions. These are automatically sent to your email account and can be timed to suit your needs.

  • Every right guess is richly rewarded in their gamified online app.
  • QuizBreaker helps your team bond by providing a fun virtual team-building experience.

2. War of the Wizards

Duration: 90 minutes
Team Member: 8-300
Best for: Productivity

War of the Wizards is a unique collaborative storytelling game full of magic and wisdom. This game includes the mechanics of RPG games, puzzle-solving, escape rooms, world-building, and storytelling.

How to play War of the Wizards?

  • The story begins with a group of wizards who have been at war for years, and no one knows why.
  • You and your employee take on the role of wizards’ minions and collect magical objects, cast spells, solve puzzles, tell stories and overcome obstacles.
  • You must make whatever effort to bring a peaceful end to the war.
  • This game is perfect for remote teams and fun for players of all skill levels. It is simple to follow. The professional host guides the game via video conference.

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3. Photo of Your Life

Duration: 15-30 minutes
Team Members: As much as you desire
Best for: Know your entire team

Photo of Your Life is a game where employees send a photo of something that tells a story about them. For example, a picture of their pet, the mug they use to drink coffee, a photo of their kids, or even a picture of their apartment or house. 

How to play Photos of your life?

  • Ask every member to share a picture of something from their life.
    It can be any image of their kids, pets, a picture of the shoes they are wearing, a view from their window, their favorite mug to drink tea or coffee, a picture of their desk, or their favorite TV shows.
  • Ask every employee to share the story behind their picture.

This game is fun, and every team member will get to know one another and create a friendly environment. It works as an icebreaker when you play it for the first time or when a new employee enters the company.

4. Online Team Building Bingo 

Duration: 15-30 minutes
Team Member: Everyone on your team
Best for: Team Building

Online Team Building Bingo is a great online and fun game for teams because it is a simple, easy, and familiar game to play with remote employees. It is also referred to as Virtual Team Building Bingo or Remote Team Bingo.

This game is simple to set up and has a nostalgic feel. Similar to icebreaker bingo, it’s a fun way to engage virtual teams, slightly nostalgic, and it has a familiar format.

How to play online team building Bingo?

  • Create a bingo board with various actions or accomplishments as a starting point.
  • Distribute the board to your remote staff and set a time limit and game rules for them to follow.
  • Players are awarded a point when they gain information from a relevant coworker to the Bingo board.
  • Track their progress by marking an x for each box they complete and giving prizes to the first player.

5. Two Truths and a Lie 

Duration: 10-15 minutes
Team Member: Everyone on your team
Best for: Entertainment

The most successful strategy for getting to know one another is “Two Truths and a Lie.” This game is light and fun and helps get rid of any awkwardness.

How to play two truths and a lie?

  • Ask all the remote team members to write down two truths and lie facts about themselves. 
  • Host a video conference and ask each team member to read all three facts.
  • Everyone should keep the lie realistic so that it won’t be easy to guess. 
  • The other team members guess which fact is a lie. 
  • The team member with the fact should wait until all the team members have guessed to reveal which one of their facts was a lie. 
  • The team member who guesses right gains points.

6. Can You Hear Me Now?

Duration: 3-5 minutes is sufficient for each round
Team Member: Everyone on your team
Best for:  Improving communication

“Can You Hear Me Now?” is one of the best and most popular online team-building games. Can you hear me now is a fun online game, and you can play this game via video conference?

How to play Can You Hear Me Now?

  • Choose one employee to be the describer or speaker and the rest as artists. 

Note: The speaker should only use geometric shapes; for example, you can say “draw a large rectangle” and then” add two triangles” but not “write the letter B.”

  • The speaker must explain drawing an object like a book, kite, or phone to the artist using only geometric terms. 

Remember: It is essential for the speaker to exercise accurate communication skills and for artists to listen and interpret. 

  • At the end of the round, each artist who properly guesses the object wins one point, and the speaker receives one point for each artist who guesses the object correctly.
  • Calculate the points and give the winner some excellent rewards. 

7. Weavr

Duration: 10-15 minutes
Team Members: Free for up to 7 players
Best for Connecting Team

Online Team Building Games for Remote Teams- WEAVR

Weavr is a game designed to foster communication and team engagement among remote teams. It is a fun online game and frees up to 7 players. This game helps you to keep your team connected.

How to play Weaver?

  • At the start of each round, all the players have to respond with answers to a series of funny prompts that appear on the screen. 

Note: Sometimes you’ll only be able to respond with a GIF, while other times, you have to respond with text answers. 

  • Your teammates will vote on whose answer was the funniest or most “on point.”
  •  The questions and tasks become more personal with each round.

At the end of the game, you’ll learn more about your staff and how they see you.

8. The Aliens Have Landed

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Team Members: 20-30 People
Best for Increase Communication

“The Aliens Have Landed” game promotes communication and creative thinking and develops out-of-the-box thinking in linguistic and cultural diversity teams.

The more your remote employees communicate and generate ideas, the more comfortable they will feel with each other in the future. 

How to play The Aliens Have Landed?

  • Divide employees into groups of three or four.  
  • Tell everyone to imagine that aliens have landed on Earth and wish to know about your company.

Note: Aliens don’t know and speak earthly languages or understand what you do, so you must explain it with five symbols or pictures. 

  • Ask all the groups to talk and develop the five symbols or pictures that best describe your company. 

 Look at all the images and discuss the common themes. 

Aliens have landed in a great quiz game for energising a virtual meeting’s group chat and determining how well your employees understand the company.

9. Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

Duration: 10-15 minutes
Team Members: 2 People at a time
Best for: Entertainment

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament involves an energizing game based on “Rock, Paper, Scissors” but with a twist: Losing players become the fans of the winner as he advances to the next round. This continues until the final round, featuring two large crowds cheering for each other!

Rock paper scissors tournament is a great way to test employees’ responsiveness and promote spontaneity.

How to play Rock Paper Scissors Tournament?

  • Use a preferred video conferencing software for interaction.
  • Two members will face off and play this classic game virtually.
  • The winner of the match will play with the next member on the team, and so on. 

10. Typing Speed Race

Duration:10-15 Minutes
Team Member: Everyone in your team
Best for: Improving typing speed

Typing Speed Race is one of the free and best online team-building games for remote teams. For this game, you can use a free tool. 

Typing Speed Races are a great way to encourage friendly competition between remote teams. 

How to Play a Typing Speed Race?

  • Ask all your team members to do a one-minute challenge and type. 
  • Post their results to Slack, email, or your company message board. 

Competitive team members will respond quickly, and the rest will follow.

You can also organize large-scale competitions by conducting a typing speed relay, in which you create teams and tally up the total scores to determine which team wins. 

Additionally, it is great for skill-building since typing quickly is an important skill for remote workers.

11. Blackout Truth or Dare

Duration: 2-4 Minutes each round
Team Member: Everyone on your team
Best for: Fun + Know your coworkers

One of the most classic party games is Truth or Dare – and it’s an excellent way to get to know your remote team members better in 2022. In the game, players take turns asking each other “Truth or Dare?” 

If they choose the truth, they must answer the question asked by the other player. When they dare, the asker dares them to do something. This activity is a Zoom version of Truth or Dare for team building.

How to play Blackout Truth or Dare?

  • All participants begin by turning on their cameras.
  • The host asks a truth or dare question, such as “Share your last screenshot” or “Are you single?”
  • Players can leave their cameras on to show they are willing to respond or turn them off to signal they do not want to respond.
  • The presenter asks one or more players to finish the truth or dare.
  • Frequently, the next prompt is led by a successful player from the previous round.

12. Forensic Sketch Artist

Duration: 5-10 Minutes each round
Team Member: Everyone on your team
Best for Increasing Creativity

Forensic Sketch Artist is a virtual team building game that is entertaining and creative.

How to play Forensic Sketch Artist?

  • Make teams out of your employees.
  • Inform participants that a series of robberies occurred last night. Fortunately, each team has a witness who saw the robber’s face before leaving the scene.
  • Use a random face generator to make a face.
  • Show the “robber’s” face to one team member.
  • Allow the person who saw the face to explain it to the rest of the team. Other team members must draw the face using the description as a guide.
  • After 10 minutes, collect the portraits, and the one that looks the most like the original face wins.

13. Personality tests

Duration: 20-30 Minutes
Team Member: Everyone on your team
Best for: Knowing coworker’s personality

Personality tests are a typical part of the hiring process and onboarding. This game can also be used to build a remote team.

How to play Personality tests?

  • Create personality quizzes and send them to your staff.
  • Request that everyone submit their results to you.
  • Make a team call to discuss the various personality types and how they fit into team dynamics.

14. Guided Meditation

Duration: 10-20 Minutes
Team Member: Everyone on your team
Best for Stress Reduction

Working from home causes a lot of stress in the workplace, making the working environment unhealthy. Ten peaceful minutes in the middle of a busy day can be an effective method to bring your team together and strengthen your virtual teams.

How to play Guided Meditation?

  • Find a meditation activity on the internet or hire a professional to lead the group.
  • Invite the team to a video conference.
  • Follow the guide’s instructions for mindfulness activities.

Note: You can listen to this music to reduce stress.

15. Guess the Emoji Board

Duration: 5-7 Minutes each round
Team Member: 15-20
Best for Refreshment

It’s the quickest and most enjoyable online team-building game for remote teams.

How to play Guess the Emoji Board?

  • Give each player a list of all the players.
  • Everyone gets five minutes to guess which five emojis each individual on the list uses the most.
  • Reveal the answers and give points for “getting it in the top 5” and “getting it in the correct order.”

16. “Who da baby?” 

Duration: 30-40 Minutes
Team Member: 20-25
Best for: Knowing coworkers personally

“Who da baby?” is a simple and entertaining virtual game that can be played using various video conferencing software.

How to play “Who da baby?” 

  • Everyone who takes part sends you a photo of themselves as babies between 2 and 3.
  • Put the photographs on a Google Doc that everyone can see.
  • Everyone makes a list of who they think the baby is.
  • Gather the responses, evaluate the results, and announce the winners.

17. Virtual Debate Club

Duration: 45-50Minutes
Team Member: 20-30
Best for Increasing Communication Skills

We may all be required to join and participate in the debate club during our school years. This game will help in the creation of communication and relationship skills.

How to play Virtual Debate Club?

  • Make a 45-minute video call with your client.
  • Share excellent practices for effective debate, such as clear communication tactics and logical fallacies identification.
  • Mini arguments on unimportant things are a good way to pass the time. A debate topic could be whether or not raisins should be allowed in cookies.

18. What Would You Do?

Duration: 30-40 Minutes
Team Member: 15-20
Best for Increasing coworkers interaction

You can use What Would You Do? as one of several scenario-based virtual team-building exercises.

How to play What Would You Do?

  • Divide employees into teams.
  • Make hypothetical questions.
  • Allow time for employees to discuss a strategy.

19. Virtual Pub Crawls

Duration:50-60 Minutes
Team Member: Everyone on your team
Best for: Fun

Bar crawls are a real-world way for people to get together, where everyone goes to a pub for a drink and then moves on to the next. You can also participate in a fun virtual pub crawl.

How to play Virtual Pub Crawls?

  • Join your team members in a virtual meeting or conference call.
  • Everyone visits a fun website and has a drink while discussing the material.
  • Changing to a different webpage every 15 minutes.

20. Never Have I Ever

Duration: 30-40 Minutes
Team Member: 20-25 People
Best for: Reduce Stress + Know coworkers personally

In college, many people play a version of Never Have I Ever. Instead, play the version of this game that is suitable for remote work.

How to play Never Have I Ever?

  • Write all subjects in advance as the event organizer, or have team members submit ideas that you filter for the group.
  • Start with five fingers up and subtract one point for each topic you have completed. If the prompt was “never have I have ever been drunk,” for example, everyone who has been drunk would raise their hand.


Many team members may feel left out,  micro-stressed, and unappreciated when working remotely. Therefore, you must make an effort to help employees form bonds with one another. 

Playing fun online games is the best way to build the team and create meaningful relationships with all the team members while working remotely.

Online Team Building crossplay Games help remote team members introduce themselves and get to know each other.

Here I have mentioned some of the Team Building Games for Remote Teams. Please feel free to mention your favourite Team Building Games for Remote Teams in the comment section below.

FAQs Regarding Online Games For Employees

What are team building activities?

Team building activities are some games that we play or conversations that we have with our team members to increase our understanding. It is likely to develop collaboration, communication and teamwork in the workflow, ultimately increasing productivity.

How to boost team morale virtually?

We can boost team morale virtually by organizing games and playing with our team members. You can develop conversations and bonding with your team members by playing online team building games.